Tighten WordPress Security Through WP Security Ninja

There is no doubt that the WordPress is the leading content management system that serves millions of websites. Some users believe that this content managing medium is more vulnerable due to the open source script. But it is untrue; let me tell you why!

It is the sole responsibility of the WordPress users to follow some set of laws and prevent the brute-force attacks. The primary thing is to get reliable hosting service to prevent viruses and intrusion codes from the hackers. Also, they should get the WordPress theme and plugins from the reputed sources after reading the user reviews.

Choosing the basic username and easily guessable passwords is another security mistake. If the hacker could estimate your login credentials, then they can easily take control of your site through login URL. So, it would be better to hide the login URL through the suitable WP Plug-in. (I use WPS Hide Login WordPress Plugin)

I have already discussed the WP security essentials in my other blog where I have consolidated all the possible ways to protect the WordPress site. You may check my detailed post on essential WordPress security tactics.

I hope that you have checked my piece of content and will implement those strategies that I have listed in the post. Even though you have safeguarded your WordPress site through some manual methods, it is recommended to use an upright security plugin to keep the cyberpunks at bay.

There are several WordPress security plugins available in the market, and they enclose excellent features. However, I have recently come across the WP security plugin called “Security Ninja” and wanted to have it for my blog.


As I have installed and using this security extension, I would like to review it by explaining all the features so that you would also like to give a try for your WordPress blog.

Security Ninja – Introduction


Security Ninja has been on the market for more than three years and protecting thousands of WordPress sites till now. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and receives regular updates.

This awesome WordPress security plugin has been sold to more than 3000 times through the grand marketplace CodeCanyon.

Now, the Security Ninja is completely free to download and available for the installation from the official WordPress.org plugin directory. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Features of Security Ninja WP Plugin

  • In just a single-click, it can perform 40+ security tests and catch the security holes
  • As this safety extension for WordPress takes preventative measures to act against attacks, it never lets the infringement codes hack your site
  • The detailed explanation and documentation for every security test and “How to fix” guides are really helpful.
  • It’s a light-weight plugin and hence don’t affect the loading speed of the site
  • Giving suggestions with clear instructions for enhanced WordPress security is a notable matter of the Security Ninja plugin.
  • Remote access feature is available to maintain several WordPress sites.

Qualities Of Security Ninja That I Really Like

  1. Straightforward and safe to use
  2. Never make any changes to my site
  3. Quite a lot of security tests (from password strength to PHP related)
  4. Fast response in the WordPress support forum
  5. Easy to read security results

Get Into The Action

After installing the Plugin, go to

WordPress Dashboard >> Tools >> Security Ninja

To perform the security tests by analyzing the security vulnerabilities, just hit “ANALYZE SITE

When I performed the test for my blog, I got the below result with detailed description to fix the issues! 


I’m quite satisfied with the security score of my blog. Then, I would like to get into the suggestions given by the plugin to enhance the protection. 


I was amazed by the helpful tips (with reliable codes to add in the functions.php & .htaccess files). I’m yet to execute the preventive measures initiated by the plugin and I’ll do it for sure to improve my blog’s security.  

Once I have done implementing the strategies, I’ll update the post with better security score 🙂 

WP Security Ninja (Pro Version of Security Ninja)

For the WordPress users who wish to get the extra protection can grab the premium version of Security Ninja plugin, WP Security Ninja.

To tighten the WordPress safety, the Security Ninja Pro has four different modules.

1. Core Scanner Module

The core scanner has been launched to monitor the core files of the WordPres. It can scan the core files with just a click and find out the tricky files.

If you accidentally edit or delete the file, its original version can be restored. You can fix the broken auto-updates of WordPress as well.

The plugin is offering the color coded result that precisely tells about the missing, modified and other file suggestions.

2. Malware Scanner Module

Every WordPress user wants to defend their site from Malware, and hence they would like to supervise the custom data at times.

This module helps them to check all the critical files of the WordPress like theme files, plugin files, wp-content folder and database table.

