iPad Features (iPad4 and iPad5 Features Included)

This post provides the details of iPad features in general along with the features of latest version of Apple “iPad4” and rumors of upcoming Gadget iPad5.

I am a blogger who wishes to maintain a consistent blogging work. I am entertainment lover too and would like to hear songs & play games at my spare time.

So, I’ve decided to buy an alternate gadget to carry out my events, but in a little confusion to choose the best device, Tablet or iPad?

Are you in the same confusion to select the best gadget like me? Hope this post would help you to choose the suitable device for your personal and professional purposes. I suggest you to look at the useful discussion of mine

Can Tablets replace Laptops?

As I discussed already the Tablet, let’s talk about the details of iPad and its features with my same style of beginning with a fundamental question.

What is iPad?

iPad is a mobile computer designed by Apple Inc. It is thin and lightweight gadget comes with a large touchscreen facility. It has the virtual keyboard, Bluetooth capability and camera.

But it does not contain Ethernet port like the laptop and it needs Wi-Fi or 3G enabled cell phone signal to connect to the internet. It is a magical and revolutionary device that can be used to perform the educational and entertainment activities.

ipad-features                                                    Image credit: intomobile.com

General  iPad Features

Some dominant iPad features are,

1. It is a portable device with long battery life.

2. Even though it is small in size, it contains a built-in camera and integrated technologies like speakers, microphone, and headphone jack.

3. Its operation is easy to learn, and no previous technology practice is needed.

4. It involves only a few steps to operate and has the multitasking ability.

5. Social aspects are excellent with the option of visual display.

6. Bluetooth capabilities, immediate access to Wi-Fi or 3G, Easy sharing facility and Passcode protected restrictions are some of the real iPad features.

7. Additionally, iPad is a remarkable gadget that could be easily accessorized.

iPad4 Features

The latest version named iPad 4 was released in October 2012, and its best features are

1. Battery life is 10 hours.

2. Sensors like Compass, Gyroscope & Accelerometer, Microphone, external speaker and Lightening connector are the integrated technologies included here.

3. The dual-core processor and upgradable IOS 6 OS are the best iPad4 features that would attract the users.

4. Retina Display with high resolution and back facing 5MP camera with attractive options would enhance the user experience.

5. Upgraded Wi-Fi system could enable the users to have greater download experience and advanced web browsing.

6. Compatibility with iPad and iPhone apps makes the iPad4 a desirable gadget.

7. Document and image viewer/editor, Organizer, icloud service, maps, Twitter & Facebook integration, are the notable  iPad4 features.

iPad4 price – Around £ 400 (App 34,000INR)

ipad4-features                                                                      Image credit: rumonet.pt

Expected iPad Five Features

New Apple iPad5 is expected to launch at the end of this month or next month (Nov 2013). Let’s check some rumors and expected features associated with it.

1. Thinner and lighter design than IPad4 with Space gray or gold color case.

2. 8MP rear iPad camera with larger apertures.

3. Better screen resolution with the display size of 9.7.”

4. The possibility of having “TouchID” fingerprint sensor.

5. Good processor performance with updated operating system ios7 to allow the users to finish the tasks quickly and have upright gaming experience.

6. The Storage capacity of 128GB which would help to store huge photos & videos and large applications like CAD and music production.

7. Shiny Home button is better than previous versions.


                                                         Image credit: walyou.com

Cons of iPad

• Expensive when compared to Tablet

• Flash support and SD card slot are missing.

• No drag & drop file management and it cannot be connected as a drive to the PC without iPad apps.


I hope that you are thorough with the iPad features now. The popularity of the Android platform from Google is increasing rapidly and challenges the market of iPad with its customizable options.

It confuses the consumers in choosing the quality device with the questions should I buy an iPad? Nexus 7? A Kindle Fire? And so on!

Tablet or iPad? Both the mobile computers are highly portable, touchscreen interface, easy to use and attractive electronic gadget. But searching the answer for the question “That is the better tablet?” is the toughest thing as every gadget has its pros and cons.

Even though the cost of the iPad is little high, it is a stable device and easy to use when compared to Android Tablets, I guess “iPad” is suitable for me to work.

What do you say after reading the details of “iPad features”? Which is your favorite gadget, iPad or Tablet? Do share your views and experience with me, so that it would help me to choose the best gadget.

26 thoughts on “iPad Features (iPad4 and iPad5 Features Included)”

  1. I will prefer iPad because we all know Apple is famous for its quality.
    BTW very well written article mam.
    This article will help those people who are actually confused between iPad and tablets.

    1. Many thanks for reading my post and sharing your views Atish 🙂

      I feel good to get an appreciation comment from you.

      Yeah, iPad is expensive, but I really like its awesome features.

      Keep visiting to leave your suggestions here 🙂

  2. Hi Nirmala,

    I might break down one day and buy an iPad 😉

    Until then I will research posts like yours to get the facts surrounding these tech friendly gadgets.


  3. Hi Nirmala,

    if we talk about tablet market then definitely iPad is the winner because its design, its functionality and Now iOS7 the most amazing OS ever.

    Now as we heard Apple is going to launch its Next Generation iPad, everyone is quite excited about the event, Let’s see what Apple will Came up with.

  4. I haven’t bought any Apple product yet but i would soon because of the quality and fame of Apple. There are many positive reviews regarding Apple products. Looking forward to buy an Ipad 😀

    1. Its happy to know that your vote is for iPad Himanshu 🙂

      Yeah, it is really hard to decide between iPad and tab, but iPad is well known among the users because of its quality and stability.

      Keep leaving your comments here 🙂

  5. That was really an informative post. But pointing some features like android os, camera, llive streaming, navigation, gps and the rest are considered better in android smart phones these days. As per your question ipad or tablet is always a touch question and many features of these products are available in android market…. Thanks for these ipad features.

  6. Great features covered about iPad..:) In this world of android, many people do not even bother about ipad 😀 , though it is the best one.

  7. Hello Nirmala,

    You know, Since Job’s gone, the ipad market is seriously dropping its pace. But lets look what this new innovation will lead us to…

    I really do love your review Nirmala. Do have beautiful weekend start 🙂

  8. Hi Nirmala !
    I agree with Babanature that Apple’s Ipad market is not as great as it used to be during the presence of Steve Jobs but the features of these IPads are simply amazing and apple would be hoping to see huge sales of them . Thanks for making us aware of these features .


  9. Yes since last 2.5 years apple has not put much efforts to give something valuable in each of iPad’s version, but new iPad air which is fifth generation ipad, is coming with big changes i guess… world’s thinnest and lightest full size tablet will surely rock the market.

  10. Very well written post. All the features are driving me crazy. I like Apple devices and I can’t wait to buy my first tablet from them.

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