HostArmada Review 2023 – Don’t Miss To Check out Its Fantastic Features + Coupon Code


If you are searching for a scalable cloud web hosting solution, then you must check this HostArmada review because they are offering innovative service to improve your website with speed, security, and stability. Read the post until the end and grab the HostArmada coupon host to get a 75% discount offer.

Before getting into the HostArmada hosting review, let me tell you some essential details!

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System) which is based on MySQL and PHP. Being introduced in 2003, WordPress became got immense popularity, and it has become one of the best platforms to build almost all types of websites.

Finding an ideal web hosting can be a super tricky process because nowadays, thousands of companies are offering it. The administrators of websites usually have the burden to find the right solution for their business, blogs, or other projects.

Now HostArmada, a new web hosting company, has lightened the burden by offering the best hosting service. This cheap cloud hosting service provides a wide range of packages to the customers, and that too at the super affordable pricing, so that the beginners can also purchase the server for their startup business.

Today, I’m taking a nice opportunity to consolidate the exceptional features and hosting plans of this best cheap hosting for WordPress, and hence you would like to get buy a suitable plan without any hesitation!.

Why Should You Choose HostArmada Hosting?

You might think, what the heck does it have? How can it be stand out from the crowd? To clear your doubts, here I’m explaining the exciting qualities of HostArmada hosting.

1. Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting

From HostArmada, you can be assured that you will get your hands on cloud shared hosting that has an SSD storage drive. You will control the overall managing of a portal, which also includes an SSL certificate without paying a single buck.

To get the faster loading speed of your web pages, HostArmada has added a “webserver cache.” You can always go back to the previous version of your easily with the “daily backups” they provide for free as well.

The cloud SSD storage of the HostArmada offers 10X times faster loading speed than the traditional HDD. Apart from these, you will get 24/7 customer support, and you can reach the support team via a phone call, chat, ticket system, and mail.

The best part is the enthusiastic teamwork on the holidays as well, so whenever you are facing any issue with HostArmada, you can simply reach them and have it fixed. Overall, it is the best-managed cloud SSD shared hosting that can take your business site to a new height.

2. Top-Notch Security & High Uptime

In this HostArmada review, I should have a word about its security features. Yes, quick patching for the security vulnerabilities, account isolation, and complimentary daily backups are the fantastic features available for high security. Also, be ready to enjoy, webserver, and environment security fleet to protect your site from malicious activities.

For optimal performance and to eliminate the stress from the physical server, the official team of the HostArmada has lowered the number of account holders in one server. It is a completely secured hosting service. They added two layers of security protection from brute force attacks.

In today’s world, most of the web hosting companies can not guarantee 100% protection because technology has developed a lot. Still, even in this situation, HostArmada promises the complete security for your page, which is a great deal for sure.

With the help of cloud SSD technology and zero hardware failure, HostArmada offers 99.9% uptime and hence your site will always be running without any downtime.

Affordable Pricing Plans

HostArmada cloud hosting offers a variety of hosting packages for the customers, and you can choose the plan which is suitable for you. When comparing with the other hosting services, HostArmada offers tons of fantastic features at a very affordable price.

The impressive feature is, all the packages consist of Cloud + SSD servers. And yes, it is an ultimate powerful combination.

Through this HostArmada review, I just want to let you know that you will get a powerful combo without paying a lot. As I discussed before, the SSD assures you 10X times faster speed than the traditional HDD, so the reading and writing speeds are going to be great by default.

Physical Data Centres


If you have a website, then you have to target different audiences across the world, and HostArmada understands your need. It is perfect for targeting the right audiences worldwide.

With HostArmada hosting, you can target an audience from anywhere in the world. The servers of HostArmada hosting covered the world as a whole, from the European continent to the Asian continent. These worldwide locations of HostArmada hosting ensure server ping and server response for quick loading speed practically anywhere.

