How To Maintain A Good Online Reputation In Blogging/Business?

This post offer tips to maintain a good online reputation in blogging/any business and would help you to get the brand name.

I listed 10 imperative tips to become a successful blogger in my earlier blogging post. I’ve intentionally left an essential blogging quality and I expected that excellence from my friends and readers. I received many comments, but no one specified that the blogger should have “—-“ quality.

What is that? It’s  “Online reputation”. Yes, getting and maintaining a good online reputation is important in blogging or any online business as it gives tangible payoffs.

Are you a blogger/online business and do you want to build you internet reputation? I hope this post would educate you to get a good online reputation and to maintain it”. Let’s discuss this matter in detail.

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 10 Tips to Maintain Good Online Reputation

The best way to grow your blog/business is to start building strong online reputation and here are the tips to attain it.

1. Practice to create praiseworthy content

Creating praiseworthy content for every blog post would help you to maintain a good online reputation among the readers and bloggers. If you’ve impressed your visitors with your writing style, they never stop coming to your blog and even they would spread out your blog in their network.

2. Do guest blogging

Guest blogging is my familiar blogging strategy. Yes, it is the easiest way of attaining good online reputation in blogging. You’ll get new readers and build human relationship within the bloggers community.

3. Utilize blog commenting

I’ve already discussed on blog commenting and it went viral in the Blogosphere. Leave worthy comments in relevant blogs with your Gravatar image.

4. Stay active in social media

I would say, there is no blogging/online business without social media tools. Not only to maintain a professional online reputation, to get love from Google and other search engines, it is good to stay active in some online reputation management accounts like LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc. to promote your earnest blog posts and share your concepts.

5. Talk about famous bloggers/business personals

This is the tricky way am handling to improve my online reputation. I used to approach some famous bloggers for my “Experts Tips’ category post to talk about them. Also, I get practiced to mention the influential bloggers often in my blog post and it is aiding me to advance my reputation. So I suggest you to do the same for your online business.

6. Help others

People who are generous with their time and assistance, would certainly strengthen the bonds they have with like-minded people and visitors, and generally turned into valuable resources. So do as much help to others to lay foundation and to uphold a respectable online reputation.

7. Give respect and kindness

This is the simple way of maintaining a positive online reputation. I am having this quality and this is letting me to do my business successfully. If you have the vanity and show disrespect to your clients, it is really tough to get good online reputation.

8. Go beyond the expectation

Apply creativeness and smart work in your online business. If you go beyond your readers/clients expectation, you’ll get long term rewards for it and it would help you to sustain a durable reputation.

9. Do what you say

If you’ve committed to do something, do it promptly. Do not give opportunities for your readers/customers to count on you as it would lead to reputation damage.

10. Stay professional

As listed at the end of the post, don’t think that it is having least priority or an optional one. Just to make it visible, I’ve purposely kept it last. Please don’t annoy your regulars with meaningless and immoral information as it would destruct your professionalism which in turn affects your reputation.

Useful Online Reputation Management Tools

Try to use some online reputation management tools to know what others are saying about you online. Sproutsocial, Brand and Technorati are the best tools to monitor and analyze what is being said about you online.


Your virtuous activities and blog post content determines your online reputation in blogging/any business. Now days, most of the businesses are going online and so online reputation management has considered great importance.

The popularity of blogging has been increased rapidly as it is an effective search engine optimization tool. Whatever be your online business, create a blog for it and maintain a strong online reputation through the ways which I’ve listed in this post. Cut down negative talks; motivate your visitors/clients through your pretty commendable content.

What do you say about maintaining the reputation with my specified tips? Did I miss any essential way to maintain a good online reputation in blogging/any business? If so, let me know through your comment.

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52 thoughts on “How To Maintain A Good Online Reputation In Blogging/Business?”

  1. Hello mam,

    Building good online reputation is now one of most important factor in blogging. It will help you lot as a Blogger, I am sure.
    Thanks for delivering such effective tips and as you said, I will surely make visible these tips in my Blogging career.

    1. Glad with your comment and thanks for sharing your thoughts related to online reputation.

      Yeah, to advance the progress of blog, every blogger should maintain a good online reputation.

      Keep visiting my blog. 🙂

  2. Hi Nirmala,

    Excellent tips! Practice like crazy. I am working on 2 more posts now. Will publish tonight. What else am I going to do with all the Diwali fireworks going off out there lol!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hiii Nirmala,
    Really you have shared very interesting tips to maintain a good online reputation. i liked very much these two tips:
    (1) Do what you say
    (2) Stay professional

    thanks for this nice post..!!

  4. Hi mam,

    Thanks for these useful tips.

    In fact, I was ignoring the word “Reputation” for the past few months. No social media presence and no connection with anybody. I was just pumping out articles without making any backlinks because I thought it’s all about the quantity of contents. But that not the case, it’s all about Google’s trust which counts on the number of high quality links pointing to my site. Bingo! Now i’m really struggling mam — I was doing all wrong (sigh). I wish if I can go back to past and fix all these mess.

