How Students Can Make Money Online?

The internet has opened a new world filled with a variety of opportunities with which the students can make money online. Few days back, I’ve discussed a topic “Top 5 online jobs for students” to earn money online at spare time.

But there are numerous ways with which the students can make money online. Through this post, I want to present the details of some online money making websites for the students.

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Online jobs for students provide different openings to earn income at their ideal time. Work from home at flexible timing is the biggest advantage as they could schedule their online work after completing their educational works.

Without any experience and technical knowledge, the students are earning money with the internet facilities and practicing their skills with online jobs. They are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having financial freedom with the comfort of online earning jobs.

It is smart, isn’t it? 

Let’s check some useful websites through which the students can make money online.

Useful Websites For Students To Make Money Online

Below are the helpful sites for students to earn income at spare time.


It is an online tutorial marketplace like Studentquestions, where the students can offer help for others and make money with it. If the custom tutorial written by the students is being selected by the others, they will get paid.

The students can write the tutorial on their fascinating subjects and earn income with it. No fees is required to sign-up and to post the tutorials for the users.


It is a survey website like Cashcrate, seeking the opinion of the users to shape the particular products and services. If the students are interested in sharing their experience, then they can make enough income here with a little dedication.


It is a good freelancing writing website like Sharedreviews, which pay the writers for the published articles. Students with good writing skill can join here and write about anything from computers, crafts, recipes, etc.

Short poems and stories are also accepting here, so the students with immense writing skill can make a decent online income here.


It is an online marketplace like Odesk, which pays for the freelance work to its users. Students with marketing, graphic designing, translating, data entry skills, etc. can make cash by offering their talents.

The bidding system is followed here, and the members need to bid on the client’s job. If the customer accepts the proposal, they will pay money for the work done by the bidding member.


This website is like Treasuretrooper, which pays money to complete the offers, perform searches, participate in surveys and to refer friends. Students can make money here with a minimum payout of $10 by completing the simple tasks.


It is a marketplace for work similar to Microworkers, where the individuals can select the Human intelligent tasks according to their interest and earn income with it. Jobs listed here are best suitable for students with which they can make money by accepting the HIT and submitting the work.


It is a website that offers tasks and services like Fiverr, where the people can make money by offering any of their talents. Students can register here for free and create jobs to start earning money by showing their skills.


It is a website like LivePerson, which allows the people to earn money by giving advice. The students can make use of this excellent site to make income by giving Sensible advice.


As the internet is mixed with fraudulent prospects, the students need to be very careful in selecting the online jobs to make money online.

Most of the money making websites are crap and asking money to register. So it is essential to do an inquiry before performing any online job.

I am suggesting the students to select genuine online jobs to earn money, and they should convert their skills & brilliant work into online cash.

Also, they should not get distracted from studies with these online jobs and do not perform any unauthorized activities as it would affect their bright future.

Many students are earning online income with affiliate marketing, blogging, translation jobs and virtual assistant. Stay tuned here to read about these earning methods in a comprehensive manner. 

Are you a student and making online income with any website? If so, do share your experience in the comment section, so that the students can make money online with your skills. 

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    1. Am really happy with your visit and thanks for commenting here Nikhil 🙂

      Yeah, I too know that the many of the Indian students are making good income with Indiastudychannel.

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      1. I really Enjoyed your post. Every method is worth atleast a single try.

        Nirmala, I have just posted a similar article on My blog “Ka$h in Pocket”. A blog dedicated to provide Legit online money making methods and tricks.

        Title to that post is “How Students can become Rich using this simple trick”. I hope that you enjoy the article. Make sure you Share it afterwards in order to help your Loyal blog readers(Given that you find my post useful)

  1. Nice info Nirmala for the students. Yes, they are making good online income and hope these sources would be useful for them to make money online 🙂

  2. Good sites here Nirmala.

    I would also add Problogger, as I have scored some paid writing gigs through their job board.

    Virtually all the jobs are legit and many pay a nice chunk of change, which is something I know college kids would appreciate.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. superb article, hey Nirmala you shared a good info. its very helpful for students who want to make money online.

  4. Ankit Kumar Singla

    Hello Nirmala Mam,
    How are you?
    Nice to see that you are publishing so valuable stuff to students. By using these sites students can make money and support themselves financially. Keep us updated Nirmala Mam.

  5. Wow great job, its really amazing that you researched for such owsum online money making opportunities for students, and the main thing is that, creative students can get the most out of it. let me try if i can make use of these opportunities. Thanx for sharing such valuable info.

    1. Welcome to my blog Akhil,

      Yeah, I researched about some websites carefully to present useful data for the students.

      You are right, students with creative skills can make money online in a smart way.

      Glad you are gonna earn money online from some of my listed websites.

  6. You have listed some really useful and genuine sites here Nirmala Mam! I have tried some of them earlier like Mturk and Helium, but these can’t beat blogging, its the best.

    1. Hi Mohan,

      Thanks for leaving your comment by sharing your experience.

      Earning money online depends upon the skills and ability of the students. I earned a lot with Mturk and few freelancing websites.

      Its really good that you’re doing well with blogging 🙂

  7. Again a wonderful job by you. No doubt it is a mind blowing post about making money online for students. It is really a valuable stuff. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Really a good informative article and also all the points are nicely cleared.Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Hi Nirmala,

    Did not know there were so many option for students too to make online money. It will definitely make students able to pay off their fees without depending on their parents.Thanks for this great share.

