10 Best Cloudways Alternatives That Are Reliable & Affordable in 2022


So, you are looking for the best Cloudways alternatives to buy the great hosting service for your business site or blog, right?

Here are the exact details that you are looking for! 

As I have been in the Blogosphere since 2008, I can tell you the right web hosting services that would offer the stress-free hosting experience. 

No doubt that the Cloud server hosting is the recent trend and I have given some helpful tips to buy the best cloud hosting provider for your site. 

Now, let’s get into the details! 

The Cloudways hosting is the best-managed clouding hosting for WordPress websites. A perfect hosting provider if you are looking for a reliable and affordable option. It is the best choice for both small as well as medium scale businesses.

In short, Cloudways is a complete package that includes all prominent features like security, upgrading, management, and development. It is light weighted and highly user-friendly.

However, it has a few downsides! What are they? 

Drawbacks Of Cloudways Managed Hosting

  • The cPanel is tricky, and it is not a cakewalk if you are using the shared hosting account. You need to have a little technical knowledge to get started.
  • Price is another drawback for Cloudways hosting, the infrastructure, and excellent features are nice, but it is a little pricey as compared to other prominent web hosting providers. Cloudways hosting is an affordable option but not a cheap one.
  • The storage is not cheap. If you are planning to scale up the server, you need to pay more for RAM and CPU.
  • Like other web-hosting providers, Cloudways does not provide free domain registration.
  • There is no mention of the direct email account in any of the hosting plans.

These might be the reasons for looking at the best Cloudways alternatives! Am I right?

Top 10 Hosting Services That I Recommend As Alternatives To Cloudways

Let’s look at the great replacements for Cloudways hosting providers so that you can choose the right one depends on your requirements. 

1. Templ Hosting (Best Cloudways Alternative)

Do you think that it is difficult to get a reliable cloud hosting like Cloudways? You’re wrong! I have an ideal Cloudways alternate to tweak your WordPress business site to the next level. Yes, it is Templ managed Google Cloud hosting provider.

Templ hosting has fantastic features and you never need to worry about handling the technical tasks and faults. It has specifically been built to supercharge the WordPress sites with better auto-scaling options.

The mission of this managed cloud hosting is to replace the insecure, slow hosting that would lead your site down at any time. Here, you will get peace of mind with the best quality and amazing support that are indeed essential for your business growth.

Best Features of Templ

  • While doing the free site migration, the support team makes your site load super fast by fixing the load time issues so that you can pass the core web vital assessments without any trouble.
  • All plans at Templ comes with free SSL and 1-click staging feature.
  • Through constant malware monitoring, 24 hours daily backup, and regular software updates, the security features are top-notch in this Google Cloud hosting partner.
  • With this managed hosting built for Woocommerce, it is easier to improve the performance and ranking of your online stores.
  • It has a default WebP conversion feature so that you can avoid installing a plugin for image optimization.
  • You can host several sites in one account and utilize the account sharing quality to work with your team members.
  • The customer support team contains skilled professionals to handle the potential technical glitches with the perfect solutions.

How Is Templ Hosting Better Than Cloudways?

Templ hosting offers a lightning-fast server along with the WordPress speed optimization service that would let your site play well in search engine ranking results.

Besides, its intelligent auto-scaling resource feature and dedicated support are superior to Cloudways hosting.

These are valid reasons for recommending Templ hosting for your WordPress business sites and eCommerce stores.

Check Templ.io Pricing

2. Kinsta 

No doubt! Kinsta is the best Cloudways alternative. Let me tell you some valid reasons so that you may get it without any second thought! You must know about their infrastructure, and yes, it is very different from the other types of hosting. 

Like Cloudways, Kinsta is the managed WordPress hosting service that takes care of all your site needs. Its dashboard will be your convenient location to handle everything with the help of the ideal tools.

Best Features of Kinsta managed hosting

  • Peace of mind – As they are taking care of every technicality, you can focus on your business growth. Never mind about security issues and downtime errors.
  • Customer support is their top priority. Thus, you can reach the experts whenever you face any difficulty. Also, they will do the site migration for free.
  •  You will get the Free SSL and CDN (Kinsta partnered with KeyCDN) to speed up your WordPress site, and hence you can perform well on search engine ranking results.
  • It has optimized WordPress stack to handle the high traffic spikes at ease.
  • Your site will be in a more secure environment because Kinsta has a handful of tools and policies for security.
  • They have data centers at 18 different locations around the globe and recently started its 19th center in Switzerland.
  • The starter plan of Kinsta is highly affordable with 5GB disk space. If you pay yearly, you can save $60 (2 Months Free)

Why Kinsta Than Cloudways?

