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Are you a blogger/internet marketer who looks for the ways to make a recurring online income with a blog? If you say yes, then this post is for you.

Bloggers can monetize their blog in several ways, and there is no doubt that the Affiliate marketing is the one of the best monetization methods to earn money with a blog.

In earlier days, bloggers had preferred the online advertising program like Adsense, Infolinks, etc. to meet the monetary benefits but the money making trend through a blog has changed now.

Yes, most of the bloggers would like to earn income as an affiliate by proposing some genuine products & services.
If you are a newbie blogger/marketer, let me tell the basics of Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing

The marketing/promotion program with which you could earn a commission for selling the products/services is called the Affiliate marketing.

In simple words, you need to recommend the suitable stuff for your site visitors, and if they buy that product/service through your reference, you will get some commission amount. (Depends on the goods that are recommending for your audience)

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Affiliate Marketing is not a rocket science; just you need to understand the crucial strategies.

  • Choose the right niche to share your knowledge in a consistent manner.
  • Target the exact audience through keyword research.
  • Understand their needs and contribute the helpful piece of content for them.
  • Start collecting their email contact to reach their inbox.
  • Select the best products/services that they really need and join as an affiliate.
  • Promote them by sending the newsletters.
  • Make sales and get the affiliate commission.

Some bloggers fail to make income with Affiliate programs as they fail to reach the correct visitors and promote the wrong products to their visitors that they don’t want.

TeslaThemes – An Introduction

As I said early, things are getting much better with the evolution of technology. Even the newbie website business owners don’t prefer to design their website with free themes.

If you are the one who unaware of the benefits of getting paid WordPress design, you may check why should use Premium WordPress themes which I have written in my brand new blog.

I assume that you have now recognized the advantages of buying the premium WordPress theme. Like you, most of the online marketers are looking for the best WordPress design to pull their visitors’ attention at their first visit and stand out from the horde as well.

If you have such kind of site audience or theme developer kind of visitors, you may recommend TeslaThemes for them, and you could also make money with their affiliate program.


Yes, TeslaThemes is the popular and most trusted WordPress theme & Plugin development company that launches clean, attractive WordPress themes with dynamic features for the blog/site owners.

It has four different affordable pricing plans (Starter, Standard, Developer & Lifetime) and hence the every professional website owner can run their site with stunning layouts.

Now, let me explain how to make money with TeslaThemes in a detailed manner!

Earn From TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

TeslaThemes offers attractive WordPress themes with a well-documented installation guide and great customer support. The exciting features of their affiliate program are as follows

1. High commission payout – TeslaThemes not only offers the 50% commission on the sales that you made but also 15% 2nd tier commission for all the auctions done by your referrals.


2. Earn Commission through Cookies – If your reader had visited the TeslaThemes and returned without buying anything but if he/she purchased any theme directly within 90 days, you would get some money as the cookies are being tracked here

3. $1 minimum payout – Some affiliate programs have strict payout rules, and we should reach the minimum level $5-$10 to withdraw the money. But in the TeslaThemes affiliate program, you can withdraw the least payout $1 through PayPal.

Do & Don’ts in TeslaThemes Affiliate Program

To boost your earnings from TeslaThemes, you may follow the below strategies! 

1. Write in-depth reviews for their after doing the keyword research; Include your affiliate link and try to get traffic from search engines.

2. If you have an active email list, send the review posts to your subscribers with a gentle call-to-action.

3. Use social media to promote the products and you may also add eye-catching banners in the sidebar of your site.

4. Don’t try to get a commission from your own purchases and make sure to have a PayPal account to withdraw the money earned.

5. You should not spam by promoting the product (with your affiliate link) through a PPC advertising program and taking part in link schemes as well.

6. You may build a website to endorse their products but be sure to avoid their brand name in your domain name.

Join & Earn As a TeslaThemes Affiliate

The signup process in TeslaThemes is free & simple, and you can use the same account for the affiliate settings. Hit “Register” and fill in the essential information!


Click “Affiliates” and log in with the same registered account. You can see your affiliate link like as shown below.


If you want to promote specific products of TeslaThemes, you can get the promotion link through “Affiliate Link with Custom Landing page” (marked in red) and hit “Get Link.”

To do promotion through banners and links, you may use the Affiliate widget creating option (shown in the below image) and get the source code to integrate into your site.


Final Words

Affiliate Marketing is not a quick rich program. It is a genuine way of making money with a blog by nudging your site visitors to purchase the products/services that you recommend through your affiliate link. It would become a successful money-making strategy if you will be able to find the right people for your website/blog.

Also, if you are looking for the best alternative for the traditional advertising programs that calculate CPC, CPM, etc. to make money, you may give a try to Affiliate marketing and yes, the affiliate payout commission is much greater than the Adsense clicks.

I would recommend TeslaThemes affiliate program to earn a passive income with your blog since you can get 50% commission on affiliate sales and 15% as 2nd tier commission for all the sales made by your referrals. You may also utilize their supportive promotional toolkit to earn passive income from your blog/site.

However, keep in mind that you should not rush to monetize your blog before getting a solid reader base. What is your opinion about the method of making money with Affiliate marketing? Do you earn as an affiliate?

Have you heard about TeslaThemes and its profitable affiliation program to make a steady online income? Share your views/experiences in the comment section.

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  1. Hi Nirmala,

    Tesla Theme Affiliate pays awesome commission to it’s publisher, to earn more from affiliate marketing i prefer to apply for Tesla Themes Affiliate Program. Nowadays its really to catch up the newbie blogger to buy themes from Tesla Themes. The themes from tesla is also really nice and user friendly almost with all the effective features. Even i published a post about Tesla Themes Affiliate Program in my blog classiblogger. Check it here Tesla Themes Affiliate

  2. Hi Nirmala,

    Nice post.

    Yes 50% commission is really great and on top of that recurring commission from second tire is definitely winning.

    Also, you are true that Affiliate marketing is not the get rich program. It requires solid reader base. I’m also interested and still building list. Hope the road ahead is enjoyable.

  3. Hey Nirmala, I already know about Tesla Themes affiliate program. It is definitely a very good program. 50% commission is something which is going to attract many bloggers towards this affiliate program. Keep on making money by affiliate marketing and keep informing others about the new affiliate programs.

  4. Hi Nirmala,
    A great post indeed.
    I signupped for this affiliate network a few weeks ago!
    I made a strategy and I will be following that to have some earnings with this program.
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Ahmad

  5. Hi Nirmala,
    Well this is another lucrative affiliate program which compel bloggers to join it and start making money online simply and effectively. You have provided an extensive guide about TeslaThemes Affiliate Program.

    Many thanks for quality share once again 🙂

    Keep writing


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