Useful Apps to Make Money With Smartphone

I have listed some useful apps to make money with smartphone through this post, and I hope it would help you to earn some bucks at the spare time by installing your preferred apps on your smartphone.

Technology is getting advanced day by day and the usage of smartphone has rapidly increased. Connectivity is the main advantage of smartphone as it allows immediate access to data online.

The users can customize their smart phone with some beneficial apps and this makes the smartphones smarter than the traditional cell phones with preloaded applications.

If you’re a fixed reader of my blog, then you might  know that I’m writing about the different ways to make money online for my readers to get money from the internet. This post is quite different! Yeah, it gives answer for the question “How to make money with apps?”.

There are many handy apps available to make money with smartphone. so here I’ve gathered some best apps, so that you can make money with smartphone.

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10 Apps to Make Money With Smartphone

Below are some best apps to earn money from your smartphone!

Get paid to play

This is an entertainment app which allows you to make money with smartphone quickly. Just you need to do some modest jobs like downloading the free apps, registering in websites, watching video ads and so on. You can earn money in this app with some available paid options too. 


It is a communication app and you’ll get paid to use your phone. In this free smartphone app, you don’t need to click ads/watch videos or share the personal information to make money with smartphone. Just use your phone and cash out the “Meter points” for free gift cards.  

Mint coins

This is a quite popular android app to earn with smartphone by completing the simple offers. Here high paying offers are available for you and you can collect your minimum payout of $5 through PayPal.  


With this finance app, you can get gift cards from Google and Amazon, Paypal cash, mobile accessories and many more. Here you’ll be rewarded with ORO coins and you could convert these points into cash or prizes.


Millions of people are using this app and you’ll get rewards for shopping.  With this shopping app, you could also find real deals and discounts for various products. Earn points in Kicks here with more available options.

Earn money – Highest paying app

This is a finance app which makes you to make easy money by doing some simple tasks like visiting a webpage, giving your opinion and you can earn points for it. There are hundreds of free offers to complete and you could make money with smartphone effortlessly.

If you are an iPhone user, you may try these apps to make money with smartphone.

App rewards club

Earn rewards by sharing your thoughts and get free apps with this iTunes app.

Mobile rewards

It is a good rewards app where you could make money by completing offers and watching videos. This app has highest payouts when compared to other apps and earned money can be cash out through PayPal.


It is an awesome app to get new opportunities and to connect with thousands of business. Build your reputation with this app and get paid for your great work. It is also available in Google store app for Android smartphones.

Not only these, but some popular apps like Easy shift, Jingit, Checkpoints, Wereward, Ibotta, Field agent, Iconzoomer and Bamboo Wallet are also available for you to make money with smartphone.


Why the high end mobiles are called smartphones? Yeah, it is due to the operating system it carries and numerous useful apps developed to use with it. You know, from a recent study, I came to know that making calls with smartphone placed at the 5th position.

You might think what will be the main usage of the smartphone by the users, right? Yes, it is of course browsing the internet, taking part in social networks, playing games and listening music. It has also been mentioned that the people are showing keen interest in installing the useful apps to their smartphones and some of them are finding the easiest way of earning money with them.

Are you a smartphone user? You can try these apps that make you money with smartphone at the spare time and you can pay-off your phone bills with it. Let me know your views about this option of make money with smartphone and various free apps associated with it.

58 thoughts on “Useful Apps to Make Money With Smartphone”

  1. Hi Madam,
    Nice post. I can see that you have done some research on this as you have come up with a good list of apps. I have only heard about Gigwalk from the list. gigwalk. I learnt about this app one year ago and that time it was only for US citizens

    1. Hi Jakes,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment.

      Yeah, i’ve done a deep research to list some useful apps for my readers. Gigwalk is a popular app and many of the people are using it to make money with smartphone.

      Keep visiting here 🙂

  2. Hi Nirmala,

    The earn money app catches my eye. Sounds easy, simple and prospering if you want to add a few bucks to your income each month.

