Internet Technology Advancement And Its Importance In Vital Areas

This post has the details of internet technology advancement and its importance in primary fields like business, education and communication. 

Technology is playing a crucial role in most of the phases of our daily life. Now days, the development of technologies can be seen in every field of business, education, travel, health, agriculture and so on. It makes the life modern, simple and comfort. As its progress is dynamic in all the fields, I included the “technology” category here in my recently shaped blog “mymagicfundas”.

It is a known fact that the technology is a vast area, and it is hard to cover all the topics related to it. So I’ve decided to write about the information linked to the “Internet Technology” and focus on the latest technology developments in Internet associated matters like browsers, popular software giants like Google, Yahoo & Microsoft, Social networking websites, Antivirus, etc.

Internet Technology

The internet can be directly expressed as a “massive library” comprised of files, images, videos & content and it is serving billions of people around the world because it is undoubtedly invading all aspects of life. It is helping the business and individuals in several ways as it is possible to communicate with each other, doing international trade, getting entertainment and so on with the development of technology. 

Information is ample here and readily available with a click. Imagining the world without Internet is tough now, and our dependency on it is more to make our life easier and simple.

Advancements In Internet Technology

Previously, the web was connected to the computer through cables, and its performance was slow in nature. But now, wireless internet is the latest technology with the help of the radio waves and its speed is like lightening. Enhanced technology advancements in the internet allow the people to enjoy while communicating, learning or doing business.

Many features of international businesses now depend on the universal connectedness of the internet with the latest technology. Booking the travel tickets, paying bills, depositing and withdrawing money, etc. can be efficiently managed by online services. Education has become an internet controlled in this century, and the live interaction between the student and teacher has been replaced by the technology development with the concept of “video conferencing”.

With the recent advancements in the internet technology, the communication has become incredibly faster through email and chat facilities. It is possible to speak with anyone in the world over VoIP (Voice over Internet phone). Streaming video, social networking websites and Smartphones are the other inventions that should be included in the internet technology where it can be efficiently used for communication.

Importance of Internet Technology


The technology advance in the internet has undoubtedly changed the way of interaction between the companies and customers. Most of the corporations are advertising their products and services to the consumers through online to reach a wider level. Moreover, their approach with the help of videos, emails and social networking sites are cost-effective, and the audiences can be easily targeted. As a result, certain outcome and an extremely visible investment return can be obtained.


Different internet technologies are available for the educators and students to teach, learn and gain knowledge. Podcasting, Wikis, brainstorming & presenting tools, blogs, RSS feeds and so on are existing technologies for online education, and it is likely to access a fresh skill set, attend the class with self-discipline and get individual attention. So the technology developments on the internet have made the active learning process with latest online tools.



Using the latest Internet technology for communication is imperative and flexible. Talking with internet voice calls are quite convenient, saves time and money and improves the knowledge while using the modern technology tools. Many professionals and individuals are using Internet-based voice services like Google Talk and Skype to communicate one another for official and personal purposes respectively.


The internet technology has completely changed our way of communication, learning methods and business techniques. Also, it plays a vital role in the enhancement of our quality of life with its latest inventions and its importance in daily life is never going to be an end. We should be ready to invite the further discoveries in internet technology that would have great enrichment in both personal and professional life.

What do you think about the internet technology advancements? Stay tuned here to read some helpful technology posts correlated to the internet. 

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  1. Hello Nirmala:
    I just want to say something about your writing, the way through which you express or post an article is just awesome.
    Very nice and informative post. keep it going.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Am really glad with your comment. I love to write and never tried to copy from others. Hope these are the reasons for the awesomeness. Thanks for your comment Mohammed!

    2. I agree with you too! @Nirmala writes these things very well! But the only thing I wanted to say is she writes about different things.

      Like health tips (which I’m not not interested in) makes me wait longer for posts related to Blogging, Social Media etc!

      That’s all! Everything else is cool! 🙂

      1. Nirmala Santhakumar

        Thanks for sharing your thought Thejas! Yes, I love to write the useful and needful stuffs for the people. Why you are not interested in health related topics? Health is wealth, without good health it is not possible to do anything. People should be aware of basic health care to avoid the killer diseases in the future. So I included the “health” category in my blog.
        Yeah, will add the magical posts linked to blogging and social media. Stay tuned here!

        1. Hello!

          Thanks for the reply. 🙂

          Yeah! I agree with you. Health is the wealth of life. Without health we cannot enjoy our life.

          Also I’m very health conscious. I go to gym, control my diet etc.

          I actually love your writing!

          Yeah! Will stay tuned here! Keep publishing awesome posts! 🙂

          Thank You

          1. Nirmala Santhakumar

            Thanks for commenting again Thejas! Happy to hear that your are doing with health conscious and going to gym. Great! keep doing it!

  2. Nirmala Santhakumar

    Am pleased to read your comment pooja! As you said, the internet contains both good and dangerous things to learn. We should be aware of it and should learn the good information.

  3. Hey Mam Nirmala!
    I am a Techo Freak who loves to surf internet whole day. And I found this post useful for me. Thanks for sharing your findings mam!

  4. There is a big change in technology. Internet also has changed his look and also its efficiency from last years. Everything can be done in a single click through internet. My life is nothing without internet now as my major and minor work are done by it.

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