7 Best AI Novel Writing Software for Human like Novel Generation

AI Novel Writing Software

Are you looking for the best AI novel writing software to construct unique stories and thrilling tales?. Then the AI-driven novel writing software helps plot the stories for quicker novel writing. This software provides human-like writing during the novel writing. Moreover, the language processing, readability check, concept repetitiveness, and plagiarism check has done using the best AI writing tools.

AI novel writing software offers an editor to fix the fonts, size, and then font color in writing. Some tools may have AI modules to write a different kinds of novels. Best novel writing software should provide the option to select characters, locations, and items for the novel Manuscript. The novel planning section helps to fix the core idea and outline of the novel flow while writing. Moreover, the word count and interactive drag and drop tools help complete the novel with the best plans during the writing.

Top 7 AI Novel Writing Software for Quicker Novel Generation

Here we have the list of best novel writing software with artificial intelligence tools for story beats placement. Moreover, repetitive phrases are eliminated using AI-based novel writing software. We can increase the novels’ readability score with dialogue and narrative breakdown. This software helps organize the ideas and create the world with the characters’ needs in the novel. The AI novel writing software reduces the time to complete the novel writing than human writing.

1. NovelAI Best AI Novel Writing Software


NovelAI is the best AI-based novel writing software to plot stories with character selection. It provides a monthly subscription service for authorship, storytelling, and virtual companionship. Moreover, this AI tool offers good readability with quality literature in novel writing. The AI can adapt the input and provides novel perspectives throughout the novel. Different genres of the novel with adventure and thrilling moments are to be placed using the input in the NovelAI software. Specific themes are available for the novel writers.

Features of NovelAI 

  • The best AI storyteller software helps novelists write novels in different genres.
  • We can remember more than eight thousand characters in the Novel writer.
  • The text adventure module allows finding the style for novel writing with the customizable editor.
  • Secure software helps to store encrypted stories in the servers for higher security.
  • AI modules and themes help complete the novel writing as quickly as possible.

2. Novel Factory

Novel Factory Writing tool

The novel factory provides AI-based novel wiring software for novel writers. It helps in achieving the dream of novel writing by plotting the story. The character builders guide the development of the character heroics for the novel writers. Moreover, step-by-step writing guides help in completing the novel more quickly. Using this novel software plot outlines the stories in any genre with romance, thriller, and then heroic journeys. Novel factory allows building location and novel items with character selections. We can subscribe to this software for novel writing with special offers and then resources.

Features of Novel Factory

  • It helps to select the character for the novel from the core idea of the novelist.
  • The novel factory provides interactive drag and drop tools for planning the story with editing.
  • It offers better character development features for any genre.
  • The software monitors the word count with readability and then checks plagiarism during the novel writing.
  • It provides a complete process of creating a novel with a location description.

3. Authors.AI Novel Writing Software

Authors AI Novel Writing software

Authors.ai is one of the best AI-powered novel writing software for plotting stories. It provides expert analysis for the novel creation in minutes. Marlowe, artificial intelligence, offers 32 full-fledged page reports for the complete novel in fifteen minutes. We can create story beats with book pacing and human-like writing assistance for the novelists. Instant access to the in-depth report of the novel and AI provides recommendations for the improvement. Moreover, it offers narrative arc and plot structure analysis for novels.

  • It is a free tool for the novel writers to analyze the novel with AI reports.
  • We can run multiple drafts of novel writing with a manuscript using Authors.ai.
  • Authors.ai is an excellent tool for first-time novel writers to analyze the complete novel reports with suggestions for improvement.
  • A structured report includes a subject analysis with four best seller comparisons.
  • The better readability in explicit languages and repetitive phrase identification can reduces the time to complete the novel.

4. Novlr – best writing software

Novlr Novel writing software

Novlr is a good Novel writing software built by the writers for the novel writers. We can get the best experience with the free tool for novel writing. Moreover, it offers premium options for novelists. The best writing interface available here helps focus our minds during the novel writing. This software works online and offline for novel writing. It offers to write in any timed mode such as morning, evening and then night. The granular starts for the novel writing are available with novlr software. It helps to monitor word counts for days, weeks, and then months.

Features of Novlr Novel writing tool

  • Novlr provides a browser-based AI novel writing platform for the novelist.
  • Best AI tools help improve grammar, spelling and style improvements in the novel development.
  • Export and share options are available for the beta readers to provide feedback on the novel with the editor.
  • A well-designed writing interface helps for quicker completion of the novel.
  • It offers maximum security for the story with google drive and then dropbox syncs.

5. Bibisco Novel Writing Software with AI

Bibisco AI novel writing Platform

Bibisco is the better novel writing software for novelists to write novels in a simpleway. It helps to develop the novel from the core idea of the novelist. We can organize the characters, scenes and then manage revisions in bibisco novel writing software. Moreover, it helps organize the idea with geographic settings and the social context. We can create locations and objects that are useful to develop the novel for quicker completion. Bibisco offers many languages supports for the novel writers.

Features of Bibisco

  • It elaborates the novel’s architecture with narrative stands and primary character selection.
  • The images help to develop the demographic for every scene in the story.
  • It helps to focus on every character’s behavior, psychology and then sociology with passion in life before writing the novel.
  • Free community edition software is available for mac and windows platforms.
  • We simply plot the stories with narrative stands, premise, characters, location, characters, and then scenes.

6. Rytr.me Story Plot Generator

Rytr AI powered plot generator

Rytr.me AI-powered wiring software helps with story plot generators and novel writing. Here an AI generates creative stories and plots for the novel scenes. It helps to create content in four simple steps:

  1. Start writing by selecting the preferred languages.
  2. Choose the story’s tone or novel from 20+ available techniques.
  3. Choose the story plotting option out of twenty-five-plus available languages.
  4. Input the keywords, phrases, and titles in the RYtr platform, and then it will generate content in minutes with Ai novel writing software.

Features of Rytr.me Story plot generator

  • We can quickly write fiction stories for the novelist using AI support.
  • It supports local languages to develop creative stories.
  • Rytr.me provides more than twenty user cases for story generation and then scene development.
  • We can create different genre stories instantly by placing inputs in the AI plot generator.

7. Shortly AI

Shortly AI Novel Writing Platform

ShortlyAI is the better AI writing platform for creating novels. It provides AI support and helps the novelist’s thoughts on a paper. The art-AI helps to generate paragraphs with powerful sentences in the novel. It monitors and displays the writing stats like word count, pages, and then characters. Moreover, we can fix the output length during the scene writing. The clean, distraction-free interface helps quicker completion of novel writing with Shortly AI.

Features of Shortly AI

  • Creative AI partner helps to expand thoughts in novel writing.
  • We can try our first story writing for free with AI support.
  • AI-powered writing software can generate novel content of fixed length.
  • It helps to shorten, expand and then rewrite sentences during novel writing.
  • Conversion.ai provides maximum support tools for novel writing with shortly AI.

Conclusion Best AI Novel Writing Software

By wrapping up the best AI novel writing software, It helps generate novel content with better readability. Moreover, multiple language support guides writing novels in the local languages. The AI writing assistance helps in story plot and then sentence formation with style editing options. We can achieve quicker novel completion by selecting characters and then inputting thoughts into the AI Writing tool.

In the end, the NovelAI is the best novel writing software with character selection. Moreover, it provides themes and AI modules for the novel generation in a different genre. We can create thrilling tale novels with unique characterization with AI wring support in this software. These things make NovelAI one of the best AI novel writing software in the above list.

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