What To Look For In A Cloud Hosting Provider?

The technology has improved a lot and yes in almost every field! 

Even if you are a startup business or a new blogger, you have to get the best website in order to satisfy the readers and also the search engines. 

Yes! The user experience matters a lot in getting the conversions. It is a part of SEO as well. 


According to the Google Rank Brain algorithm, your content will get a higher ranking if it fulfills the readers’ requirement. 

On the other hand, if you dwell time is more (When people return back to the Google search from your website because of unsatisfied information) then you cannot rock on the search engine results.

So, even if you are good at writing but having the site with poor loading speed, and frequent downtime, then it will not help you in any way! 

What is the solution? 

Without any second thought, get the reliable hosting service to perform well on the web. 

Here comes a tricky part! Which hosting type should you choose? What one is trending? 

Cloud Hosting is the recent trend and its potential failure is very low. 

I should admit that the cloud hosting is not a cheap hosting type but it is worth paying! 

Did you understand I’m suggesting you get the best cloud hosting service for your new business/blog? 

Yes, of course! 

Cloud hosting has amazing benefits, let’s check them now! 

Advantages of Buying Cloud Hosting 

As the Cloud hosting works with the multiple servers, you will get the following benefits

  • No hardware failure
  • Easy to manage
  • Handle the traffic spikes
  • Highly scalable
  • Global Reach

And much more! 

With a reliable cloud service, you will be able to perform better in terms of speed & search engine ranking results as your site will always be available for the users & search spiders. 

Now, here comes an important question, how to choose the best cloud hosting provider!

I agree, it is a million-dollar question! 

As there exist a plethora of cloud services in the market, how to get the excellent one that could actually do well? 

 Don’t worry, I’ll help you in this matter! 

I have been working online since 2008 and recently bought a few cloud hosting providers for my various blogs. They are Cloudways, Digital Ocean, Hostgator cloud, InMotion, and Flywheel. 

All of these cloud hosting services offer stress-free hosting experience and yes, I didn’t face any downtime issue till now. 

So, to stay relax and focus on your business, you should consider the following factors while buying the cloud hosting services. 

How To Choose The Best Cloud Hosting Service in 2019?

Consider looking at these cloud hosting features to establish your business brand on the web! 


1. Security

Looking at the security features of the cloud hosting is most important. Since you critical data are going to be stored in the cloud, make sure to double check their backup quality, data encryption, multilayered authentication, advanced firewalls to stop the intruders & malicious programs and routine security audits.  

If they provide regular security patches, IP blacklisting, Free SSL, Free Malware cleanup, nightly backup, Real-time bandwidth protection, and DDoS shield, then you may proceed with purchasing any of those services.

2. Uptime Guarantee

Before purchasing the cloud hosting provider, have a look at their Uptime guarantee. If it is below 99%, then there is no point in getting that service. I would advise you go with the company that provides 100% Uptime promise so that you would get better availability score.   

Sometimes, you may hesitate to go with the guaranteed words of the server service provider and hence you should have a glance at the customer feedbacks and reviews which would help to take the right decision.                

3. Scalability

Scalability is the most predominant feature in cloud hosting and yes, it is to manage the increased demands. You can increase or decrease the data storage capacity to meet the necessities of your business. As you can adjust your business resources, you can enhance the customer retention and quality of your product as well. 

Check for a cloud hosting that gives you the flexibility to modify the RAM, Disk space, CPU and Bandwidth so that you will get the right hardware for your business site. 

4. High-Speed Performance

Getting the fastest cloud hosting is the wisest choice. Yes, site loading speed is the Google ranking factor and the server plays a vital role in the website speed. The server response time should be very low so that you will get the lightning fast loading website. 

So, when you purchase the cloud hosting service, go with the one that uses the SSD drives, advanced built-in caches, PHP 7 & HTTP/2 supported servers and CDN facility for the users. All these features make your site load fast and hence you could offer the best user experience and get love from the search engines. 

5. Pricing & Support

The pricing plans and customer support are the prevailing factors to be considered while selecting the best cloud hosting company for WordPress. The company should offer affordable pricing plans so that the startup site founders could get it. 

Likewise, look for the hosting service that gives much priority to customer satisfaction and hence it would definitely be offering excellent tech support to overcome their difficulties. Also, they should not make you wait for a long time to reach and get help; Instead, instant 24 X 7 tech assistance would be great. 

Wrapping Up

Cloud hosting has highly flexible features and hence it will be a good fit for any business website. You can personalize the resources to get the right hardware. And, you will pay only what you consume. Moreover, you will get the premium security features and instant customer support so that you can perform better than your competitors.

If you ask me to recommend the best cloud hosting for WordPress, then my reply would be Cloudways, I hope you will consider buying the cloud hosting service and look at the factors mentioned in this post. If you need any help or suggestion, please reach me through the comment section. 

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  1. Hey Nirmala
    Hope you’re doing great!
    Great Article on cloud hosting I use to check out the complete reviews before purchasing it hence had plenty of issues with some providers. I request everyone to check out the reviews or raise your question on facebook as many people out there to share the thoughts instead of buying and facing the problem this way they can be safe. Moreover, you can ask Ankit, Kulwant or Nirmala they are active on facebook they might give clear words.

  2. As more and more IT systems are externalised, making sure you pick the right cloud providers has become critical to long-term success.

    However, the available market is vast, with a myriad of providers offering an even larger number of services. From market giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google through to smaller niche players offering bespoke services.

    So how do you select the right cloud provider from so many? The answer is a defined selection and procurement process appropriately weighted towards your unique set of needs.
    have a nice day

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