7 Admirable Hobbies That Make Money From Home

This post explains the hobbies that make money online in their spare time. All of us have a hobby, but do you ever think that it is possible to make money from it?

The Internet has opened so many ways for people to make money and thus no matter what your hobbies are! 

You might ask how your hobby could make money and I would say that you have to practice your skill and should follow some ground rules to make money with your hobbies.

These are great ideas, especially if you are retired at home. For more finance tips like these, check out BoomerBuyerGuides.com

Before getting into the detailed discussion of various hobbies that pay, let me tell you some ground rules to follow so that you would get succeed in making money with your hobbies.

4 Ground Rules To make Money With Hobbies

Following some basic rules would let your hobbies make money at home. 

1. Think positive and creative

Not only to earn money, but positive thinking is also essential to get a successful life. So, think positively that you could earn with your simple hobbies. Creative thinking is also important in making money online and thus start to think outside the box. I’m sure that you’ll be having some skills that others don’t! Try to find them, add your inventiveness, and start making income.

2. sharpen your skills

Just now I’ve told that most of us have some extraordinary talents by nature and just sharpen them by regular practice. If you got practiced to do anything, you’ll be perfect and quick. So spend more time and energy on your hobbies to become better and hence you’ll be earning some dough effortlessly.

3. Develop marketing skills

To make a regular online income, you need clients. People should know your skills and so, do not feel shy to tell about your money-making hobbies to your friends and relatives. The main thing I wanna insist you is that you should not underestimate yourself. Otherwise, you would feel uncomfortable in self-promotion.

4. Do it with fun

Doing any activity with enjoyment would yield a good result and, therefore, apply some resourcefulness to your hobbies and do them with fun to make money. Do not force them to get the maximum result. Instead, involve yourself in new tools/equipment and perform them with excitement.

Best Hobbies That Can Pay Off 

Here is a list of hobbies that can make you money at home.

Money Making Hobbies

1. Writing

Writing is my favorite hobby and I’m making money with it. I’ve created a blog to share my knowledge and monetized it in several ways. I used to write for my clients to progress my scripting skill and thus I would say that writing is one of the top money-making hobbies. 

If you too have a great passion for writing, you can make money by offering your writing service in the form of article writing, essay writing, technical writing, writing for blogs & websites, and so on to the required patrons.

Writing is the fastest way to make money and thus you may create a blog like me to write your fascinating topics on it. Or you may check the freelance writing websites to work as a freelance writer.

2. Tutoring

If you’re looking to make some extra money with your teaching hobby, then you may join as an online tutor to show your expertise in a particular subject.

Many families are in search of flexible teaching methods in a friendly and supportive manner for their children and thus they approach online tutors. Even if you have no earlier experience in teaching, you can join the online tutoring website like Tutor.com that requires only a college degree.

Work from home on your own schedules, reaching large clients with little effort, and utilizing cool tech gadgets to teach the students are the major advantages of online tutoring. If you wanna get in-depth information about this matter, you may check my guidelines to make money with online tutoring jobs.

3. Gaming

Hobbies are fun! Wouldn’t be nice if your gaming hobbies would let you earn money? Lovely isn’t it? The gaming industry is evolving fast and you can try some new games to write reviews about them.

You can also create a game blog to write down the reviews of some exciting games and earn money through advertising & affiliate programs.

Developing an online game account and selling it at a good price is also a genuine way of making cash with online games. Some companies need people to test and find out the errors in new games and hence you could earn residual income as a game tester.

Moreover, you can get paid for playing online games through the gaming sites like Pogo, Worldwinner or Paidgameplayer.

4. Photography

Photography is one of the best hobbies to make money and many people are earning a decent income by selling their images on photo stock websites like Gettyimages, Shutterstock, etc.

If you’re a person with a creative eye, virtual thoughts, and considering photography as your major hobby, you could get money with your amazing pictures.

There are different ways with which you could turn your photography hobby into a lucrative business and you may undergo my comprehensive guide on How to make money from photography online? After reading it, you’ll come to know that it is more likely to make a steady income with your photography skill.

Use the good quality professional camera, shoot high-resolution unique pictures to be used by websites and generate huge revenue with them.

5. Couponing

Online coupon websites are continuing to gain popularity as more people are interested in discounted coupons and vouchers to bring down their daily expenditure.

If you have the hobby to shop online, you can register on some online couponing sites and the manufacturers will send you the free coupons through the mail. These coupons might not be important to you and, therefore, you can sell them on eBay.

