What Are Some Recipes To Get Chaos Orb In Path Of Exile?

Introduction To POE

I love playing games in my spare time to chill out from the hectic tasks. In this article, I would discuss some methods or recipes for obtaining the Chaos Orb in the game “Path of Exile”.

Path of Exile is a fascinating, Mind-tickling, RPG game that’s on the top list of Steam Free to play games. It is a production of Grinding Gear Games. This game seems pretty easy but in fact, it’s a game that requires total grinding.

You have to grind a lot to obtain a good score on the leader-board. You kill monsters and minions to obtain runes and equipment and rarely an orb.

And if you die you begin again all the way from the start. You have to play continuously for getting a good rank in this game.

But you can level earlier by using PoE currency. It is recommended by the game to buy the PoE currency to boost up your game ranks and levels.

What Is Chaos Orb & How To Use Them?


Like some games have Gems or Diamonds as their valuable currency, Path of Exile has Chaos Orb which is used to add or separate all the modifiers on any equipment.

It is a very rare item and hence crafting it is not possible without it.

Still, there are chances that Chaos Orb drops by slaying Monsters, Opening treasure chests, breaking other containers or they can also drop from Arcanist’s Strongboxes. Due to which this item is not very easy to obtain.

Use Of Chaos Orbs

Chaos Orbs are usually spent on equipment for rerolling modifiers for unpredictable results. Using many orbs on single equipment for rerolling is called Chaos Spamming.

As it is a rare item, players also use it for trading. They are of silver tier so are good for trading in exchange for the low-mid level item or equipment.

How To Obtain Chaos Orbs In A Fun Way?

There are many questions and queries on the Internet for a recipe for Chaos Orb.

For Crafting an item in PoE you need to exchange some items for your desired item and the price should synchronize with the item you sell and item you want.

For creating an Orb, it usually requires a vendor recipe like any other rare item. For getting it through Vendor. You require some high-level items or equipment.

1. Vendor Recipe

A Vendor recipe is the one in which we exchange our equipment with one of the higher-level equipment sold by the Vendor.

For Chaos Orb we require a Good high level (more than 60) Helmet, Glove, necklace (Miracle Locket), Double or Single-Handed Greatsword, rare boots, and a good ring or another item.

Make sure you chose Individual pricing when selling your items to the Vendor. So that all of your items price becomes equal to the price of the Chaos orb and you get it.

An easy way is to just empty your rare inventory in the Vendor shop and see the Chaos Orb in exchange. Keep adding and removing (rare) items until the Vendor is willing to exchange them for Chaos Orb.

2. Buying Online

The other method is by buying Chaos Orbs with real money. The Standard PC Orb costs USD$ 0.0065/1 Orb. So if you are willing to spend money then this option is better for you.

As you know already, a Chaos Orb is a popular currency which is used to re-roll your desired random modifiers on any rare equipment.

The primary attractive feature is the rules of the game, it is highly dependent on the league, map set, monster sets and loads of rewards during the next season update. You can use 60 to70 items to get the Chaos Orb in Path of Exile.

  • Lowest level item i.e. 60 to 74, it makes 1 Chaos Orb.
  • All unidentified OR 20 % qualities with 60 to 74 make 2 Chaos Orb.
  • Finally, all unidentified AND 20 % quality with 60 to 74 makes 3 Chaos Orb.

Wrapping Up

Chaos orbs are highly helpful in crafting and it also has the capabilities to reroll all the modifiers which are available on any rare item. The results are usually unpredictable hence it is super difficult to get the particular modifier.

It is possible to break the monsters and boxes by damaging them and the effect usually disappears before the finishing time.

Make sure you put up a tough fight with them. You get a high reward for killing the strongest monster, put a tough fight and kill the dangerous one to get more points.

No doubt lot many people enjoy playing Chaos Orb in Path of Exile, it is a popular game. A little trick can add more fun to your gaming. You also must be excellent in the melee skills, it could be the main key to get the victory.

The Chaos Orb has come up with mobility skills where you can attack tough enemies which are adjacent. All this is possible without getting an attack animation limitation.

The POE current functions for all the top versions and you can enable specific features to boost the character’s favourite gear. Rebuild, and enjoy happy gaming, however, you should not get addicted to it!

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