6 Factors That Determine Waterproofing Costs

Water leakage and dampness are highly prevalent problems in India, especially during the rainy season. This will result in issues such as cracks, corrosion of the steel support beams, fragmentation of mortar, the growth of mold and mildew, etc.

Waterproofing is a costly but an indispensable activity during house building and maintenance. As tempting as it can be to purchase a sealant from your local hardware store, it is essential to consult one of the great waterproofing contractors in Bangalore to figure out the cause of a problem.

Many factors have an influence on the expenditure of implementing waterproofing in your house. Some of these factors are explained below.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Waterproofing

These are the factors which affect the cost of waterproofing in your house.

1. Cause Of The Problem

There can be a variety of causes that result in problems that should be fixed by the use of waterproofing.

Some of these causes are cracks in the walls or floors of the house due to poor construction techniques, the absence of a window well, construction of the house on a dump well, etc.

The cost of waterproofing will depend on what resources are required to solve the problem if it is a significant or insignificant problem. A problem that requires the digging up of soil will probably cost more than, say, providing a window well.

2. Foundation

The foundation is one of the major deciding factors of cost of waterproofing especially with respect to basement waterproofing.

The first thing to consider is how deep your foundation is. If it is significantly deep, seven feet and deeper, then the waterproofing contractor will spend more time solving the problem which is directly proportional to the charges.

The age of your house also affects how much you have to spend on waterproofing it since the extent of damage will likely be greater for an older home and materials (bricks, clay, stone vs. cement) will be different.

This will lead to an increase in cost. A concrete foundation can easily be repaired with injections of epoxy or polyurethane whereas excavation for a stone foundation is complicated and hence costlier.

3. Location And Time Constraints

The cost of waterproofing will also depend on the regulations of waterproofing in your area. Local municipalities have certain rules regarding waterproofing methods that can be used.

For example, a special pipe is required for the discharge of sump waste in certain areas. Other local factors that impact costs are underground water levels and soil composition. This will increase the cost of waterproofing.

With water seepage being a very common problem in India, most houses require waterproofing solutions. Most waterproofing contractors charge from 160-200 INR per square foot of waterproofing. More severe problems will need you to pay up to 500=600 INR per square foot.

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4. Waterproofing Method And Materials

The cost of the waterproofing also depends on the method of waterproofing being used. For example, the price of sealing of a foundation is much lower compared to that of installing an interior drain tile system.

Normally, exterior waterproofing costs more than interior waterproofing. This is because it involves excavation which is not necessary in the case of interior waterproofing.

Even with exterior waterproofing, different techniques can be used which differ in cost. It is essential to talk to your waterproofing contractor to discuss how much each method costs.

The quantity and quality of the materials used will also have an effect on the cost of waterproofing. The materials will, again, depend on the method of waterproofing.

Sometimes, it is possible to switch expensive materials with cheaper alternatives which again requires having a discussion with the waterproofing contractor.

For example, sealants do not cause very much and can be used to prevent water seepage. A water seepage problem can be fixed by changing the slope of the land as well which costs considerably more.

5. Waterproofing Contractor

Once a contractor is consulted, he/she will survey the problem and then lay down a detailed plan to get rid of it. Many a time, different contractors will quote vastly different prices for the same job.

This means you should consult different contractors before settling on one whose price is reasonable compared to the others.

6. Accessibility

Different waterproofing situations call for different techniques to access the area that needs waterproofing.

For instance, if your foundation damage runs too deep, a walkway or driveway might be needed to access the damage.

An excavator might be required in some cases. If water has permeated deep inside the walls, the contractors will have to break through concrete, insulation, and wiring.

If accessibility is difficult to achieve, the use of special structures and approaches will add to the cost of waterproofing.

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Good waterproofing is necessary not only to maintain the structural integrity of your building but also can cause respiratory disorders.

It is crucial that you invest in the best waterproofing techniques possible to protect your home and the health of your loved ones.

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