Do not register on sites that ask you to pay a fee to receive free coupons as those are scams. Some coupon websites offer affiliate programs where you can earn money by referring other people. You may check the websites like RetailMeNot, Coupounsurfer, or Couponcraze to make money with couponing.

If you have a smartphone, then you can install the Apps like ibotta, Endorse, or Savingstar to earn money with your shopping hobby.

6. Art and crafting

If you’re blessed to create arts and crafts with your own ideas or you’ve learned this ability at your younger age, then why not try to earn money from this hobby?

You could find sure-fire ways to make money online by selling your creative products. You may try with Etsy, Artfire or Bonanza to sell your hand-made items at a sensible price without leaving the comfort of your home.

Saving overhead costs and reaching wider potential customers is the main advantage of selling your innovative products here. If you have unique fine art & craft products, it will entice the clients to buy them.

7. Cooking

Cooking is the one of fun hobbies that make money with your ground-breaking ideas. I do agree that cooking is a regular activity! But some people are obsessed with cooking and hence they start treating it as a hobby.

If you’re the one who enjoys cooking by trying out various recipes with spicy ingredients, it is more likely to earn with your food preparing hobby.

For this, you need to market your ability in preparing new tasty foods at exact places. Here are a few ideas to do so

1. Take cookery classes through Skype.

2. Write down your rules of preparing various foods and menus and sell it as eBooks.

3. Create a blog to share your cooking knowledge and sell your recipes.

4. Approach article websites like Squidoo, Triond, and Helium to submit your cooking formula as a piece of writing.

5. Look for cooking contests on the website like Cookingcontestcentral to win the cash prices.


You get fun with your hobbies, am I right? If you turn your hobby into a business or profitable hobby, then? It would be really pleasant and help you to relax in the high-stress world.

As the web has plenty of earning opportunities, anyone can start earning income at home with these money-making hobby ideas. Engaging in a hobby would result in gaining knowledge, experience and of course Money!!!

I’ve discussed some of the best hobbies that make you money from the web. When you love what you work becomes a passion and you’ll get succeed in that profession easily. Like the same, adding ingenuity to your hobby would let you turn it into a lucrative business. 

So, what is your opinion about the list of hobbies that make money online? What hobby do you have that could bring you some online money? Share your experiences/thoughts through comments. 

46 thoughts on “7 Admirable Hobbies That Make Money From Home”

  1. This post gave me lots of positive thinking in me. All i have to do is channelize my thoughts and do all those “4 ground rules”.


    1. Hi Selva,

      Following some basic rules to make money is very essential and put your smart work too. Let me know your experiences after you get succeed with hobbies that pay.

      Thanks for reading my post, stay tuned!

  2. Hi Nirmala Mam,

    First of all, I would like to say thank you to share such wonderful post with all of us. Everyone has money making hobby now a days since we are living online world where lot of opportunities to earn money by our hobby. In starting, I do blogging only for sharing useful info just want to help newbie. During this time some one tell me you can earn lot of money by your blog just doing regular work on your blog and now I am earning lot of money using my blogging hobby. You have shared some good resources for everyone who has different hobby. It is very useful post to all.

    Thanks again 🙂

    Jyoti Chauhan

    1. Good to know that you’re earning money with your hobby Jyoti. Yes, it is easy to make money online by doing the tasks which we love.

      Thanks for adding your comment by sharing your experience, keep visiting 🙂

  3. Hi Nirmala
    This seems to be (and surely it is) a win win situation where you keep enjoying your hobby and the flavor of happiness doubles if you also earn money with it.
    The first hobby itself is one of the biggest sources of earning online. A writer with a little knowledge of writing online can earn huge money online if he registers himself in various freelancing sites and develops his social media profile.
    The last hobby is very interesting you mentioned a very unique way of conducting cooking classes with skype. It can be a great help for those also who want to learn cooking without moving to any institute.
    The way you conceived the idea of this post itself is a proof that money can be earned online if out-of-box thinking is applied to do this.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post that does have lot of value.

    1. Yes, you are very exact Mi Muba. I’m enjoying blogging and my earning potential with it.

      Writers are making a lot of money online and hence I listed it in top. I know that the people with average writing skill are earning a decent online income.

      Most of the homemakers are excellent in cooking and they do have free time at home. But they might not be aware of the money-making ways with cooking. So, I’ve consolidated some tips here. But thinking to write a detailed post on it.

      I’m happy with your interest in leaving comment on my blog with appreciation Mi Muba, thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Nirmala Mam
    Thank you for a nice explain. I really interest in hobbies number 2 so much because i like to write tutorial in my blog for my visitor. I also interest in Hobbies number 1 too, but i don’t like to writing much. BTW thank for the post.