    The app earning field possibilities continue to multiply. Hop on board I say.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi. Mam

    yeah! now every one wats to earn money from internet. And Here are many options to earn money. but i saw your post on facebook then i read your full article. this is a Good trick to earn from smartphone.

    i’m regular reader of your blog but i’m doing first time comment on your blog.
    thanks to write “trick to earn from smartphone. ”

    I will try it. 🙂

    1. Welcome to my blog and thanks for adding your comment Siddharth Sharma.

      Yes, everyone wants to earn money in some ways. So, i used to tell list some genuine ideas and websites for my readers through my blog.

      Keep coming here 🙂

  4. Hey,

    This seems really cool, anyone can easily make money from smart phones. I haven’t tried these apps yet but would give them a shot soon.

  5. Hello Mam
    This is new thing that we can now earn with apps.
    Now we can earn money by just playing with apps.
    This is awesome.
    Thanks for this kind of article.

  6. Hello Nirmala Mam,

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. Well after viewing your post i have gone through many apps and have seen positive results.


  7. Nice And Useful info for guys like me. I only knew one app which is currently for USA USA only but you listed more than ever. Earning money app seems good for me. Will try that and will let you know once i see the results . Thanks a lot again for sharing this with us 🙂

  8. Hi, Nirmala mam,
    Smartphones are slowly becoming a integral part of the modern day life. So, it is a quite nice idea to earn money while we are entertaining on our smartphones. 🙂

    You have share quite good apps which can make money for us.
    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful post.
    Have a great week. 🙂

  9. hi nirmala. interesting finds here. i thought that we can only make money through our computers but now we can also make money through our smartphones. bookmarked for future use 🙂

  10. It is really sad my phone is not smart enough to have those apps.
    But when one finally gets a smartphone, I am obviously going to download those apps as well.

    Thanks Madam Nirmala.

  11. Wonderful thought. You can hardly find someone who is thinking of playing these smartphone games to earn. Actually I take it as part of entertainment. thanks for the share ~ Anetta

  12. Really? i never knew it is possible for one to earn with his\smartphone, now i am going to explore the apps you listed here hoping to find\one that will be useful for,me. or can you make recommendations for\me?

    1. Yeah, it is possible and many smartphone users are making money at spare time with useful apps.

      I carefully selected these smartphone apps after undergoing the reviews of the users, you could choose any of these app to make a try to earn some bucks.

      Thanks for leaving your comment Nwosu 🙂

  13. All the apps that you’ve mentioned in this list are totally new for me . I’m gonna try some of these apps today itself . Thanks for sharing these apps with us .


  14. Nice list of apps to make money via mobile. Mint coins which i am already making few money with that. i am going to give out try on few apps that you have mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing the post nirmala.

    I am proud and happy to see a women blogger from Tamil Nadu. you are doing a great job. Keep Blogging 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation Sasikumar 🙂

      Are you from TN? Will visit your blog and fine the details of you.

      Glad to hear that you’re already earning with Mintcoins and my best wishes to earn money with other apps too.

      Keep showing your presence here!

  15. Really cool article! This is actually the first time I am reading about making money with apps.

    Although I doubt you can make a lot of money that way without wasting a lot of time, it doesn’t hurt to try, I guess!

    1. I am a tech lover and used to read a lot of blog posts related to software, gadgets, social media, apps and so on. While reading the others, I get new ideas to write on my blog.

      I suggest you to do the same to get escape from writer’s block.

  16. Such a useful post. I would like to add an app name “CLASHOT”. This app is made for the photographer or those who have the hobby of capturing nice pictures. The app is similar to instagram, bu they also pay you if your photo is selected and you can also become their customer or client. This app is made only for iPhone users.

  17. Nirmala,

    The content you are sharing here is great!!, For the ambitious online workers, there are a variety of options outlined here to allow them to develop a portfolio of online income streams. There is an app I currently use that allows iPhone users to make money as long as they stay active for a minimum of thirty minutes a day. The app is called gympact and I’d like to share this opportunity with your subscribers


  18. Hi Nirmala,

    Yesterday only I found your blog. You are writing very informatively. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    But I have a small doubt. All the above said apps are suitable for android or ios? Because I have iphone. Pls clarify me…

  19. Thanks Nirmala Santhakumar for providing useful apps on making money on smartphones.

    I have never read any article like this earlier about these apps. Like UshaMathan I also got the same doubt whether they are for iOS or Android, but after opening the links I got a good clarification.

    Keep posting more important apps like this in the future!

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