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Web Hosting plays a significant role in the performance of a blog and thus I took a nice opportunity to write A Small Orange review as I’m its existing user.

Every passionate blogger and digital marketer knows the importance of buying a reliable web hosting service provider for their site. Yes, the hosting service that you choose would play a pivotal role in the success of your site.

If you pick an unreliable web host, then it would nudge you to face security threats, negative SEO impacts due to slow loading site & frequent server down, no backup, revenue loss and much more.

While choosing a web hosting company for your site, you should consider looking at several aspects like Server Uptime, Data transfer capability, Easy to use control panel, Specialities & Add-ons, Customer Reviews, Security features, Multiple domains hosting options, Refund and Renewal policies.

In this post, I would like to explain the features and pricing plans of ASO so that you could understand its spirit in serving the best service for its users. You may also utilize the best hosting service provider to pick the ideal one for your business site. 

A Small Orange – Introduction

A Small Orange (ASO) is an excellent hosting company that successfully served thousands of customers around the world until now. It has been established in the year 2003 to offer dynamic hosting service and the best possible customer support for the users.

Ryan Macdonald is the director of technology who has 15 years of experience in the web hosting industry, and he is a bonafide Linux geek as well. ASO has highly trained staffs to solve the hosting issues of their clients, and it provides additional services to complement the current hosting solution.


As this reputable web hosting company uses unique power-saving servers, it is considered as one of the Green web hosting companies with the lowest carbon footprints. Running on their core values like the relationship, integrity, and dependability is the remarkable mania that makes the users feel a part of the family.

Notable Features of A Small Orange

Let me reveal the remarkable features in this A Small Orange review!

1. Performance

ASO servers are exact players with SSD storage as they could boost the performance of any web application. If you host the sophisticated applications that require additional resources, you will not face the reliability deprivation. However, you should keep in mind that the extra resources may need high bandwidth and upgrade your hosting plans.

The company offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee as its hardware-based on SSD in RAID protected configuration. You should aware that the ASO has recently been acquired by EIG and faced a few hiccups, but it is still managing well to provide great value for its customers.

2. Ease Of Use

Having an extremely functional, easy to use interface makes the ASO users to feel comfortable in managing their site. Any websites like E-Commerce, Education, and Magazine based site can be hosted here and employ several helpful tools to enhance the performance.

Unlimited Email accounts with quick access, FTP manager, CloudFare security, Metric features, well-written guides, Advanced options, and Other preferences adds easiness quality to ASO.


3. Security

In today’s digital era, securing our data is more important as hackers seem sturdy with trendy pinching technology. However, you never need to worry with ASO since it provides daily backups with multiple restore points. Also, it features password-protected directories, IP blocking, and hotlink/leech protection.

The Business and VPS hosting plans have regularly scanned, PCI Compliant servers and gives a free SSL certificate as well.

4. Data Centres

To grant the best speed for the users, ASO maintains two distinct data centers in the US (Texas & Michigan) with carrier-neutral networks and essential amenities. Both are well-established centers with outstanding safety and support that you would not expect from another hosting service.

Different Hosting Plans Of ASO

ASO has plans for almost every type of website! Check their reasonably priced hosting plans.

1. Shared Hosting

ASO has four different shared hosting plans, and they include

1. Control Panel – To update and control your site.

2. Email – POP3, IMAP and webmail access with virus filters.

3. Weebly website builder – A simple drag & drop web builder.

4.WordPress optimized servers – One-click WordPress installation and Admirable hosting experience.

5. Standard & Secured Environment – Server hardware is Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors and solid-state drive (SSD) driven storage with improved security features.

Have a look at  shared hosting plans of ASO


2. Business Hosting

For high-traffic websites of all kinds, ASO offers three reasonable business hosting plans with stunning features like Free SSL certificate, PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant server, daily backup and uncongested server with essential resources, Full FTP access, phpMyadmin for database management.

If you have e-commerce type websites, you may consider getting any of the business hosting plans of ASO.

3. Reseller Hosting

If you wish to resell the hosting service, you may select a suitable plan from the three different reseller hosting services, small, medium and large. These plans include all the basic features like custom access, security and flexible option to upgrade the plans at any time.

4. Cloud VPS

You will get full root access in Cloud-based VPS ASO hosting and add resources whenever needed. It has tight security features than shared hosting and increased page load speed as well. Having automatic failover to afford 100% uptime and hassle-free cancellation at any time are the notable matters of ASO’s VPS hosting.

Have a look at the VPS hosting plans of A Small Orange


5.Dedicated Servers

You can take the total control of the server with the dedicated hosting plan of ASO. You will be provided with the excellent support to set up, secure, track and control your server and thus, you don’t need to worry about the data loss, security updates, and other troubleshooting issues. Here, servers are built in a way to last longer and backed up by a securely controlled network.

6. Managed Hosting

In Managed Hosting, the hosting provider will handle all the updates and security concerns, and you can stay focused on your main business. ASO offers two unlike managed hosting, Clementine $45 (2GB RAM & 1 TB Bandwidth/month) and Clementine Plus $145 (8GB RAM & 5 TB Bandwidth/month) with higher-level support.

7. Other Services

Website Design

After getting a hosting service, you would like to create a stunning design for your website. If you don’t have any experience in designing a site, you may get paid help from the web design expert and build your site according to your preferences.

Just choose the website demo from the list and customize the design by getting either the Standard ($799.99) or E-commerce plan ($1099.99) of ASO.

Build Website Through Weebly

If you have a limited budget for website designing, you may go with the web builder plans (Professional Plan Or Business Plan) to build your site with awesome features and without ASO branding.

90 days Money Back Guarantee

It is worth writing about the money-back policy in this A Small Orange review! Yes, if you are displeased with the ASO hosting service and want to cancel your account within 90 initial days, you can get back your money.

My Personal Experience with ASO

Previously, I was using the hosting service that does not support the CPanel option. I always look for ways to improve the performance of my blog and purchased ASO shared hosting. 

During the hosting migration process (from old to ASO), I experienced technical difficulties and struggled to move my files. Then I reached the support team to get the job done without any hassle.

Both Email & chat support are excellent and the technical team responded well to my queries. They took the time to respond, but I received the prompt answers.

I have been using the Shared hosting service of ASO since December 2015 and didn’t face any issues like server down, security threats and other technical hitches till now.

What do I like about the ASO?

The following are my favorable qualities of A Small orange hosting!

  • Easy-to-use and extremely functional control panel interface with Softaculous script installer.
  • Uptime and Average server response time are quite good.
  • No eyewash option like unlimited bandwidth.
  • A variety of plans at an affordable cost.
  • SSD drives for even Shared type hosting.
  • Delay but friendly customer service. I don’t have any complaints with the support team; they are helpful.
  • The free migration process to move your files from another hosting service.
  • Supports the eco-friendly system.

Final Words

How can I choose the right web host is a million-dollar question among the website founders because the loading speed of the site depends on the hosting service that they use.

Moreover, choosing a poor or cheap hosting service would invite hackers to grab your valuable data, and you may not get SEO benefits as well.

If you are looking for an honest web hosting with good customer support, you may consider getting A Small Orange hosting service.

It has a variety of plans at a reasonable cost and their servers are coupled with excellent performance, top-notch security, immense uptime, good support team and great ease of use.

As of now, the ASO seems to lost its trend and hence you may have a look at my Cloudways review to understand its fantastic features. 

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