10 Awesome Tiny Gadgets That Will Come In Handy

Gadgets are not only becoming cleverer but bigger as well!

The 4-inch smartphone era is being replaced by the new 6-inch and even 7-inch devices. The idiot box at your home (Yeah, I am talking about your television set) can get as big as 92 inches.

And you can find larger tech gadgets almost everywhere around your house, at your workplace, or even somewhere else.

In such a situation, what if I told you that I have got a list of some infinitesimally small gadgets that they would blow your mind?

I’m taking the reverse route; the gadgets are becoming smaller with the tech advancements and the changes in the quality and type is the biggest catch. 

So beware, this article has 10 pocket sized gadgets that will make you say WOW and come in handy! It might be hard even to believe that such gadgets exist, so be ready to amaze yourself.

10 Efficient Small Size Gadgets That You Would Like To Have

Tech devices are shrinking day by day! Have a look at some interesting pocket sized gadgets that you would like to get for yourself. 


1. Spying Got Real With Button Camera

Do you remember the detective movies you would love to see? Ever saw a spy using a secret hidden camera to collect evidence? Such gadgets aren’t scarce to find now.

This spy button camera fits within your shirt correctly. It is so small that hardly anyone can figure it out. The part that is visible is button-shaped, and there’s a spy camera hidden in it. The camera is a 1.2-megapixel one which is quite enough for a decent recording.

So whatever you want to do with it, be an anti-corruption hero and collect evidence for that or just play a prank with your friends, the spy camera would be ready for your task.

Get Spy Button Camera

2. Stay Cool With Small USB Fan

Do you feel hot while working with your laptop? Well, if you’re in your house or work desk, you probably won’t, but if you’re out often, this gadget might be very helpful.

As the same suggests, this fan connects to your laptop/desktop through USB and starts blowing air. The size is remarkable, just 18 cm. As said before, it can be quite helpful for outdoor laptop users. Carry it anywhere in your laptop bag or even your pocket, and just plug and enjoy.

Since the entire device is small, the size of the fan wings is little either. I am pretty sure it will blow enough air for you to cool down. But it may not be that helpful in excessively hot climate.

Get Memore USB Fan

3. Wireless Earpiece – So Small That You May Lose It!

Now this is something very exceptional! This 3mm by 3mm earpiece fits into your ears like a Bluetooth headset and is capable of taking calls. This earphone supports every cell-phone. It is so small nobody would be able to see it from outside.

You might be wondering how such a small device would function. To connect it to your ears, you will first have to bend down and just place it inside your ears.

This earpiece should touch your ear drum to make it work. While removing it, you will have to attach a metal stick with a magnet and use it to remove the earpiece. An extra earpiece is included in the kit.

Get Wireless Earpiece

4. Can You Imagine 3-inch Tripod?

A 3-inch tripod, can you imagine it? The ones you see in weddings and functions is at least 4 feet long while the one used by video bloggers are almost the same size, if not half as that.

A 3-inch tripod is thus something exceptional. Though it sounds great, you will sometimes need something to give it the height it needs, a table for example.

But if you’re a person who travels a lot, this tripod will be a smart choice. After all, what’s more comfortable than a tripod that fits your pocket?

Get 3 Inch Tripod

5. Pedometer Is Small; This Is Smaller

Sure, a conventional pedometer is small and convenient – often designed to be that way. But how do you feel if I show you something even more comfortable? This pedometer is typically smaller than the traditional ones and something which makes it “extra comfortable”.

This red coloured device has an LCD screen on the top. In addition to counting your steps, it can calculate your distance travelled and calories burnt. Moreover, it can determine your body fat level by human body electric resistance. Isn’t that pretty unique?

Lastly, there’s a 5-steps error cancellation function to make it even better. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Get Mini Pedometer

6. Mini Massager – What?

This tiny-revolution has mesmerized my time and again. How small can you imagine a massager to be? This one is about the length of your finger and yet is as comfortable as a bigger one.

It can work through a USB cable or by attesting AAA size batteries. It comes in pleasant colours and is easy to hold in your hands. Structurally it looks like a disc surmounted on a tripod.