Lighting Speed

Every web hosting service that HostArmada offers is methodically optimized to deliver excellent website loading speeds, and it improves the bounce rate of your website. Apart from this, the fast loading speed, a website has dozens of other benefits. Some of those benefits are – better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as you know that the loading speed of the site should be quick when it comes to higher SEO rankings.

The express loading website will increase the conversion, if you have the fastest loading website, then the visitors are going to be super happy, and it will eventually increase your conversion by around 15%. Also, it makes the users spend more time than usual, so the loading speed increases the time spent by visitors on the website.

The technologies used by HostArmada for the efficient loading speed are:

1. Cloud SSD Platform
2. LiteSpeed Cache
3. Memcached Cache
4. CloudFlare CDN
5. Brotli Compression
6. APCu PHP Cache

What else do you require for lightning speed site?

User-Friendly Services

Through this HostArmada hosting review, I want to let you know about its user interface and the fact that it plays a significant role. HostArmada is not only providing amazing features, but it is also offering the best user-friendly services. In case you do not like the service of the HostArmada, you can cancel it whenever you want, and the best thing about this hosting is that you do not need to pay anything as well.

Many leading companies that are offering hosting services usually bombard you with an additional amount when you are canceling their services. But in HostArmada hosting, there is no need to pay any extra money when you are terminating the amount. 

Moreover, it offers 45 days money-back guarantee. So, get a chance to fall in love with the servers and features provided by HostArmada hosting, and if you want to leave in the middle, you can do it. If you are doing that within 45 days, then you can also get your money back.

Reliable Web Hosting Environment

The infrastructure of HostArmada makes use of the best in class hardware components. The best thing about the HostArmada is that they continuously are bringing new features, as well as the fact that they are continually improving the existing features. The network of HostArmada is separated into two layers; one is the internal layer, and another one is the external layer.

The internal layer is also known as the local network, which is used for the local communication needs of HostArmada’s servers. This inner layer allows for multiple servers in the same data center to share zero latency while communicating with each other. This is highly helpful when you want to indulge in load balancing or remote SQL solutions.

And the external layer is a high-speed remote network that connects all the websites with the visitors. To ensure the highest uptime and reliability, both the networks are enhanced with prominent features. In short, it is a technologically updated environment.

The Stack Makes Your Site Rock

The technology stack that HostArmada has tested across the thousands of servers, and when it comes to speed of this technology stack, it is a default choice of many.

Also, it provides you with a secure, fast, and stable web hosting service. The double-layer security used in HostArmada keeps your website safe from third party attacks. HostArmada hosting review also tops in the security feature.

Pros of HostArmada Hosting

Overall, the features and services of HostArmada are surprising ones. It is going to be better than your expectations. After going through, the features mentioned above, we have also pointed out some pros and cons so that you can make the best decision.

1. Lightning-fast speed

HostArmada hosting is sure to provide you with a super-fast speed – it offers optimal website loading speed, the bounce rate is better.

2. Super secure

Security is something that should never be compromising online. HostArmada completes the care of security features. The thick layer firewalls and secured environment protects the website and contacted resources.

3. Prompt tech support

You do not need to worry when things are not going as you expected, because the knowledgeable support team will assist you and they will get the job done. You can contact them at any time; whether it is day or night, just contact them and rock your website.

4. Zero canceling fees

There is no additional cost if you plan to cancel the services or the biding anytime. This is the biggest highlight in this HostArmada review.

5. Costless migration service

For each web hosting package, you are assured to review the free migration of your website.

6. Money-back guarantee

You hardly would be disappointed with the services offered by HostArmada, but if you are not happy with the service and want to leave, you can get your money back. HostArmada offers assured 45 days money-back guarantee.

Cons of HostArmada

After going through the detailed HostArmada review, you will be assured that there is no such demerit of HostArmada. It is a relatively new option, and this is the reason for people taking the time to explore it. They also have higher renewal prices, which may be considered a downside.

HostArmada Hosting Types and Plans

The HostArmada web hosting for WordPress has 5+ super-efficient and straightforward plans for users of all categories.

