PitchGround Review: Is It Worth? (2022)

pitchground review

Are you looking to start or grow your online business?. The SaaS marketplace helps the most in business development by providing innovative software at an affordable price. The PitchGround is one of the best SaaS marketplaces to find the best deal for Software. It is not only the marketplace, and It is the place to grow our SaaS brand with the PitchGround community.

This PitchGround review helps us find how a SaaS marketplace supports our online business to succeed in the long run. It provides the best support for creators, digital agencies, bloggers, authors, teachers, and marketers to present their SaaS products in PitchGround. Moreover, it helps to grow their SaaS brand with the PitchGround community. 

The bloggers can also earn Money using the promotion best SaaS deals by joining as an affiliate in PitchGround. The marketplace helps get SaaS at an affordable price and is easily accessible by business people. It uses free and premium courses and live events to educate the people to develop the business with Software.

PitchGround Marketplace for Best SaaS deals

The PitchGround deals help creators, agencies, entrepreneurs, and businesses to grow their online business Software as a Service tool. Moreover, it provides lifetime deals, annual licenses, and even freebie software with minimal cost. Also, it provides more discounts for the product to the VIP community.

We can find the SaaS marketplace with current, upcoming, and expiring deals for different category products. PitchGround lists many tools for different actives of a business such as sales, marketing, analytics, product creation, accounting, task management, etc. this Software can automate business processes and give much time for the core business process.

We have the filter to find the best lifetime licenses, annual licenses, and free software in the SaaS marketplace. We can short them from the filtered list concerning the pricing from low to high or vice versa. It is a reliable marketplace to get the best SaaS deals.

PitchGround also helps to shorten the latest deals by providing time from the three featured deals sections. We can get the latest SaaS deals from expiring, current and upcoming deals in the marketplace for the SaaS companies and developers. Moreover, it uses an email subscription box to get the latest deals from the marketplace.

Best in the Pitchground deals of SaaS marketplace

  • It has expiring, upcoming, and current SaaS deals
  • Filters are available to find lifetime, annual, and free SaaS deals
  • Shortlist the latest, low price deals in every section
  • 4.7/5 trust pilot scores for the listed products
  • Affiliates can earn up to 25% for ease of sale

There are a lot of Pitchground discounts to users and affiliates, saving more money in your pockets.

Free Course education from PitchGround

It is the best SaaS marketplace from this PitchGround review. However, it uses education first approach for business development using the software. It has a courses academy with free and premium courses for business growth and development. We can join the community to share our free courses in the PitchGround academy. Moreover, they have the best expert team to create courses on content creation, SEO, marketing, and other business activities.

The PitchGround believes that We should afford education for business development for free. The support tools and Software for business growth should be accessible with minimum cost. So they provide lots of online courses for free in PitchGround academy.

SaaS developers and content creators can also build their business brand by offering free courses on PitchGround academy. Moreover, it provides more educational resources for business development with live webinars and events. We can subscribe for the next live event in Siteground. The VIP community on Facebook helps to want many events from more than 40 experts.

We can connect with the PitchGround community for the below reasons

  • Find business resources in one place from different experts
  • The community can help to grow the business with the best software
  • Build a SaaS brand by creating your product community with PitchGround

Live Events helps to grow the business from experts

In the PitchGround review, the third feature provides a live event for the business development with different business categories. We can participate in the live event by email subscription or watch the event replay later. The main advantage of these events is getting business advice from multiple experts for a topic in a single place.

We have 43 expert speakers to talk about the issues and trends in 9 different business categories. The live talks are available with a subscription. Likely we can get 60 plus days of business lessons are available to grow our online business.

The speakers are available for the below categories.

  • Content writing
  • Landing pages
  • Freelancing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Sales
  • WordPress 
  • Personal branding
  • Instagram growth
  • Facebook Ads

If we miss the live event of a particular speaker, It will be available in the replay sections. Here we can find the talk from different experts and filter a specific topic for watching the replay event from an expert.

Submit SaaS products as partners of PitchGround

The PitchGround helps SaaS developers and companies to promote their software by partnering with them. The SaaS developers have become a partner by submitting their projects with PitchGround. They offer resources and community help to sell the SaaS product to the PitchGround users and customers.

Once the developers submitted their SaaS application in PitchGround by partnering, it was ready for business usage. The marketplace will list the product available for audience usage with developer support. The developer can offer the best deals for its licensing and use. 

Now the SaaS developer has ready to grow their product brand with the PitchGround community. By communicating with existing experts in the community, they provide a review of the SaaS applications. So the developer can grow their SaaS service. Moreover, they can build their brand by creating a SaaS product community in the network. We can earn the revenue for the SaaS for every subscription made by the product in the PitchGround.

PitchGround VIP plans for additional discounts on SaaS deals

We know the PitchGround marketplace provides the best deals for lifetime, annual, and even freebie software for the business. It also uses a VIP subscription plan for yearly membership options. The VIP members can get an additional discount of 10% for every purchase in SaaS deals.

The VIP subscription is annual, not for a lifetime. It will be automatically renewed for the next year with the payment option we have selected for the subscription. We can cancel the subscription and continue software purchases with regular deals for business development. The VIP plans are available at 119$ per year with a 10% discount on all purchases.

Partnership program for affiliates to earn Money

The PitchGround helps minimize the expenditure on purchasing Software for online businesses and their growth. For example, online companies like SaaS companies, marketing agencies, bloggers, authors, teachers, podcasters, and digital marketers are benefited from PitchGround’s best deals with SaaS software with educational resources. Moreover, it provides partnership affiliate programs for content creators, bloggers, and affiliates to promote SaaS deals and earn money from every sale.

PitchGround affiliate program provides up to 25% commission for every sale if an affiliate makes more than five sales per month. It is only for new customers referrals, and for existing customers, the affiliate gets a 15% commission for every sale. In three steps, we can earn money join the program, sharing the best deals on our website, and get paid monthly for every sale that we refer to as an affiliate.

Conclusion PitchGround Review 2022 

By wrapping up PitchGround review 2022, It is the best marketplace for lifetime SaaS deals for our business growth. It also has the best team to provide free education about the online business and SaaS development with its growth. PitchGround delivers the best SaaS deals with lifetime and annual licenses in its marketplace. The VIP plan provides an additional 10% discount on SaaS deals.

It hopes that we can sell the best SaaS product by providing education about business development with SaaS software. So it has a course academy and live events with more than 40 expert speakers.

The PitchGround community helps to grow the SaaS developer with a personal brand. They encourage the developer to create a reliable product with better trust pilot value. It uses a partnership program for affiliates to earn revenue by promoting the best deals via blog, email, etc. The PitchGround review 2022 as a simple world, the best SaaS marketplace with free education for business growth.

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