As you can look the file parts that have been marked suspicious, you can delete the unessential files and whitelist the files that are safe.

3. Scheduled Scanner Module

Running the automatic scan is the certain way to stay relaxed. WP Security Ninja has an exclusive section to check your site periodically, and the changes will be notified to you by email.

It is easy to schedule this scanner and receive the email reports according to your preferences. As you will be informed about the illicit activities, you don’t need to worry about the hacking attacks.

4. Events Logger Module

WP Security Ninja has introduced a great feature for the passionate bloggers who would like to examine the things that are happening on their site at all the times.

It is more likely to track more than 50 events with this premium module and get email alerts for the particular events. Besides, you can acquire the detailed logged events with date, time, description, the role of the user & their IP and so on.

Therefore, you don’t need to bother about the comments, media files, menus, settings, widgets and user activities of your site.

Pricing Plans of WP Security Ninja

Security Ninja Pro has three different paid plans to protect your site. You can get the details through the below image! 


Final Words

If you have a WordPress site or handling your client’s site, the security break could potentially be distressing to both of you. To avoid such kind of security breaches, it is recommended to buy a trusted hosting service and follow the safety measures which would protect our sensitive information.

Along with the fundamental ways, using a functional extension would help us to understand the risk associated with the WordPress CMS. Don’t treat the fortification of your site as a complicated thing. It can be made simple by using a brilliant plugin as it would nudge us to tighten the WordPress.

I highly commend WP Security Ninja for offering the remarkable security features that let us know everything in minutes with the comprehensive, colorful reports. The one thing you have to do is to hit the “Scan Now” button, and the rest of the chores will be taken by this safety plugin for WordPress.

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Now, it is your turn to react! What is your opinion about the Security Ninja WordPress plugin? Would you like to install and test its features? Do you admit the affordability of the WP Security Ninja pro version? Which WP security plugin do you use? Is it free or paid extension to secure your WordPress site?

Leave your valuable thoughts about the methods of securing WordPress in the comments sections. Let’s discuss!

11 thoughts on “Tighten WordPress Security Through WP Security Ninja”

  1. Hello, Nirmala!

    Wow! That’s the good looking plugin I will dig deep into for sure.

    I am so curious to tighten up the security of my blog all the time and such plugins are good to install.

    What I mostly do is to keep my installation updated all the time, and so soon as possible.

    So, I am thankful for you introducing this WP Security Ninja with us! 🙂

    See me often!

    ~ Adeel

  2. Thanks to share this article.It is very helpful for me and it is very important to keep site secure. I will use it.But whether it effects in site loading time?

  3. Hey Nirmala,

    WordPress is currently the most popular and widely used blogging platform. It is being used by millions of people around the globe. Because of this reason, hackers and spammers are also taking interest in breaking the security of the blogs. Ninja can make our site far and more difficult to hack, but there is no such thing as an impregnable website. Many of my friend using this Ninja security, for their opinion it is really best to fix security issue. Eventually, thanks for exploring much information regarding this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  4. I was searching for this kind of security plugin for my blog; I think this suits well for my blog security. But I have doubt whether this software will give complete protection to my website. And most of the security plugin will make the site loading speed low, will this also do the same? Though I have not used the ninja software before I’m having these much doubts. I need to clarify all the doubts before using it, So will do that soon. Anyway good content and thanks for sharing.

  5. Security is a big issue for any WordPress users. Because WordPress website or blog is really popular.
    Hackers always try to hack your WorPress website. So you must keep securing your site from the hackers. I think this WP Security Ninja will help us to protect our sites.
    Is there any free plugin just like WP Security Ninja? Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Nirmala,

    Article really talks about security, I like to implement this on one of my clients website. Thank You for Posting!!

  7. I think security of a blog must be our top concern otherwise we’ll certainly loose our hard work and energy. I had some bitter experiences in the past regarding security issues so I guess after that I started implementing security measures.


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