Kinsta is a good substitute for Cloudways; the web hosting service comes with enterprise quality and robust features. Every pricing plan of Kinsta includes auto-scaling, resource isolation and optimized for high performance.

Check Kinsta Pricing

3. DreamHost

Well! If you can’t afford the Kinsta managed hosting, then which would be the best replacement for Cloudways hosting service?

It’s DreamHost Cloud! What are the cost and heck features does it have? Let me tell you some valid points about why should you get this cloud hosting service.

DreamHost is a well-known hosting provider that proudly hosts 1.5 million websites around the world. Its mission is to offer a vibrant platform for the people to share their digital content through the green hosting facility.

Exceptional features of DreamHost Cloud

  •  Cloud servers are ready for SSH in less than 30 seconds. Moreover, its next-gen SSD processors are super-fast and smart architecture with accelerated networks.
  •  You can change any part of your server through the Open stack compatible API requests via the command lines.
  • There is no limitation in the operating system and software versions. The servers can be based on Linux, BSD or Windows.
  •  When your business grows, the support team will help you migrate to the private cloud.
  •  The pricing plans are cheap and flexible with no confusing invoices.

Why DreamHost Than Cloudways?

The cloud hosting from DreamHost comes with friendly cPanel to manage subdomains, emails all at one place. A reliable alternate for Cloudways with free Bandwidth.

Check DreamHost Cloud Pricing

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a popular web hosting provider that is loaded with brilliant features to improve the overall website performance even during high traffic. It helps the WordPress website to grab top google ranking and drive organic traffic.

InMotion is the final destination if you are searching for an affordable and seamless hosting provider with good uptime and excellent features. The DDoS defense protection makes it one of the best Cloudways alternatives. 

Best Features Of InMotion

  • The downtime is extremely low. This web hosting generated three copies of data to ensure zero data loss.
  • The overall bounce rate is also less as InMotion follows reverse proxy caching.
  • The SSD VPN servers make the page loading speed turbo fast.
  • An affordable web hosting provider with RAM availability to manage the sudden traffic hike.
  • It comes with a resource monitoring dashboard to keep a tab.

Why InMotion Than Cloudways?

High availability and enterprise security are the two main reasons that make InMotion cloud hosting superior to Cloudways managed hosting. 

Check InMotion Cloud Pricing

5. FastComet

FastComet is another excellent option for those who are bound to work on the budget. It comes with incredible features and caters to happy customers globally. The pricing is the most significant advantage of FastComet.

Apart from the price, security is another decisive factor about FastComet; the optimized firewall safeguards the apps and websites from spammers and malware. When the likes of FastComet and HostGator get compared, you can understand how good FastComet in terms of speed, uptime, and customer support at some really affordable pricing.

Best Features Of FastComet

  • The cPanel and Softaculous is the most significant merit of FastComet hosting.
  • Free website migration and access to unlimited FTP accounts.
  • It provides daily backups to avoid loss of data and critical information.
  • The budget-friendly plans make FastComet the first choice.
  • Features like one-click management, free DND, DDL certification are added highlights.

Why Fastcomet Than Cloudways?

FastComet is one of the recommended alternatives for Cloudways as the plans do not pinch your pockets. The uptime has always been almost 100%; you don’t need to worry anymore about the downtime. It makes use of several right practices to provide high page loading speed.

Check FastComet Cloud Pricing

6. HostGator Cloud

HostGator Cloud is the best alternative for Cloudways. This web hosting is highly efficient, affordable, and fast. The website functions seamlessly, and you can expand the resources as per the traffic.

Moreover, HostGator Cloud has an impressive uptime; you don’t need to worry about website crashes. The cPanel is easy to work and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to get started. The technical support team is prompt and gets backs to your query as soon as possible.

Best Features Of HostGator Cloud

  • The high page loading speed is one of the best features. The loading is two times faster, and it turbocharges the website.
  • The overall uptime rating of HostGator Cloud is 100%, in addition to it, there are automatic updates to detect and remove spammers, malware, and viruses.
  • The migration is super easy and working on cPanel is a cakewalk, this makes HostGator Cloud the best alternative of Cloudways.
  • HostGator Cloud tops the chart when it comes to budget web hosting providers. You can explore insanely cheap web hosting plans for your website.
  • The technical support team is highly responsive. They can be reached around the clock via call, email, and even live chat.

Why Hostgator Cloud Than Cloudways? 

HostGator makes the perfect substitute for Cloudways as it offers clear hosting plans and is also easy on the pocket. 

