How To Create PDF Online For Free?

This post explains the advantages of using PDFs and educates you to create PDF online for free with Soda PDF online services.

Since we are in the digital age, everyone prefers to use the Portable Document Format (PDF) files. This format was developed by Adobe, which is a cross-platform standard. If you argue with me that the word document files can be edited easily, then I would say that they may cause problems while visual transferring them to PC whereas PDF files are viewable on any device.

Are you still doubtful in using PDF documents? If so, do check its benefits now!

What are the benefits of using PDF files?

Below are the major benefits of using PDF documents

1. As its name represents, it is highly portable.

2. Hyperlinks, media files, markup and file attachments are some of the interactive functions supported by PDF.

3. It preserves visual elements like images, graphics, etc.

4. It can be created easily and quickly.

5. Ability to compress large files, data encryption, secure data transmission and device independent are the other advantages of using PDFs.

If you’re questioning me “How to create PDF files online?”, The following details would aid to gain your knowledge on generating PDF files online for free.

We will use Soda PDF for today’s demonstration, but feel free to browse this great article on creating PDF files on wikihHow.

How to create PDF online free?

PDF files can be created online from most commonly used formats like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, URL, text, etc. by using a free online PDF creator. If you’re using the free version of Adobe Acrobat, you cannot able to create such document. Only paid version Adobe has the option to create PDFs online.


Moreover, if you’re away from home or using a public computer and want to create PDFs directly from other documents, you may make use of the free online services offered by some PDF creators. One such efficient service to create PDF files on the go is Soda PDF online services. Let’s have a brief discussion about this service!

Create PDFs anywhere using Soda PDF online services

Soda PDF online services would let you create PDFs from a variety of sources and as well as from HTML pages. Not only to construct PDF files, but you could also convert them into RTF/Word format.

Edit, Annotate and Secure PDF files are some of the functions that coming soon on this splendid PDF online service. It has a range of powerful tools to change the created documents as per your requirements.

So, to generate PDFs from any format, you don’t need to download extra software on your system, the online pdf converter of Soda online services will work straight from your browser on any device and OS.


Soda PDF online services offer two different ways to create PDFs from other formats.

1. By Quick Converter

Using quick converter of SODA PDF services would let you make PDF files in just three steps.
Upload file (choose the file to be converted)>> Enter E-mail address (to receive the link of new PDF) >> Create PDF.

2. Through “My Files”

To get PDF files in “My Files” section, Check-mark the file to be created in PDF and hit “Create PDF” on the right-side of the screen.


Remarkable Features of Soda PDF online services

Some significant features of Soda PDF online services that make it stand out from the crowd are

1. Files in popular formats can be created as PDF files.

2. Non-complex interface with various useful tools like converter, encrypter, etc.

3. Created PDF files can be converted into Rich Text/Word format.

4. Premium users can merge the PDFs for easy management and split them to small-sized documents for convenient usage.

5. All your files can be stored safely in cloud platform as it offers 100 MB for free (500 MB for Premium users)

6. No download/installation/account creation is needed to build PDF files.

Pricing Plans and Tech Support

Soda PDF online services have three different pricing plans like $23.94 for six months, $34.99 for one year and $47.76 for two years subscription. There is also an option to pay the fee on the monthly basis. This PDF service has highly trained technical support to answer your queries.


Whenever you want to create a PDF file, you don’t need to acquire an rich application to yield great results. A dynamic program, Soda PDF and their online services would help you to get the job done at free of cost.

It also offers low-cost premium membership plans where you can enjoy the unlimited PDF creation and convert Word to PDF process along with enormous online storage to save your files.

Out of all, this exciting application will soon allow you to allot a password protection to your files.

So, if you’re a user who works with PDF files on a regular basis, I’d suggest you use Soda PDF online services that enclose simple interface and a large variety of tools to form and change the PDFs.

I hope that you’ve recognized the benefits of using PDFs and remarkable features of Soda PDF online services, so let’s create PDFs in an easy way!

What is your opinion about this vibrant software to create PDFs online for free? Express your views in the comment section!

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