Useful and Popular Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

I’ve consolidated some useful and popular chrome extensions for bloggers to perform blogging in a better way. 

Google Chrome is my favorite browser for the past 6 months as it helps me to do easy blogging. Previously I’ve used Mozilla Firefox, but the extraordinary extensions available in Google Chrome made me switch over to it. Not only for me, it is the best browser choice of many people and bloggers as it is stable with immense speed.

Most of the internet users are bloggers and they need to write, read, share and speak about their interests. They have the day job too and so they want to finish their activities earlier and efficient manner. The Google chrome extensions are simple & cool and it is easy to install by clicking a single button. Here are some of the useful and popular Google Chrome extensions for bloggers to improve their productivity.

Useful Google Chrome Extensions for bloggers

1. SEO for Chrome

This is an excellent extension of Google chrome which helps the bloggers to know the statistics of social media websites, traffic, organic search, page indexed, backlinks and other stats related to traffic of the viewing web page. Containing keyword research tool and highlighting no follow links are its other features.
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It is a task management extension which helps to create to do list and manage them online from anywhere. It assists to organize the tasks into projects and sub-projects. Due date to complete the tasks will be assigned and it will pop-up into today list as due dates approach.
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3. Socialbro

This extension is twitter based which is used to manage and analyze the twitter community. The bloggers can have a deep understanding about their twitter followers by searching & downloading the twitter followers and scanning them regularly. It also checks the frequency posts of each user, provides various results and finds the best time to tweet the posts.
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4. Add this – Share and Bookmark

It is a good sharing extension of Google Chrome. This allows the bloggers to share, bookmark and print the pages instantly. Sharing is fast and easy to do whenever they like without slowing down the Chrome.
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Popular Chrome Add-ons To Perform Blogging

1. Zemanta

This awesome extension permits the bloggers to connect with other blogs and enhances their blog posts. It recommends the useful stuff for the bloggers while they write and allows enriching their own content.
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2. ScribeFire

This is a simple and popular Chrome interface which let the bloggers post and to manage the blog posts. They can edit, update, and schedule the blog posts along with an option of uploading the images.
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3. SEO status Pagerank/Alexa toolbar

This is very fast and lightweight Chrome interface shows the PR rank and Alexa rank of every website visited. Using this will improve the Alexa rank and when it is clicked it shows the additional information like backlinks, domain details etc.
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4. Shareaholic

Using this Chrome extension, the bloggers can share their interesting web pages easily to all the social media websites. It saves time and boosts the productivity of the bloggers.
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Other Blogging Extensions Of Google Chrome

1. WordPress comment notifier

This notifies the bloggers about the new pending comments in their WordPress blog.

2. RSS feed reader

It supports the bloggers to get a simple overview of their RSS and Atomic feeds in the toolbar.

3. Google dictionary

This can be used by the bloggers to view definitions easily while they browse the web

4. Buffer

Bloggers can use this extension to share great content and to publish their updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


I hope that these Chrome Add-ons would help the bloggers to keep their work organized and focused. Install these Google Chrome extensions to do an enhanced blogging and save your time.

Are you using any Google chrome extensions for blogging? Share your favorite or missed useful chrome add-ons for bloggers. 

18 thoughts on “Useful and Popular Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers”

  1. Excellent effort Nirmala ji. It’s great pleasure to see almost all most wanted extensions for bloggers in a single piece of paper. Good job.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for the appreciation comment. I wanna present basic and useful information for my readers. Glad about your visit here, keep coming!

  2. Hi Nirmala,

    This is an awesome collection of useful and popular chrome extensions for any blogger – wonderful indeed. 🙂

    While I do use some of them, I need to check out the others and might add them as well.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice day and great weekend 🙂

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Am really glad about your visit Harleena! Thanks for your appreciation comment. It inspires me to write more 😛

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Glad with your visit here Atish! Many thanks 😛

      Also nice to hear that you are using some of the above mentioned Google Chrome extensions!

  3. As a Techfreak I hate to work on Google Chrome but now I am loving to work on Google chrome as a Blogger due these awesome collections of chrome extensions.Thanks for the great collections.

    1. Hi Sai krishna,

      Thanks for your comment and it is nice to hear that working on Google chrome because of its extensions.

      Yes, the chrome extensions are awesome!

      Thanks for sharing your experience, keep visiting here 🙂

  4. Though this is an old post but still very informative and really few nice collection Nirmala 🙂

    I’ve added couple of them in my chrome. Thanks for sharing !!


  5. Nice list Nirmala! May we also suggest our Atomic App for Chrome which helps writers enhance their story and improve the way they write specifically for their digital audience during the editorial process. We’re changing the way people tell their stories.

    Check us out, I think it’d be really helpful for you and your audience!

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