Check HostGator Cloud Pricing

7. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a popular cloud platform that makes the development, management, and scaling of websites quick and effective. The responsive customer care team can be reached on live chat in a couple of minutes. Moreover, there is no need to explore learning curves to understand the control panel.

It is a robust web hosting which promises 99.9 % uptime for all the websites. This hosting is loaded with brilliant features and is considered as the simple and best cloud hosting choice and hence it is considered as one of the excellent Cloudways alternatives that take your site performance to the next level. 

Best Features Of DigitalOcean

  • DigitalOcean comes with excellent infrastructure that includes solid-state drives and global image transfer feature.
  • You can also quickly scale up and scale down based on the traffic and demand on the website.
  • It provides regular backup to ensure complete data protection.
  • The DigitalOcean provides real-time alerts due to the critical issue in your step up.
  • It comes with a one-click installation, which makes overall website management extremely easy.

Why Digital Ocean Than Cloudways? 

DigitalOcean works as an excellent replacement for Cloudways. The low-priced product and high performance make it the best choice to grow business smoothly.

Check DigitalOcean Pricing

8. Hostinger

Hostinger offers a fast, stable, and reliable hosting services at a very low price. The hosting plans are optimized for WordPress and come with drag and drop options to manage the website efficiently.

You can initiate a weekly or daily backup to ensure compete for data safety. When it comes to excellent uptime and speed, Hostinger is a trusted cloud-based platform.

Best Features Of Hostinger

  • The Hostinger cloud hosting offers customized cPanel to manage all the resources and services efficiently.
  • Provides complete control over all the resource and IP. There are frequent updates to make it more efficient web hosting.
  • Hostinger provides a complete backup of files and database ready to rule out data loss.
  • Hostinger offers initial setup and activation, which means you can get started in no time.
  • Hosting comes with build-in cache management to boost the search engine ranking and overall website speed.

Why Hostinger Than Cloudways? 

If you are looking for a low priced Cloudways alternatives, Hostinger is the best choice. The responsive customer care team provides an instant solution to your queries. Moreover, you can quickly start with interactive cPanel and securely provide access to others.

Check Hostinger Cloud Pricing

9. Interserver

When it comes to a brilliant web hosting provider with an easy to use control panel and unlimited storage, Interserver is a reliable name that provides reboot free updates; now you can always reboot the updated version without worrying about the work interruption.

Interserver comes with instant setup options and high performing network. Moreover, you can also monitor the uptime of your website.

Best Features Of Interserver

  • Excellent infrastructure with brilliant features.
  • This web hosting comes with monthly pricing, and you can cancel at any time if you are not happy with the overall performance.
  • Easy to manage cPanel to manage the resources and website effectively.
    The 24/7 tech support team is highly responsive and can be reached via live chat, phone, tickets, and email.

Why Interserver Than Cloudways? 

Interserver is any day the best alternative for Cloudways if you are searching for high performing and affordable hosting solutions for your business website. The Manageable cPanel is the biggest highlight.

Check Interserver Cloud Pricing

10. Flywheel

GetFlywheel is a brilliant web hosting that helps even a non-technical person to create beautiful sites for their business. It is a scalable, resilient, and robust web hosting that is loaded with brilliant features.

The expert team can be reached via chats day and night. You can keep a check about the ticket status via advanced in the app — an affordable web hosting provider with great features.

Best Features Of GetFlywheel

  • Incredible infrastructure to improve the overall performance of a website.
  • Lightning-fast workflow and user-friendliness.
  • The flywheel comes with the SFTP server to manage and access the site in a single place via secured login.
  • No cPanel, the simple dashboard makes managing everything efficient and straightforward.
  • Free SSL certification to keep the site and data secure.

Why Flywheel Than Cloudways? 

Anyway, the flywheel is a credible web hosting provider if you are a non-technical person. It is one of the most trusted Cloudways substitutes as they both have similar features except hassle-free cPanel to manage and maintain everything in one place.

Check GetFlywheel Pricing

Wrapping Up The Cloudways Alternatives 2022

With Cloudways web hosting you can get access to a user-friendly interface, centralized system, and excellent features by paying an affordable price. It is one of the prominent choices if you are searching for a reliable web hosting provider.

However, it has some downsides like No domain Registration, No Free email service, No traditional cPanel, and No affordable pricing plans for the startup. So, you might be searching for the best Cloudways alternatives.

I have listed some reliable Cloudways substitutes at budget-friendly rates, and hope any of the hosting services would meet your needs. I highly recommend Templ hosting as one of the best Cloudways alternatives through which you can take your site to a new height.


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