4 Best Ways To Safely Backup Your iPhone

Your iPhone contains a lot of sensitive and personal information. All the photos, messages, and other data that you keep on your phone need to be backed up repeatedly and conveniently.

If you fail to do so, then you may be exposed to losses that arise from instances of cyber crimes like identity thefts. Isn’t a frustration happening? 

So, taking the backup is the right solution to protect your valuable data and keep it all the time! 

In practice, there are many methods that you can use to backup iPhone. However, not all of them are effective and useful to you.

It is because of these reasons that you need to choose your methods carefully. Here are some of the most valuable backup techniques that you can use for your iPhone.

4 iPhone Backup Techniques That You Should Know


1. Using Cloud Backup Tools

There are many automatic tools that you can use to back up your iPhone. One of the most common means is found here, https://ottomatik.io/. This tool functions by collecting all the information in your iPhone that you need to keep safe and storing it in individual servers.

There are many other similar tools that you can use to keep your iPhone data secured. The essence of the tools is that they function automatically. Thus, you do not have to refresh them for you to back up your data repeatedly.

2. iCloud

iCloud is a specific cloud-based data backup service that Apple offers its clients. Every owner of an iPhone is allocated a small amount of storage space on the iCloud. For to use your space conveniently, you first must change the settings on your iPhone to allow the device to back up valuable information automatically.

You can choose the kind of files that you would like to store on your iCloud space. You can also select other additional settings such as the frequency of the backup and whether the process can take place when you are using cellular data or only when you are on a Wi-Fi network.

The bottom line of using this method is that if you know your Apple ID, you access all your information from anywhere. Thus, if you lose your iPhone and you buy a new one, you can restore all your data from the iCloud.

3. Google Storage

You can also use the Google cloud storage service to back up iPhone. Typically, Google Drive allows users to store all types of files in the cloud. Yes! you can back up your iOS data icloud account to Google Drive.

The backup process is really simple and here are the guidelines to save your iPhone data on Google Drive

You can get additional space for storage by paying a small amount of money on a monthly or annual basis. However, if you are not a heavy consumer of space, the 15GB that the firm offers its clients will be enough to back up your iPhone and other devices.

4. Automatic Importation Of Photos

You can use the photos app on your iPhone to backup all your photos. The best way of handling this approach is to set the app to import all the images that are found on the phone every time you connect the phone to your iMac.

Once you adjust the settings, you do not have to worry about moving the photos to your computer because the process will automatically occur every time there is a connection.


It is easy to back up  iPhone using the iCloud storage plan or simply by changing the setting the settings to import photos to your computer automatically. Transferring the data safely to the Google Drive is also a cleaver option.  You can also use commercial data backup tools to keep all the information that is on the phone safe.

I hope you will follow any of the above-mentioned methods to safeguard your priceless iOS data and avoid unessential data loss disappointments. So, which technique would you like to execute for the iPhone backup? Leave your thoughts in the comment section. 

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