  5. Dear Madam,
    Really a very detailed and helpful post.
    Will follow your tips while writing the posts. But I’ve experienced it’s not so easy to earn from the blog. My Google AdSense is still under review though my blog is 1 year old.
    Madam , I think you forgot to mention one more hobby 🙂 i.e sewing.

    1. Hi Gurmeet,

      I appreciate your comment and thanks for sharing your views. But one thing you should have it in mind is that, there are many ways to earn with a blog. Don’t rely on Adsense alone! Just grow your blog by adding valuable stuffs and do network with other bloggers. I’m sure that the money will follow you. Its a true experience!

      I Think that the hobby of sewing will come under the art & craft category, so that you may sell your hand-made sewing products at the websites which I’ve provided in the post.

  6. Hi Nirmala Ma’m,

    Thanks for this informative post. I had few common hobbies you mentioned out in your post. But didn’t knew that I could monetize it out and earn money.

    Hope to make money soon.


    1. Hey Sayantan,

      You’re welcome here after winning the giveaway 😀

      Glad to hear that you’re having some hobbies which I’ve listed in this post and my wishes to make regular online income with them. Keep coming 🙂

  7. Yes, there are many excellent hobbies or passions that can be used to make money from the home. What matters is that the individual should develop a mindset capable of turning these passions to business. A business mindset is needed for success even when we work from the home.

    I agree with the list of hobbies discussed here. Nevertheless, my best takeaways is the reminder of the ground rules needed to be followed to make money from home. The rule of developing marketing skill is pretty relevant!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

    1. Thanks for upvoting my post Sunday 🙂

      Yes, I am agreeing with your concepts of making money with hobbies. Even though, I work from home and I do work with business mindset as you told. But yet to reach the success 🙂

      Thanks for adding your valuable comment Sunday 🙂

  8. Hi Nirmala,
    You have posted a value added post.
    Yep all the hobbies that you have mentioned here are really helpful to making money from home.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep posting

  9. Hi Nirmala Ma’m,

    This is my first comment in mymagicfundas.com. Thanks for sharing this 7 best hobby wise money making opportunity list. Those 4 ground rules are very important to make money from online. BTW I’m going to join mymagicfundas family to learn more from you. Happy blogging. 

  10. Hi Nirmala Ji
    I am very very appreciate with your kind words in the article. I really the 2 points of this article that is #1. Think positive & Creative and the 2nd one is Sharpen your skills. Actually we should not only think positive while making money only from blogging. Thinking positive shows the limit of your patience and your hard work. When we will start thinking positive then we will never fear to any problem. Even that positive thinking will help us to overcome that problem immediately. Creativity is the most important quality which every blogger should have because In blogging without having creative, we can’t think about new & unique ideas. If we are really creative then we don’t need to take help from others while finding the solution for any problem because we are creative and we will must think creatively that what should be the solution of this problem so that we can finish it as soon as we can. 😀
    As you already know that practice makes perfect. Right???
    So it’s a fact that If we will sharpen our skills then we can definitely make us perfect in that work. so Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us. TAKE CARE & HAPPY BLOGGING 😀

    1. Hi Chetan,

      Thanks for adding your long comment here and its good to read your views. Yes, positive and creating thinking is essential to make money online. Glad you liked this post, happy blogging for you too.

  11. Hi Nirmala

    Great share about making money the list which you have mentioned really working one.If people find the right direction on these source sure they can find the way to make money.Moreover if you saw on this internet world people would have started the blog as an hobby but later its become there primary money making source.Between enjoyed reading your post

    1. Hey Shameem,

      Happy to see you after long and nice to read your money making thoughts. What you’re saying is exactly true, many people have started to earn income from blogging hobby. Many thanks for taking time to leave your views, keep doing it 🙂

  12. Hello Madam Nirmala,

    I was very much interested in those 4 ground rules you shared. Thinking positive and being creative are what matters the most in one’s quest of making online but unfortunately many are of low self esteem and always filled with negative thoughts as in not good enough mantra.
    I for instance is going to take freelancing really serious of late. Thanks for this.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      I already read your comment in Kingged and replied over there. Thanks for sharing your opinion here too. Yes, people with negative thoughts will certainly struggle to make online income and hence I’ve included the ground rules in the beginning of the post.

  13. Writing is the first thing that I can do , and find it interesting. I remember my first blog which I wrote. It was my way to let my feelings on words. I never thought or wished to earn via writing, and now I do it to grow myself, as a therapy, to help others and also earn some cash.