1. Shared Hosting

This plan costs $2.99 each month, and you get a fully managed cPanel service. This is a super high-value hosting plan for bloggers, start-ups, etc. The plan offers Free SSL along with cPanel. In addition to it, this shared hosting plan includes cloud SSD storage, everyday backups, cache, and 24/7 support all 365 days. You may go with the middle and last plans of the shared hosting of HostArmada; all are worth the money!


2. VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is available for $54.95 each month. The plan includes free access to cPanel, SSL, and along with the incredible support and web server, you get access to KVM Virtualization. This managed cloud SSD VPS Hosting works well for developed businesses that are planning to expand even more quickly. Based on your requirement, pick the high-grade VPS plans of HostArmada!


3. Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers

The HostArmada review is incomplete without mentioning the Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers. They come with three unique pricing options starting from $149 each month to $329. The specifications include 4-16 CPU, 160-640 Cloud SSD storages 8-32 GB RAM.

The free goodies include domain name, cPanel, and NGINX web server. These Dedicated CPU Cloud Servers are a solid deal if you want to have an incredible website speed, and if you are dealing with massive traffic across the globe.

4. Managed, Cloud SSD WooCommerce Hosting

The managed WooCommerce Hosting from HostArmada is value for money. A perfect choice if you have an online business – especially shopping sites. The options start from $2.99 each month. The server is capable of handling massive traffic because the clients per server are less. In addition to it, the uptime is 99.9%.

In short, you will be amazed by the loading speed, performance, uptime, support, etc. So, when it comes to hosting services, HostArmada has proven to be one of the best, and it will continue to do so in the future as well. After going through the HostArmada review, I’m sure you will get the feeling that they will take your website to another level.

HostArmda Coupon Code (75% Discount)

Here is an exciting part of the HostArmada hosting review! Yes, HostArmada Coupon code + Discount.

The company is offering regular 70% discount for all the users, however, as a loyal reader of MyMagicFundas, you can grab 75% on any hosting plan of HostArmada.

Here is the HostArmada coupon code to claim the discount – WPG75

What are you waiting for? Just use the promo code and get HostArmada discount before the offer get expired.

HostArmada Hosting – Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Is HostArmada open source ready?

Ans: Yes, HostArmada is completely opensource ready, and it is also hosting probably the most extensive variety of open-source scripts.

Ques 2: What is the benefit of using Cloud SSD shared hosting from HostArmada?

Ans: Cloud technology is the future; the SSD shared hosting allows multiple virtual servers; it ensures 100% uptime and reduces the data loss risk.

Ques 3: How to pick the right plan from HostArmada?

Ans: The plan depends on your needs on the website. You can check out the need for resources and opt for the right plan. If it turns out you need more resources, you can upgrade your service at no extra costs, you will only need to pay the price difference, and that would be all.

I would suggest you go with the shared or VPS cloud hosting of HostArmada if you are just starting. If you are not sure what to choose, do not hesitate to contact them, they will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate option for your needs without overselling you for the higher plans.

Ques 4: Is there any option to transfer the existing website?

Ans: The customer care team is available 24/7 to help you and transfer your website free of cost.

Ques 5: How create a personalized email ID in HostArmada hosting ?

Ans: With HostArmada, you can easily create a personalized email ID free of cost.

Wrapping Up

With HostArmada hosting service, you don’t need to worry about anything because it is not expensive. Instead, it has quite an affordable choice. The most adorable thing is if you don’t like the services and wish to discontinue, you can get your money back.

So, why are you still thinking? Just get HostArmada and upscale your website right away. This affordable cloud hosting server is a stable and reliable solution that helps your hobby or business brand expand quickly without you having any concerns.

Use the HostArmada discount to purchase a suitable server and give you site a performance boost and take it to the next level. What do you think about this cheap & best cloud hosting provider for WordPress sites? I hope this HostArmada review would help you get the reliable hosting with which you can shine like a star in the web field.

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