8 Awesome Gadgets To Simplify Your Life

In this post, I’ve gathered some awesome gadgets to simplify your life with today’s technology.

Technology is evolving, and it has brought many changes to our life.  Everyone needs modern gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. to carry out their professional/personal tasks.

Students use cool tech gadgets for their education, and some people use high-tech gadgets like Xbox and NVIDIA Shield for entertainment purposes.

Whatever be the reason, gadgets are being employed in constructive ways like automatically turning on the lights when we get home at night. That helps us lead an uncomplicated and enjoyable life, doesn’t it? Recently, MSN living has collected some great gadgets that simplify your life, but my choices are quite different.

Apart from regular using gadgets, I’ve compiled a list of fantastic gadgets that will make your life easier, and you could feel relaxed while using those new technology gadgets. 

Coolest Gadgets That Makes Life Easier

Here are my favorite cool new gadgets that are simplifying your life. 


1. Slim wall plate and surge protector

The slim wall plate & Surge Protector is a neat gadget that powers up to five electrical gadgets with its three outlets and two USB ports. It is a suitable gadget for both home and office to charge your Smartphones, Tablets, E-readers, etc.

It has LED indicator, fireproof security, and an optional socket screw to fix the unit to the wall. As it protects your home electronics from surges, voltage fluctuations, data loss, spikes, and so on, you may utilize this useful gadget to make your life easier.

2. Looxcie LX2 Wearable VideoCam

If you would like to share your videos on social media sites, Looxcie wearable video cam is an ideal gadget for you. It is a lightweight device with many features like Flashback recording, instant sharing, real-time personal casting, etc. and you may wear this tech gadget on your ear.

I’m sure that you’ll adore its adjustable design and video storage capacity. To share clips instantly and simplify your life with stream live video, it would be good to use this world’s first hands-free, wear & share video cam from Looxcie.

3. Doxie One

Do you want to make a digital copy without using your PC? Here is a perfect solution for you! You may get Doxie One as it makes scanning simple at your home or office. It is also a lightweight gadget with an easy set-up that can even be sync to your Mac, PC, or iPad.

This great gadget simplifies your life through its app to go paperless and thus you could organize, share and save your documents on cloud services like Evernote or Dropbox. Portability, brilliant design, and full-color scanning are some of the notable features of Doxie one to lead a simple life in terms of scanning.

4. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble smartwatches are specially designed to make your life easier by providing personalized notifications and downloadable apps. Its display is easy to read and no matter whether you’re in bright light or underwater.

You can make use of this outstanding gadget to read your emails, SMSs and other notifications from your preferred apps. It is comfortable to wear, light in weight with a long-lasting battery that works with your busy life.

5. Nest Learning Thermostat 2

Nest learning thermostat is one of the best cool home gadgets that save your home’s energy bill. Just you need to connect this easy-to-install device to your home Wi-Fi to manage it from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This device provides a monthly energy summary with some tips to cut down your home energy usage.

It is a secure and reliable gadget with auto-schedule programs. Besides, it has a remote control feature and thus it helps you to turn down unwanted appliances when you’re away. Filter reminders, heat pump balance, and pure radiant are some of the additional features available in this best new gadget.

6. Verilux Rise & Shine Natural Wake-Up Light

If you want to wake up in a better way and to have a sound sleep at night, you can get the life simplifying gadget, Rise, and Shine wake-up light. This handy gadget automatically adjusts the brightness and volume to wake you and make you sleep in a gentle manner. There are choices for waking up like an alarm with a snooze feature, FM radio, etc.

As it provides a harmonious blend of light & sound therapy to wake you and fall asleep, your quality of sleep would be increased. Moreover, it helps to regulate cardiac rhythms, preserves stable sleeping and waking patterns without any stimulant/drug. Thus, it would simplify your life by making you feel rested and refreshed.

7. Dropcam Video monitoring camera

If you want to watch your home, kids, or pets while traveling out, using Dropcam is the ultimate solution. It is a Wi-Fi video monitoring camera where you can watch live and recorded videos on any device and no matter where you are. Stunning video quality, dual-band Wi-Fi, Two-way talks, activity alerts on your mobile devices are some of the impressive features of the Dropcam wireless monitoring camera.

Its field of view is 130 degrees, and it incorporates zoom & night vision that would let you have peace of mind. Thus, it is placed on the list of awesome gadgets to simplify your life.

8. UP 24 by Jawbone

UP 24 is an activity tracker in a wearable form that makes your life easier by tracking all your day-to-day activities and help you to practice some good manners. You can manage your weight through food & drink tracking, sleep better by knowing your sleep patterns and stay fit with the advice offered by this gadget.

Bluetooth technology is enabled in this tech device, and it is compatible with the phones that run on the latest Android/IOS versions. This remarkable gadget would help you to achieve your life goals with its personalized and actionable tips and hence you could make use of it to get a trouble-free life.


Gadgets have simplified applications that make our life simple, and thus, it becomes difficult to think of our daily chores without them. They not only increase our productivity but also bring joy to our life. Some best new gadgets may be fun to play with, and they made our life more entertaining.

Modern entrepreneurs prefer the best business gadgets for presentations, scanning the documents, and uploading them to the server. Even though technology has made us a little bit lazy, but when used perfectly, it would improve our lifestyle.

