15 Genuine Work At Home Companies To Make Income

Which companies are hiring to work online from home? I often received this question from my regular visitors and thus I’ve decided to gather some real companies that hire home workers.

Are you looking for the same information that I’m going to discuss? If so, you may get a huge list of work at home companies that offer real working from home jobs in this post.

With the increase in prices of commodities and goods, more and more people are looking for an additional job to make money online.

It’s hard to fulfill all the obligations through a single job itself. For this reason, it is recommended to undertake a second job and most preferably a job that can be carried out from home.

Work from home online becomes a great option if you are looking for some additional income. There are various companies that avail work at home opportunities and hire you based on your skills.

Now, check the following legitimate companies that will pay you to work from home.

Earn Money From Real Work At Home Companies

Following are the few reliable work at home companies that would let people work at flexible timings.

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If you feel writing is precisely meant for you, you can try this out. About.com is a top U.S. company offers guides on many topics. They are in search of authoritative writers. You can search the web for them.

I am sure that you will end- up in a good impression. The advantageous feature is the payment. They respect the effort of us by paying a good amount.

There are various categories available for Automobile, Education, Entertainment, Money, Travel and Tech.


This is a perfect choice for those who are looking forward to work from home. This work at home company is providing impressive features that one will die to apply for them.

They don’t force the employees to work for their comfort. We can schedule our comfortable hours for work. Usually, they pay per hour. Payment is done bi-weekly (means once in two weeks).

They are encouraging freelancers with bonuses and commissions. Don’t hesitate to try if you are dreaming about Laptop Lifestyle.


This is not exactly work from home company. Astonished? They want full-time employees. Then why did I include it here? They allow us to work from home. They have branches all over the world (California, Texas, New York, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Iceland, Bulgaria, Australia, and more).

Various work at home opportunities are available for us to start building our empire. They want us to work in coding field like Mobile Developer, Javascript Engineer, Theme Wrangler, etc.


This is another U.S. company that is working with clients to help them improve customer experience. According to their website, they are interacting with more than 3.5 million customers, in 51 different languages daily.

Being a large company, it will be a useful experience for us to work with them. They have an attractive feature. Guess what? We can search for our nearby locations. They also have a career portal to help us to join with them.


Lovetoknow.com is a resource providing website majorly centers around the topic related to women. They want professionals who can work at home online. So this is an excellent choice for freelance workers, especially fashion, and beauty bloggers.

Being a popular virtual workplace environment, they pay you decent amount for the amount you take. Lovetoknow.com hires employees on a contract basis.

As of now, they want writers and digital artist/ image specialists. They only want quality.


Zapier is an online company started before three years that help people automate the boring and tedious parts of their jobs. It has team members across the world and need smart, hard-working individuals with specific skills.

Thier primary aim is to empower the businesses with exact tools. Even Though, this company don’t currently have open positions, you may get in touch with them to get your dream job.  


PeopleG2 is a platform to help employers. According to them, “PeopleG2 offers proven, scalable, high-impact and legally defensible business solutions for companies”. There are many successful customers for them.

So we can trust them with no doubt. PeopleG2 provides autonomy to their workers. Don’t hesitate to prepare your resume, because they want your resume to be mailed.


Convergys is one of the best work at home companies which is a leading customer management solutions for companies around the world. This 30-years old company is looking for the motivated individuals to work from home.

If you’re a confident and energetic person who great on the phone with a passion for making your customer smile, then you may join here to work at the call center from the comfort of your home.


Verafast specifies themselves as Pioneers in customer relations and data. They never charge a fee from us to be included on their team. Currently, they have an online work from home opportunity.

Verafast is now in search for Customer Service Representative. They require not much but good communication skills.


Do you like to teach? Or are you an expert in making others understand complicated things? Then you can be a good teacher. There will be no students in front. So you can say things freely.

Homeworktutoring helps you be an online tutor. A webcam and instant messaging software are the musts. They also want people who are willing to assist pupils to do their homework. Attractive profession ahead. Just send your CV to them.


Advisetech is a strategic IT network solutions provider. They are also willing to give you work from home opportunities. Advisetech has part- time as well as full-time job offers.

For part-time jobs, they are looking for retired employees and college students who have about 2- 6 hours to do work.

This provider also needs your resume to be sent via email or the form given on their website.


If you are a native of North America, U-Haul is perfect for you. Most of the jobs they are offering is as sales or service agents. Fluency in English speaking is must. Apart from that they have some other requirements such as,

  • Have your own USB headset
  • Upload and Download internet speeds of 2MB or greater.
  • PC or laptop that meets the following requirements:
    * Windows XP, Vista 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 7 or 8 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
    * 5GB hard disc space available (or greater)
    * Pentium 4 or higher processor
    * Network card
    * 2GB RAM
    * Anti-virus software


10up.com is a content management company who provides services on web designing, WordPress and online content management tools. This company make us publish our content effortlessly. If you are familiar with content management, you can apply for them and earn a living.

They have Open Positions like Web Engineer, Design Engineer, Systems Administrator, Designer and much more. WordPress and PHP engineering, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, and Linux DevOps skills are a bonus if you choose them.


Do you know who a Virtual Assistant aka VA is? VA is a person who does our routine jobs like checking emails, replying to them and data entry works from a remote place via online. Worldwide101 is a website that provides work from home careers for us. 

I think this is the perfect job for anyone who simply knows how to operate a computer and internet. This job needs no technical requirements like others.


Sitel.com is a part of Sitel Corporation. This one also offers legit work at home jobs to be associates or assistants. On the left panel, we can choose our location and select the works from our country.

It’s a great feature in my view. Be surprised to know that they even support regional languages (Like Tamil). They usually provide BPO (Business Process outsourcing jobs).

Final Words

Our economy is changing at an unbelievable rate and many jobs are being rationalized. But new job opportunities are exploding through internet and thus online jobs work from home are becoming popular now.

Some people think that the home-based careers are just a scam! But I’d say they they are wrong! The above listed companies will either hire you as an employee or a contractor to work part-time or full-time from the comfort of home.


I’ve done a deep research to gather some legitimate companies that require home workers, but I cannot guarantee that they are hiring at this time and providing employment opportunity now.

So, what do you think about these legitimate work at home companies? Would you like to make money through work from home opportunities? Share your thought in the comment section.

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