9 Strategies To Increase Project Delivery Success

Project failure has become so common lately. It is experienced in almost all fields, industries and sectors. It has also been documented several times that successfully delivering consistent projects is not such an easy task. The statistics regarding project delivery are not inspiring at all.

How To Get Victory In Project Delivery? 

It seems like most organizations are at the brink of losing the project battle. However, this should not be the case. Listed below are some key strategies that can help boost project delivery success.


1. Improve The Allocation Of Resources

How the resources are located indeed has a direct impact on the success of the project delivery. It is very important to synchronize various resources with the activities. This is so that these resources can get allocated to help in meeting the project needs. However, what do you think will take place if a project finds itself in trouble?

The most obvious action will be reallocating the resources as a way of getting things back to normal. While doing this will solve the problems temporarily, it will end up triggering other problems that will soon also need to be sorted out. It is good to allocate resources early in advance so that we don’t find ourselves in emergencies.

2. Make Quick And Efficient Response To Change

It is very important for project management planning, processes, and overall approaches to be entirely flexible. This is so that they can quickly accommodate any change requests that may come up.

What’s more, it is good to have a process in place for handling changes on the fly as this also helps in closing the gaps separating strategic decisions from the execution of the projects.

There are some pieces of software like CORS that can help you in making your organization ready for any changes. This software will help an organization to make quick and efficient responses to changes within the shortest time possible.

3. Come Up With A Flexible Portfolio Management Process

Apart from being an important factor in reducing business risk, it also helps in keeping projects appropriately resourced, organized and geared towards the right direction by coming up with a flexible portfolio management process. The portfolio management process needs to be consistent and repeatable, nimble and supported by sponsors for it to work on a long-term basis.

Having a flexible portfolio management process will help you come up with other ways that can help your project to succeed. This is as opposed to those others that have only fixed portfolio management processes that normally have no other place to fall back to should there be any failures.

4. Extend Collaboration

To create a shared vision and keep projects on track to ensure success, collaboration and open communication are important. When desperate teams somehow need to work in concert across an organization, this importance gets enhanced even further.

To be able to achieve this goal, it is very important to promote social collaboration within a given framework of project management. This will allow real-time sharing of information to drive performance, collaboration, results, achievement, and innovation.

5. Try The Portfolio Approach

By making use of the portfolio approach, an organization is quickly able to feel for the strengths and weaknesses of its project delivery. The entire projects and programmes will all then be measured to see how they are aligned to the strategy; they will be tracked for progress and will also get monitored for their benefits and quality.

When everything has been done using the portfolio approach, the chances of failure get minimized in the process.

This is because every project will be monitored from the start till the end. Failing to monitor projects is what normally leads to most of them not being successfully delivered. It is also important to confirm the alignment of the projects to enhance the chances of successful project delivery.

6. Know And Understand Your Project’s Purpose

Most people fail to deliver their projects successfully because they do not fully understand the purpose of the project.

You need to understand why your project is critical to the mission of your organization and how it fits the general strategic plan. Doing this is a key component to the success of your project delivery.

7. Clearly Define The Roles And Responsibilities Of Everyone

Take the case of a football team. For the team to be successful enough, every individual should know what he/she is supposed to do and stick to it. If any form of confusion is experienced, then the chances are that everything will fail. The same case applies when it comes to determining how successful project delivery will be.

Every stakeholder is normally tasked with playing a specific and key role when it comes to the management of the project. To succeed, one of the first steps that you need to carry out is defining the roles and responsibilities of each member.

8. Grasp Onto Reality

On most occasions, organizations will take on huge projects that normally make the stakeholders quite excited and anxious at the same time. For instance, building a new football field or opening a new branch of a retail brand in New York.

Under such situations, it becomes so easy to allow all the emotions and excitement to cloud our judgment. Such emotions, therefore, make it quite hard to come up with clear and realistic expectations for schedule, budget, and scope.

9. Utilize Your Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure normally is a representation of the hierarchical view of any given project. It should also give the details of the major deliverables that need to get completed in a format that is easy to view.

Most projects teams however normally don’t get the total value of their WBS. It will help you in completing estimates that are on the project schedule as well as estimating the duration that will be needed to get the project completed. That’s not all; it also helps in estimating the cost of the project as well as coming up with the budget.

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