    I loved your post, this will help many see things little differently, internet has developed and now almost anything can be taken online.

    Cooking classes via Skype or tutoring is something traditionally done at home, now one can do the same with a twist to earn money online.

    The surprise for me was the gaming one, I never thought one can earn nice cash via playing. Many people tend to play for very long all day. One just needs to forget about the money part, to come it as a surprise when they win the money.

    I am soon going to go and upload some nice photos, to share it on the internet and if I am lucky, I will earn some money.

    It’s like a magic for many, hobbies prior reading this post, now have transformed into a profitable hobby. A beautiful post, loved it. Anyway, I found this on Kingged.

    1. Thanks for leaving a long comment Rohan Bhardwaj and I’m agreeing with all your thoughts. Yes, one can make money by playing games through different ways and I’ve decided to write a comprehensive post on it. So, that the people will able to get some reliable earning sources with online games.

      Yeah, I checked your comment in Kingged and replied you there. Thanks again for your presence 🙂

  14. Hi Nirmala,
    This is a good post. I love reading other people’s ideas on making money, and I think making money doing something you love is a great way to make extra income, or full time income. I personally love writing, but why stop there. I love to learn and I plan on learning as much as I can in this life. I may even learn to cook more. By the time I’m thirty I will have so many hobbies hahaha. The more I know the more I can be creative as well.

  15. Hi Lawrence,

    I enjoyed reading your comment and good to know about you & your hobbies. Learning new things would let us to expose our skill in some places and hence it is possible to earn some dough with it. Glad you’re learning the useful stuffs and my best regards to make profits with it.

    I’m delighted with your presence, keep visiting to add your valuable views.

  16. Hi, Nirmala! I must say that this is indeed a good blog post from you. 🙂

    I’ve known many people who earn money because of their passion and dedication in work. Some are loving what they do and doing what they love as they make money, just like @cheryschmidt. And as for me, that’s the real essence of working. You work not just to earn money, but also to enjoy what you are doing.

    That’s why it’s fascinating to know that you can actually make some real cash through your hobbies.

    Photography, arts and craft, as well as cooking have been the top hobbies I do at home. I’m not really good in cooking, I just like to cook and that’s it. So I think it will going to be the photography or the arts and crafts that will be a source of income for me.

    For now, I’m earning money online through writing and I can rest assured to all of you that it is beneficial and profitable enough. Just remember that with the right approach, along with the four ground rules given above, you’ll surely rock on. 🙂

    Thanks for the post! 🙂

    I’ve found this article shared on Kingged.com and leave the same comment there.

    1. Hi Pauleen,

      Thanks for including your comment here and glad to know that you’ve found this post through Kingged.com.

      It’s good to know your various hobbies and yes, it is more likely to earn huge cash through our hobbies by doing them with dedication and passion.

      Yeah, following the ground rules are most important to generate a steady online income and hence I’ve insisted my readers to follow them.

      Thanks for your praising words, keep coming 🙂

  17. whenever i visit your blog i learn a new thing regarding usage of technology in our life ,in this post i learned how to make money by simply sitting at home .i don’t know some of the things you mentioned above. i will definitely try those in coming days to earn money.thank you so much for your post madam..

  18. You’re welcome Harish!

    Internet has variety of opportunities to earn from home and I’ve listed some of them here to make money with our hobbies. I’m delighted that you’re finding my posts useful, stay tuned.

  19. Hello Nirmala Ji,
    Its really an extraordinary post, I wish my Wife would read this post and give me more attention its because I am a full time Freelance writer as well as doing Multiple works like Story Writing and Copywriting… After Marriage I feel like I don’t have any value because Its very hard to Understood others specially Girls about Online Freelancing Work Specially Blogging…

    Thanks for Sharing Such a Wonderful Post.

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Thanks for sharing your experience Narayan.

      Girls will get a lot of responsibilities after marriage and thus most of them shows less interest to do make money at spare time. Good to know your passion in writing, keep showing your presence to grab more money making ideas.

  20. Hi Nirmala,

    Nice to check out this list of money making ideas. I knew and really work on writing to make money from home but was not aware of the cooking and gaming. The fact that these are generally passions of many people which further boosts them to give an income is what makes making money from these even more lovely.

    Now, I am making full-time living online, though not fully from my blog yet (I have to work more and more on it though! 🙂 ), but 90% from providing freelancing services to others. So, making money online is evolving in India.


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Mainak,

      Good to know that you’re making residual income from your writing skill. Freelancing is a good choice to earn at home, it would progress our skills as well.

      Thanks for leaving your viewpoints, stay tuned!

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