    1. I know, you used to leave your valuable comments with care Suresh 🙂

      Yeah, i knew few methods with which the students can make money online. I don’t wanna put all the possible ways in single blog post.

      Sure, will grab the details from you, research on it and will make a good post for the students.

      Many thanks for your regular presence 🙂

      1. The post is already great and you’ve presented well researched information. The sites you mentioned are well recognized and reliable. I just meant that I did not know there were so many options even for students.

        Good work, keep it up!

  10. Internet is full of fraud online earning money sites. You have selected some good sites which are genuine online work pay sites. Students should follow these sites.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks for appreciating my work Vipin 🙂

      Yes, I carefully listed some trusted websites so that the students can make money online with it.

      Am happy with your presence and comment, keep doing it 🙂

  11. thanks for the information Nirmala, I have a category in my site called make money online for teenagers . i will mention your name and your article with a link once i have created those articles.

    i just cant create today since i am in the hospital since my son is not feeling well, will do it later!

  12. A post especially for me! I had earned 2$ with, however it doesn’t pays their users for completing tasks these days. Will try the rest of the list soon.
    Thanks for the useful list ma’am!

  13. Hey Nirmala,
    Good source you have listed out for students to make money online which can help them as pocket money and also for other expenses

  14. Bishnu Subedi Nishan

    Student life is one of the most important parts of life ! If any student can run a blog with his/her study that is great ! He/She can learn as well as earn !

    Thank you for sharing such informative post !

  15. What a great share Nirmala and I’ve only heard of a few of these sites. I am glad there are legitimate sources though to make money online and I’m sure that most college kids would much prefer doing this from the comfort of their computers instead of getting out in the work force.

    Great share and I know everyone else thinks the same as well.


  16. Hello,
    Thanks for wonderful tips on how a student can make money online.
    i saw the list is pretty good and reliable to use for students. i am happy that the students will surely be beniffeted with this article.
    Thanks again for wonderful list and great effort.

    1. Hi Mohammed,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for your appreciation 🙂

      Yeah, students can make use of these sources to make money online and will keep posting the reliable resources for them.

      Stay tuned here to read the magical posts 🙂

  17. Hi Nirmala,

    I would like to check with you about:

    Is this your web domain? I mean did you but it or you are just blogging in this website?

    I am new to blogging and want to know if I need to have my own .com website for it.

    1. Yeah, its mine 🙂

      My self hosted domain! Sure you may have your own.

      If you are gonna make money by blogging, then i would suggest you to choose the self hosted domain in WordPress.

      Thanks for reading my post, keep visiting 🙂

  18. Hi,

    @Nirmala Mam

    How are you?

    You are doing awesome job by providing useful information for students, by using these ways students can really make money online.

    Great Job You Are doing here, keep doing. It will help many thanks.

  19. thanx a lot nirmala mam.. it was really helpful… as i’m in great need of money to buy expensive computer science books.. thnk you.. i’m going check all this..:)

  20. hello madam iam asha thank you for u r information . But How Can i start with Fiverr ? please explain me madam .

    1. Whatever service you can offer, you can show and make money with them through Fiverr. Go and register in Fiverr. Then you have to start a gig and promote it in some places to get clients for your work.

      Ex: I’ll write beauty articles for you @ $5. If you need more details, contact me @ [email protected] with your skills. Will try to help you Asha 🙂

  21. Seems you have invested a lot of time collecting this data, its worth your efforts. Many of the students can manage their pocket money from these. Thanks for the share.

  22. Techulator, a sister site of Indiastudychannel. I am an editor of ISC and making good revenue $10 a day by Google adsense there…. Anyone who holds adsense account outside ISC can associate with ISC and earn dollars.

  23. these websites are really useful for all students thanx for sharing the important and useful information.

  24. I visited this site first time but find very useful. Lots of good article posted by you ma’am.. Good information about the students i’ll sharing this information on my social media too for my friends. They will also interested about part time earning..
    Thanks for nice article.

  25. Hello Nirmala Ma’am,

    Nice post for the students, ps correct me if I’m wrong, I could suggest you that in your expert tips category, we can share some of the successful student story of money making online. So that it could be very helpful and it will boost students confidence of making money in online by all the above ways you’ve mentioned.

    Thank you very much !!!

  26. Madam, it’s appreciable that that you have come up with many legitimate online opportunities where Indian students can make quick bucks. Thanks very much.

  27. It is a good thing that you are teaching and encouraging youths today to be independent and earn money as young as being a student. So that they’ll know the value of money.

  28. Hello Nirmala Chechi!

    Very useful post for students and newbies who would like to earn money from internet. I am also writing for SEO, blogging, Earning money online and tech news. This seems we are on same track.

    Keep Blogging! 🙂

  29. Hello Nirmala Mam.. I was browsing Google Plus . There i saw this post. I am visiting your blog first time. So much nice information. By the way , students can also make money if they have previous year papers. So many education websites are now paying for uploading papers. Because this brings traffic to them.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Abhishek,

      Warm welcome to my blog. Glad you found my blog in G+.

      Good to know that the students can make money online by uploading papers. I have also heard that they can earn by sharing their guides as well.

      Thanks for sharing your viewpoints, stay tuned!

  30. make money online

    Excellent blog you have here.. It’s hard
    to find good quality writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you!
    Take care!!

  31. Indeed it’s a good work mam.but I am encountering a little problem.when I tried to open one of these sites i.e helium then google did show me all information about the element ”helium”.what should I do now??

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  33. As For now Students have all the time to make the money online since every one is indoors. Now is the time to be creative. Just saying

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