9 Best Fast Blogging Themes You Shouldn’t Miss (2022)


Are you blogging with WordPress CMS? The fast-loading web pages are always the better choice for content publishing. This article guides the list of best fast blogging themes for our WordPress blogs. The fastness in WordPress themes is achieved with perfect source code architecture with optimized CSS, JS, and image loading. 

Moreover, the responsive templates have been added advantage; the passing score of core web vitals makes WordPress theme good for blogging. When we consider blogging, SEO is a vital part of content publishing and its marketing. So the fast blogging WordPress theme should also contain social media engagement features. We would see the list of best themes.

9 Fastest WordPress Blogging Themes

In blogging prober navigation to the archived blog content and Archive visibility on the blog, homepage makes the themes to be best. The blog niche plays a major role in choosing the theme for the blog. 

Video content needs a different template compared with news magazines. The tech blogs and web tips blogs should have different blog templates along with social sharing options. We will see the theme below. However, every theme should have SEO and CVW features for content distribution.

1. WPAstra Theme


WPAstra is the fast and lightweight WordPress theme available for blogging. It has highly customizable options for blog layouts with a header, blog, archives, sidebar, and footer. It has Yoast SEO integration with learn dash making the theme best to teach concepts by tutorials using WordPress. 

The Gutenberg editor is available for easy content publishing with inline edit options. The No jQqury with Vanilla javaScript usage makes the theme faster loading web content and the theme loads in less than 0.5 seconds. Moreover, it has a pre-built theme library for niche content in blogging.

Features of WPAstra

  • It uses optimized source code with customizable typography options.
  • WPastra theme has self-hosted google fonts that make faster loading in content delivery.
  • It provides Header and footer customization with AMP support.
  • A different layout with multiple header section arrangements is available for prober blog navigation.
  • List and grid layout are available for structured blog content delivery.
  • Schema integrated for SEO.

2. Divi Theme

divi theme

Divi theme is available with a visual editor for template customization. It helps to build an awesome home page for niche content. It is the best theme to teach online courses and education about food products. The visual builder helps create the blog’s front page to make the niche content feel good.

The Divi provides a monarch social media plugin for social sharing, and a Bloom plugin for email collection to deliver updates about the blog content. We can deliver case studies regarding niche content to students with special blog templates available in the Divi theme.

Features of Divi

  • It has many modules for the design of our niche content.
  • The multiple customization options are available with divider and effects using a visual builder.
  • Divi has split testing options to build an email list for delivering blog content faster.
  • The social sharing and blog content follow-up methods are available to implement in our WordPress blogs.
  • The fastness is achieved with well-structured source code.

3. Neve Theme 

neve theme

Neve is a mobile-first WordPress theme available to deliver WordPress blog content on remote devices. It uses AMP support for all its templates with full responsiveness. It is a lightweight theme with optimized source code. The custom design for header and blog layouts has available with drag and drop options.

Global color palettes with typography options are available for the customization of blog layouts. Neve theme has mega menu options to organize the vast blog content with the best visibility. SEO-friendly code structure and popular caching methods are available to lead web pages and blog images faster with neve. It is undoubtedly one of the best fast-loading WordPress themes.

Features of Neve

  • Multiple starter sites are available for different niche blogs.
  • Best customization booster for header, footer, and blog layouts.
  • Gutenberg editor support provides easy content publishing.
  • Elementor page builder helps to create custom templates for post pages as well.
  • Different blog archive layouts are there with multiple methods of content display on archive pages.

4. Avada Theme

avada theme

Avada is the best customizable page builder theme for WordPress blogging. It helps to create niche websites for blogging in a minute using multiple starter websites. The header and footer builders available in Avada can be useful to create the best navigation for our blog content with logo adjustment.

We can disable new features that load the theme faster with a lesser amount of HTML code. The critical and unused CSS optimization can reduce the time to load blog content. Moreover, it provides faster loading web pages which are good to rank higher in SERPs.

Feature of Avada

  • Faster above-the-fold page loading options are available with lazy image loading.
  • It uses multiple builders for the customization of WordPress themes using visual editors.
  • Avada provides multiple options for performance improvement with image optimization.
  • Many critical CSS removal methods are used to improve page speed.
  • Form builder helps to create web forms for lead capture.

5. Genesis Authority Pro

Genesis Authority Pro Theme

Genesis authority pro is a blocks-based WordPress theme with well-optimized source code and SEO options. It uses blocks to add the content easily. Moreover, easily do inline editing and styling. The block editor is available to create unique blog archives and home page layouts.