If you overwhelmed with your complex routine, you might make use of the listed gadgets to simplify your life. You may make your home smart with the help of recent advancements and you can read more about this technology

I would say that our day is not complete without using crazy gadgets. What is your opinion? I hope that you’ve gained some knowledge on how to simplify your life with some awesome gadgets.

Are you using any tech gadgets to make your life easier? Also, do share your thoughts on these new technology gadgets that would help us to have a simplified lifestyle.

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  1. Hii Nirmala mam,

    At first I would mention that your site now looking awesome and i hope you are going to do many other changes that is profitable for your readers because you care about your readers a lot.

    These 8 interesting Gadgets is undoubtedly helpful for us and everyone wish to have it. I am happy to know about these Gadgets in detail 🙂

    1. Thanks for finding time to drop your comment and share your views of the new look of my blog Amit 🙂

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  2. Hi Nirmala

    Very informative post technically. Your way of simple writing on much techie topics is influencing many to take their heart and write on gadgets and guide others how to ease their life.

    You well pointed that these gadgets simplify our life. Doing chores manually not only takes time but it makes us tired also.

    Generally it is thought gadgets make life complicated but those who use them know their real value.

    I like the first and last one from the list. I still have separate sockets to charge my Iphone and separate one to get power for laptop and computer. This is a multi purpose gadget that can also be easily installed at the wall.

    Monitoring the daily activities with a gadget is cool idea. People with higher age bracket do need this because they need more to keep an eye on their way of living to avoid unnoticed bad habits.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very useful post.

    1. Thanks for your praising for my writing Mi Muba 🙂

      Yes, i’m following a simple and unique writing style to grab the reader’s attention. It’s good to know your opinon on gadgets and yes, they makes our life easier.

      As you said, monitoring our health with a good gadget is really needful in today’s busy life as we forget to take care of our health.

      Cheers that you’ve learned something about helpful gadgets and thanks again for your comment 🙂

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    Awesome Article. Very informative tech post! I like Your Post And keep blogging for us, Thanks For Sharing this post 🙂

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    Nowadays, the gadgets are stick heavily with day to day activities. First i wanna welcome you in the field of Affiliate Marketing. I think, you have took more research for affiliate marketing. Anyway all the best and mentioned here gadgets are really awesome. Better you can also try the Independence Day deals in amazon.

    Happy Independence Day with Happy Weekend.


  5. Swapnadip Chakraborty

    Hello Nirmala Mam,

    Now a days it is really an impossible to sustain without gadgets. Thanks to your for letting us know about 8 awesome Gadgets which has several features. It will definitely help us to make simple our life.

    Thanks for sharing this article and A Very Happy Independence Day to you.


    1. Sorry for replying late Swapnadip Chakrabothy and thanks for including your comment here. Yes, people are adapting to tech gadgets to make their life easier. Glad you liked this post, keep coming 🙂

  6. Awesome post. I have never read such kind of post ever.
    I have been listening about all these gadget first time. Very informative.
    Thanks for sharing and making us aware.

  7. Hello Madam Nirmala,
    I am really loving your new design a lot. When it comes to making life easier, technology can’t of course be taken out of the equation.
    All those stuffs you talked about are all new to me, let me be honest with you.
    Please do have a great week.

  8. Hi Nirmala,
    Really these 8 gadgets will be very useful in our day to day life. ThankYou for sharing it with us. And keep sharing more important things.

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  10. Gadgets are simplifying our life day by day.

    Student are getting relief and don’t have to do hard work due to gadgets. At the same time we as a youth too are to much involved in using gadgets that we don’t even find time to go back and follow our traditional way to do the daily activities which not only makes us feel energetic but also enthusiasm and which in turn gives us a good sleep too.

    I would recommend you to write an article about negative impact of technology on our youth. Because every coin has two side and I think you can explore that side too.

    And yes this was really a great share having good collection of gadgets.

    Thanks for sharing Di 🙂

    >SK Lohar

  11. thanks for sharing these nice gadgate list Nirmala.this is very informative.all gadgate are must important for our life.if we use these gadgate we also make our life easier.so helpful post.thanks

  12. Excellent post as always!Absolutely agreed Nirmala. Your posts are a constant reminder for me to improve, love reading each post you write.
    Thankx for sharing..

  13. Hello Nirmala,

    Your post is awesome. Yes, you have given a very basic tips for people who really wants to learn English and the most important thing I observed that, you have considered the economy for the gadgets as a normal people can afford it.

    Thanks for the great post.



  14. Hi Nirmala,

    Gadgets has become time savers to do work smartly, I do like gadgets but I don’t know about the most of them, it would be better if you add images of those gadgets in the article.

    Thanks for sharing the information about these new gadgets.

  15. Hi Nirmala
    Your post is awesome. Yes, you have given a very basic tips for people who really wants to learn English and the most important thing I observed that, you have considered the economy for the gadgets as a normal people can afford it.
    Sounds, Very informative post technically. Your way of simple writing on much techie topics is influencing many to take their heart and write on gadgets and guide others how to ease their life.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Welcome to my blog, Ravinder! Thanks for reading my loyal reader, great to know that you like my posts. Stay Tuned!

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    Thank you for your lore. It is really fascinating. I have learnt many new technologies from this article. It is undarkened one.

    You have written about Doxie One it is really effective. Your way of simple writing on much techie topics is influencing many to take their heart.

    Using technologies in single mobile is great to hear. It is useful for everyone to simplify day to day life.

    Nest Learning Thermostat 2 is really driving me crazy. It cool to know about this one.

    With Regards,
    Jason Mark

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