Amazon Kindle Voyage, Thinnest E-reader Arrives

Schools and colleges have started to experiment the education process with the digital environment. Various electronic gadgets are being introduced in the academic field, and one such tech product is an e-reader. Last week, Amazon debuted a new e-reader called Kindle Voyage with the price tag of $199. Let’s discuss in detail about the specifications and features of this educational tech gadget through this post.

Before getting into the details of Amazon’s Kindle Voyage, I would like to tell the basics of e-reader.

What is an e-reader?

The e-reader is a portable, high-resolution electronic gadget specially designed to read the digital versions of books, newspapers, websites and so on. It uses the display technology, E-ink which offers the same resolution as newsprint and allows storing enormous e-books on it.

Benefits of e-reader

Below are the reasons that would nudge the students to use the e-reader for their educational tasks.

1. Well-designed portable device with an inbuilt library.

2. Possible to download and store an enormous collection of e-books.

3. Easy to take notes with highlight option for better reading.

4. Travelling expenses and time can be saved by borrowing the books from the online library.

5. Some e-readers have an ecological sound option to provide text-to-speech function.

Kindle Voyage e-reader from Amazon

Kindle E-readers are known in the market for their high precision and great features. The earlier models of Kindle have gained a great popularity among many people. Amazon has been able to outdo their previous versions with the latest version of Kindle Voyage e-reader.


Compared to any other Kindle versions, Kindle Voyage e-reader is slimmer like a piece of paper, which makes it easy to carry. Owing to its ambient light sensor, the device can adjust the brightness as per your settings that will give you a pleasurable reading experience even after reading for five hours. This feature is even smarter than you can think of as it can easily adjust the light setting on the device as per the light present in the surrounding area. This has given the Kindle Voyage a sure shot edge over the other versions of Kindle e-readers.

The single flat panel glass screen provides an incredible viewing experience. Amazon has used a glass screen instead of a plastic one to ensure the much-needed satisfaction of the customers. This screen has specially been “micro-etched”, which has given it a matted texture. This ensures that you can view different documents on the e-reader even in bright sunlight. This will also give you the impression of reading on paper rather than on an e-reader. 


Some of the tech freaks would want to go through the different specifications of this device. The table below should suffice.

Screen6-inch display with Carta e-paper technology
Dimension6.4″ x 4.5″ x 0.30″(162 x 115 x 7.6)mm
WeightWi-Fi – 180g, Wi-Fi + 3G – 188g
Resolution300 ppi
Battery LifeLasts weeks on single charging (depending on usage and light setting)
Built-in LightYes + Adaptive light sensor
Storage capacity4 GB (Thousands of books)
Page TurnsTouchscreen + PagePress
ConnectivityWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G
System RequirementsNone
Cloud StorageFree cloud storage specially for Amazon content
Charge TimeFully charged in approximately 3 hours
Content Formats SupportedKindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion


 Things that make Kindle Voyage e-reader the best

There are many things that set apart this Kindle Voyage e-reader from the other Kindle devices launched by Amazon. Some of its amazing new features are:

* Owing to Amazon’s excellent technology called “PagePress”, turning pages are a piece of cake on this device. You will only need to apply gentle pressure on the bezel to turn the page.

* As mentioned earlier that Kindle Voyage E-reader is one of the thinnest e-readers available in the market. It’s 7.6 cm thin design makes it lighter, which ensures easy and convenient reading experience even with one hand.

* It uses next generation Paperwhite display with scratch resistant to offer high-resolution, laser-quality images & texts. Its cover glass is micro-etched to scatter light, and thus you could read without glare even in bright light. Thus the display of this device is excellent, which makes the reader think that he is reading on paper and not on an electronic device.

Price and Availability

The most advanced e-reader, Kindle Voyage is available for order now on Amazon for $199 and shipping will start by next month (October 2014).

Final words

E-reader creates a new reading environment for students, and they don’t need to carry heavy books or crowd printed materials on their backpack. A recent study proved that the students are more engaging in reading and hopefully improving their reading comprehension skills with the e-reader.

The E-commerce leader, Amazon had released Kindle Paperwhite e-reader last September (2013) and now unveiled its slimmest e-reader, Kindle Voyage for heavy readers. It is the thinnest device Amazon has even made which boasts the PagePress sensors with haptics. Its durable design, unparalleled display, distraction-less study medium and its adaptive front light are some of the features which makes the Kindle Voyage more suitable for students to carry out their learning process.

What do you say about Kindle Voyage e-reader? Do you want to buy this gadget to enrich your education? Share your views through comment.

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