    I want to add one more point to your article “Create Videos”. I bet, It plays a major role in online reputation, because videos rank well on Google and it can drive a lot attention to our blog. I made a stupid video of mine, it’s on about page 🙂

  5. Hey,

    Every blogger desires to become reputable, you’ve mentioned some nice tips. I really liked the 9th tip because i have observed many bloggers who just write about different topics and does not implement the things they list in the topic on their own blogs.

  6. Hello Mam,
    Good Online Reputation is very necessary for blogging and any business, You can convert your readers into buyers if you have good and healthy relation with them. This will increase your sales. Good for business and Good for you.

  7. good points, I loved the 6th point very much as it worked for me. I am real example of this. Thanks for the good post. Online reputation is important to stand out in the competition.

    1. Many thanks for adding your comment Atish 🙂

      Yeah, I know helping is your fascinating attitude and you’ve gained a remarkable online reputation with it 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and am pleased with your appreciation 😛

      Keep doing it for me!

  8. Hi Nirmala,
    Good reputation is all a blogger needs to be successful in blogosphere and I must admit that it is indeed a tough task and takes a lot of efforts and time.
    Out of the points you mentioned, guest blogging and blog commenting are one of the great methods to create a good impression on other bloggers in the community. Though for that, it is essential that you are also creating content which is being praised by others for being informative and high in quality.
    Thanks for this awesome article.
    Vineet Saxena

  9. I have come to know all we need is a good online reputation and other things will follow us. This is a nice post.~ Anetta

  10. Thank you for this article. You make a lot of very good points. I have not really got into guest blogging very much (at all really) but am starting to think that I should?

    1. Not only to maintain the online reputation, guest blogging has numerous benefits and it would help you to take your blog to next level.

      Thanks for your comment, keep visiting here to read more useful information.

  11. No doubt guest blogging is the best way to build good reputation online. Blog comments are also a great way to build relationships.

    All the mentioned tips are great.


    1. Welcome to my blog Rahul and am pleased with your comment 🙂

      Yeah, blog commenting and guest blogging are the genuine ways to get good online reputation in any business.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep doing it 🙂

  12. Hi Nirmala,

    I think you nailed it. for me, it is always important to keep a good profile on social media. Keep it updated and always follow etiquette. Practise the 30 second rule like hello and hi before even ask others for comments.

    I can’t count how many pm’s I get in a day without any hi. Just dropping a link and that is really annoying…seriously!

    Just my 2 cents.

  13. I agree with you Nirmala. It certainly takes time to build an online reputation . And only one failed promise to destroy it. I would really like to stress that never make promises that you can’t deliver on time. Happened to me once, and that blogger still bad mouths about me everywhere! 😛

  14. Oh really? very sad to hear this 🙁

    Yeah, if you are not making your promises true, your reputation would spoil certainly.

    Thanks for sharing your reputation experience with us Aditya, keep coming here to do the same 😛

  15. Nice post Nirmala,

    Online reputation is necessary for your blogging brand and tips provided by you to maintain that reputation is great and useful.
    Thank you for sharing this valuable content with us.

    Nikhil 🙂

  16. Hi Nirmala,
    I do agree with you. In order to build online reputation it is necessary to stay active on social media. All the points you have mentioned above are equally effective in building online reputation.

  17. I have always ignored Guest blogging and commenting as I thought It was a time wasting activity but after reading the piece of information that you have shared, I think I must start indulging in guest posting and commenting so as to enhance my blog’s online reputation and get seo benefits.

  18. Hey Nirmala,

    Great article and thanks for sharing. I think the best method for me is to keep up with engagement.

    Whenever anyone share something for you, throw in a good, thank you or even reply to ask what they think about it.

    When you do this long enough, people are going to recognize you and you’ll gain reputation from there.

    Works all the time for me and hey, happy weekend ahead!

  19. Helping is the key factor in building up a repo because that will spread like a disease and thus will lead you towards making awesome networks all over the globe. It will build your own customized community.

  20. I wanted to start blogging rom a long time but I keep sidelining it due to the lack of knowledge on the subject matter. I am thinking to hire a professional blogger or emerging writer or something. Will that help the same way? Can they fulfill my requirements? Please revert. Thanks!

    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Rony Singh,

      Thanks for leaving your comment. Good to know that you’re interested in starting a blog. Yes, many bloggers are interested to provide their blogging and writing services. Could you please let me know the niche (Topics) that you want to blog about? Also, let me know, what is your budget?

  21. Hi,

    According to my point of view, guest blogging and blog commenting are one of the great methods to create a good brand value and impression in blogging community.

    I really like the way you describe thinks. Thanks for informative article

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