Desktop or Laptop: Which is best for you?

If you’ve decided to buy a new computer, and then I’m sure “Desktop or Laptop, which is best for me,? “ is the question will be in your mind, am I right?

Both are good, but it should be purchased in such a manner that it should meet your specific needs. Let me explain some information that would help you to make the best choice at the time of buying.

Let’s look at the benefits of laptop & desktop and comparison of both in various aspects. So, through this post, you could choose the best gadget, desktop or laptop for your basic needs. 

Features of Desktop

A desktop resides on a table in your office or home.

• If you have a home workstation, and you have to share your computer with family, then the desktop is a good choice.

• If you require a large monitor for graphic design, animation, etc., then proceed your choice with the desktop.

• Are you a game lover who often use non-portable peripherals? Go ahead with the desktop.

• Desktop computer suits for the beginners & students to learn and do experiments with new stuff.

• If a vast amount of data needs to be stored, then the desktop is the perfect choice for its storage capacity can be easily expandable.

Advantages of Desktop

1. It is possible to have multiple monitors, hard drives, CPUs and Graphics cards.

2. Choice of using full keyboard & mouse and better speakers & webcam.

3. More powerful, less expensive and easy to repair.

Laptop is an all in one portable device

• If you are a business professional dealing with client meetings and business prospectus, the laptop is the finest choice for you.

• You are a person who travels a lot and spends a little time at home; you may purchase a laptop computer.

• If you want to keep the workplace simple without messy wires, then the laptop is your optimal choice.

Advantages of Laptop

1. It beats desktop for portability and privacy.

2. It occupies a quieter working place and easy to clean.

3. As it is portable, it is possible to have fascinating data in your fingertip.


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Desktop or Laptop

Let’s compare desktop and laptop with all features. Both are worthy but understand which is the best in the particular aspect.

1. Price – Desktop (cheaper than laptop)

2. Space and portability – Laptop (no cluttering of wires)

3. Maintainability – Desktop (easy to repair and upgrade)

4. Power consumption – Laptop (consumes only up to 50 watts)

5. Durability and safety – Desktop (as laptop is vulnerable to theft and damage)

6. Convenience – Laptop (extended battery and WiFi options)

7. Ergonomics – Desktop (proper workspace arrangement)

8. Immediacy – Laptop (instantaneous access to data)

9. Performance – Desktop (having powerful processors)

10. Endurance – Laptop (better resolution and battery life)

Hope you’ve gained the fundamental data of desktop and laptop with the above comparison.

According to your needs and usage, decide yourself Desktop or Laptop, which is suitable for you to purchase.

The Choice is yours but few things you need to be checked while buying a Desktop or Laptop. What are those?  Just check below!

Checklist to buy Desktop or Laptop

1. Type of processor and its speed.

2. The size of hard drive and RAM.

3. DVD burner, USB ports and video ports.

4. Type of screen and its size.

5. Graphics card and sound card.

6. Ethernet card and wireless capability.

7. Warranty and technical support.


If you are mainly considering the portability and to perform your daily activities like checking email, surfing, make money online, streaming video, etc., a laptop can be purchased. But if you are looking to execute programs that require more system resources, it would be good if you decided to get a high-end desktop to produce better output.

Whatever be your option, I’m suggesting you to have a look at the variety of top manufacturers & models and the checklist that I mentioned above while purchasing the Desktop or Laptop. The technology advancement in the computer has been improved well and almost other fields like mechanical, education, medicine and so on are integrated with the computer. We should feel proud of it and utilize the technology advancements in an efficient manner. 

I use both Desktop and Laptop but feel comfortable when working with Laptop. So, what do you think? Desktop or Laptop, which is best for you? Do share your views through your comment. 

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