Best Browser Games To Play At Spare Time

This post is for game lovers to understand the technology improvements in gaming and to play best browser games at spare time. 

The aim of technology is to make our life simple and enjoyable. Every aspect of human life is being affected by new technology improvements and internet. Incorporation of modern technology into the gaming field has attracted by most of the people which permits them to play a variety of online games.

Their gaming experience is unbelievable and they could get more excitement by playing any game of their choice with a single click of few seconds.Are you a game lover? I hope this post would help you to comprehend the perceptions of browser games and you could choose your fascinating browser game to play. Before getting into the details of best browser games, let me explain about its basics.


What are browser games?

Games played on the internet using a web browser are called browser games. These games do not need any installation of client software as these were created with web browser as a client. Most of the browser games are single player games which could be played with a web browser through HTML and its scripting technologies.


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So these games are also called Flash games or Java games. Some of the browser games comes with the multi-player option and uses Ajax technologies. Now have a look at the best browser games to play at your convenient time.


8 Best browser games to play right now


It is an online role-playing game introduced in the year 2001. More than 200 million of accounts have created till now for this game and the players are characterized with customisable avatars here. This game is based on combat system and it has high detailed graphics and sound effects. As the popularity of the Runescape has risen, its third iteration released in this year (July 2013). It is a full-filled game and the people could join as a member to enjoy certain benefits.

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Pandemic 2 

In pandemic 2, the job of the player is to infect and kill everyone in the world with their disease. If the player starts to spread the virus to other countries, their government will act conflicting to the player by closing airports and boat harbours. So the payers have to watch the news headlines and keep tracking the regional events and conditions. If the player fails to infect a single person, the game would complete instantly and if he/she kills the entire human on earth, they would complete the game by winning.

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10 Bullets 

It is a famous chain reaction game in which the player has to destroy as many ships with 10 bullets. Ships are moving from right to left of the browser and the entertainer has to hit the ships at the exact time by shooting the bullets. Every bullet shot would look like firework and it is one of the best browser game.

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Wonderputt is a famous mini-golf browser game that could be played on the web browser. The player should sink the ball through the landscapes to the goal point in few strokes to get high score. This is one of the fun filled online browser games for the sports game fans.

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Drakensang Online 

It is a remarkable action game with excellent 3D graphics and effects. The Player faces the unspeakable evil of the Anderworld and to travel icy mountains, steppes and dungeons. On their journey through Duria, a customizable skill tree offers incredible powers to use and lot of goodies would be provided to make their quest more memorable.

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Multiplayer browser games

Some player might be interested in Multiplayer browser games to play with their friends or online players. Here are the few MMORPG (massive multi-player online role-playing game) browser games. 


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This independent multi-player browser game was created by French designers and its main objective is to collect and take the cheese to the mouse-hole. Players act a mouse and if they reach high score, they become Shaman. Then, they could help other mice to get the cheese and put into the mouth hole.

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Quake live 

Quake Live is an extremely popular shooter game developed by id software. A simple browser plugin handles the entire game and it does not use Flash. To run the game, the player has to permit the installation of the plugin. After few mins, they’ll be able to play and customize the character, keys and other game settings. Then the player would undergo a short training to practice the game and determine their skill. It is one of the refreshing 3D games with excellent graphics.

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Adventure Quest World 

This is a massive multiplayer online role playing game developed entirely in Adobe Flash. More than 20 million accounts were created till now and it is one of the top 2D fantasy browser game. It is a best battle game which uses real time batting with other players and the players could get a lot of social options as well. Various gameplay options are available in this game with tons of quests.

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Online games are getting popular among the internet users and so the web browsers are developing the advanced browser applications to support the gaming industry. Modern technologies like WebGL, fast JavaScript engines, geolocation, Scalable vector graphics, Canvas (2D graphics) etc. helps to build smart and complex games on the web. Sometimes, the browser-game contests are conducted by the popular web browsers for the fascinated game players.

Several free browser games were created with Adobe flash technology which runs on both latest and ancient browsers and through multiple operating systems. A survey states that the desktop users shows more interest in playing the best browser games than the smartphone users.

Browser games can be played just to chill out the work and to get relaxed. But continuous playing could distract the work and might cause productivity loss. So I suggest you to play these games just for fun & tranquil and it should not be a main job!

Do you like to play online games? Name some best browser games which you used to play at free time. I would like to discuss with you through comments 🙂

25 thoughts on “Best Browser Games To Play At Spare Time”

  1. Hi Nirmala Madam,
    Very good collection of broswer games, Niche title. I was happy to see Run Scape a good one. The rest also fine.

    Hope you would come up with some great and new collection of browser games thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Nirmala !
    Good one ! Years before I tired installing big games like fifa etc online but it wasn’t possible then. I wish in future something like that happens. 🙂

  3. Hey Nirmala,

    I love playing games on my lappy. As you said, they are stress busters. Usually I play good old FIFA 13 on my lappy 😛

    I’ve had trysts with browser games. But that was some time ago. Now, these games have evolved, as you described here.

    Okay, that’s a pretty big list you’ve got. Multiplayer games, I guess are more addictive, since you are competing with others.

    In the end, you gave us all a warning- don’t allow these games to interfere with work. That’s responsible writing, ha ha… Warning your visitors in advance 🙂


    1. Many thanks for sharing your gaming experience Arun 🙂

      Yeah, i love my readers and take care of them always. Even though my aim is to make money with my blog, i do care my readers and used to provide beneficial information for them.

      I am game lover and some times I got addicted to it. It spoils my work and sucked my time. So suggested them to play just to chill out from the work.

      Thanks for adding your valuable comment with appreciation Arun, do this for me always 😛

  4. Hi Nirmala,
    Nice collection. In this list my favorite is Drakensang Online, great game.

    There is one more game, “Gravity Hook” But when you get into the rhythm of this game, and learn the precise moment to unhook, you’ll be addicted.

  5. oh God,
    There are how many Browser Games to play online games but I wasn’t aware about all these! Well it’s a honest think about me. I don’t play much game online but something only when I feel bor than I start to play online game, But thanks to you Nirmala for sharing this good post about Best Browser Games To Play.

  6. Nice list of Browser based games Nirmala. Today I was a bit free so played “Runscape” and “Bullets” and loved them. I will look to play more games which are in your list in spare times.

    Good job.

  7. Nice and interesting games Nirmala !
    I’ve played pandemic 2 game many a times when i feel bored . I simply love this game. There are some games that i didn’t know of until i came accross this post and i’ll be tring them out for sure.Thanks for sharing these games.

  8. Nice compilation of online PC games Nirmala. I am much more into playing games on my mobile to spend my spare time at office, but when at home I usually play FB games. I would try out some the games listed here.

  9. There is one thing about about me when it comes to games, I simply can’t play any other game other than soccer. I simply don’t know why.

    Hello Madam Nirmala, thanks for this as I intend trying these browsers games as well.

  10. I haven’t heard about Browser games. I love playing games on my smartphone but after reading your post I must go and check out these browser games.

  11. Best Browser Games

    I came across your blog and found it quite interesting for you to write a short description of browser game.

    Yes, it is a game you can play directly from your browser without any need to download the game into your computer. Save time and memory!

    All you need is a internet connection and application life flash player or java to run the game smoothly.

    Check out my lists of browser games! Thanks!

  12. Thanks for sharing useful article. Am also finding useful game in internet but at last you made it for me thanks a lot dear.
    Have a nice day.

  13. The collection is really nice . In a browser game, the idea to keep levelling up by achieving more – whether that be more money for your character or their town or farm, or anything else, or just a higher level of achievement.

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