The theme customizer helps to add styles and typography to the blocks. The custom blocks options with import and export anywhere on the website make theme customization simpler. It is a completely mobile responsive theme to deliver content widely.

Features of Genesis Authority 

  • It has a block editor with multiple blocks, sections, and layouts for customization.
  • Blocks are having darg and drop with global customization options.
  • Gutenberg editor helps to add a blog post with inline style editing.
  • The WordPress blogs are accessible at any location with mobile responsive designs.
  • It has a one-click theme setup with many premium extensions for a better blog experience.

6. Blocksy Theme


Blocksy is the fast-loading WordPress theme for blogging with many blog layouts. It is an innovative free theme with advanced technology used for speed improvements, and the premium version is also available with page builders and customization options.

Blocksy has clean code architecture with a code-splitting method to remove renter blocking script while loading blog pages. It is Gutenberg ready fully responsive theme to deliver blog content quickly. The header builder is available with multiple header elements. It uses an advanced color palette with typography settings in theme customization.

Features of Blocksy

  • It has 5 modern archive layouts to display blog archives.
  • Block provides Gutenberg editor with 4 single-page layouts for content delivery.
  • The wooCommerce features are available with an ajax script for product display.
  • It is an SEO optimized theme with lazy loading
  • We pack, react, and Babel web technologies help in performance improvements.
  • Blocks have many starter sites with one click importer.

7. GeneratePress


GeneratePress is the blocks-based open source theme available for WordPress blogs. It uses dynamic blocks editor to create blog layouts in a minute. It is a fast-loading WordPress theme with minimal HTTP requests. The block editor helps to style post meta to site footers.

Every blog layout from a single page to custom 404 pages can be created using a blocks editor with responsive. The premium version has a theme editor with low profile mobile header, and the theme builder has more styling control with inline typography options.

Features of GeneratePress

  • Header customization is available with multiple navigational options.
  • Advanced hooks system helps to add design to any part of the theme.
  • Custom postcards designed with block editor have import and export.
  • It uses archive columns to display blog archives.
  • Masonry layout provides the best blog content visibility.

8. OceanWP Theme


OceanWP is one of the best fast blogging themes for WordPress with Gutenberg availability. It has 20+ Gutenberg blocks for the customization of blog layouts. No need for any coding experience to customize the WordPress theme. It is a beginner-friendly WordPress theme with fully responsive templates.

The best SEO practices are available to deliver blog content. Moreover, it is a lightweight theme with a fast page loading experience making it on the top of the fastest themes for blogs. It has elementor integration with 200+ elements for layout customization, and a Customizable header and menu section is available for niche-based WordPress blogs.

Features of OceanWP

  • OceanWP provides 7 customizable header layouts.
  • It uses global site layouts for blogs, archives, and single pages with typography settings.
  • Three mobile menus options are available with advanced styling.
  • It has WooCommerce features to build an online store.
  • Off-canvas filters are available to display products in different ways.
  • OceanWP is responsive to all mobile devices.

9. Newspaper Theme


Newspaper is one of the best speed blogging themes for WordPress. The newspaper theme has many features for the magazine, wooCommerce, and other community blogging. It is the best social media integration theme to engage the blog content with influencers. Moreover, it is the most useful theme for news, magazine, review, and publishing niches.

It is integrated with Instagram, bbPress, and BuddyPress, which helps to distribute content over the community. A newspaper theme provides many options for monetizing and marketing content online.

Features of Newspaper theme

  • It uses the tagDiv option builder to build a list for bloggers, journalists, and marketing agencies.
  • NewsPaper theme is a core web vitals ready best fast blogging theme in WordPress.
  • It uses a performance optimizer to improve the page speed.
  • 120+ starter templates are available for content publishing.
  • The newspaper theme has the best SEO options with a customizable header builder.

Wrapping Up The Best Fast Blogging Themes 2022

Wrapping up the best fast blogging themes in WordPress, it should have simple, customizable options for the header, menu, and footer as well. Multiple blog layouts should be available with best SEO practices, and the lightweight theme would be preferable with a responsive design for WordPress blogs.

In the above list, Most of the themes provide better page speed in WordPress blogging. The WPastra has clean source code with optimized HTML, CSS, and critical render-blocking Javascript removal. Moreover, a fully customizable blog page template makes WPAstra the best fast blogging theme 2022 for WordPress.

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