Get Mini Massager

7. Who Knew A Camera Could Be This Small?

This 11 cm camera from Fujifilm is an exceptional example of the miniaturization level we can achieve. This instant camera adjusts the best display details for you to ensure that you get the best possible click.

Moreover, it produces a credit card size image of the photo you click that moment itself. You don’t need to go anywhere to get the hard copies of your memories with such a small device in your pocket.

The camera is battery operated and requires 2 AA size batteries to work. Moreover, you will need the Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Film, which is sold separately for this camera to work.

Get Instant Flim Camera

8. Wake Up With Dwarf Clock

Travel freaks are surely going to love this amazing gadget. Yes, it is a small yet stylish alarm clock. The alarm clock is cartoon like with a spring in between two parts. It is a suitable item for home decoration as well as gifting.

Though its small in size, the alarm ring is loud and clear for any person to wake up. Place it near your bed and the alarm ring will call you or rather bluntly shout at you to wake up.

Get Wake Up Clock

9. Cleaning with Mini Cleaner – Would That Be Fun?

A big vacuum cleaner would be great for household cleaning, but it’s zero in terms of portability. Also, you won’t be able to use it for cleaning small and delicate machines or tools.

This mini vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your laptop, desktop, camera, smartphone, etc. It’s minute brushes make it reach the deepest corners of these devices and the spaces between your keyboard’s keys, device’s microphone, and camera’s lens.

It comes with a USB cord for power supply. It has a special “High mode” for high-intensity jobs.

Get Mini Vacum Cleaner For Computer 

10. And Lastly, Indian Alternative To Chromecast

It might seem that Chromecast has got virtually no local competition in the Indian market. But there is Teewe 2, the smart successor of Teewe with features that fit the gap in the industry almost perfectly.

Stream into your television through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It doesn’t require data for streaming local content. Teewe 2 even connects to your Wi-Fi network for doing things such as YouTube video broadcasting.

It connects to your television through the HDMI slot and is of the size of a USB flash drive. Small yet powerful, isn’t it?

Get Teewe 2

Final Words

There is no doubt that the tech gadgets make our life easier. The design innovation in the tech field leads to the invention of mini gadgets which would let us live with a great comfort. 

I am sure you are amazed by the comprehensive list of this tiny tech tools. What is your opinion about these pocket sized gadgets? Do you have any more to add to the list of small technology devices?

Which is your preferred mini gadget? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. 

9 thoughts on “10 Awesome Tiny Gadgets That Will Come In Handy”

  1. Hi

    I liked the alarm clock and the mini vacuum cleaner the most..!!!
    Just checked it is unavailable..
    Let me know about its availability

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post
    keep sharing

  2. HI, Nirmala,

    You have written very well content, as a blogger i suggest you to add pictures, it will look more attractive with each and every gadgets picture. it was just my opinion hope you take it as a positive way.

  3. Hi Nirmala ji,
    I do agree with Aamir Saleh, because as you are a blogger you must try adding photos. Because having an awesome content without pictures is really awkward . NO doubt you are having very nice and interesting content. Anyway thanks for sharing this type of gadgets
    cheers 🙂

  4. Hello Nirmala,
    All the above-mentioned gadgets are awesome and I especially loved the Mini massager very much. Please add some pictures of these gadgets so people can have a clear idea about them.

  5. It’s amazing the things we want smaller, and the things we prefer larger…

    For instance, my smartphone, I prefer larger. I have the Nexus 6 and the screen is almost 6 inches, which is awesome for watching movies at the gym or playing games.

    I won’t even consider “upgrading” my phone in years to come unless I can get another 6+ inch screen.

    Whereas a smart watch or Bluetooth earbuds or even a portable charger, I would prefer to buy something smaller and more compact.

    Even my laptop, I opted for one size smaller of a screen to make it lighter and more easily portable.

    Some neat gadgets you’ve got listed here… 🙂


  6. Thanks for the blog. All the above mentioned gadgets are awesome, I specially liked Pedometer since it counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person’s hands or legs.

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