7 Best Cloudflare Alternatives 2022 for Maximum Uptime Guarantee

Best Cloudflare alternatives

Is your website page takes a long time to respond to the user request?. Then the Cloudflare alternatives are the best choice for content delivery to worldwide customers. Moreover, These content delivery networks (CDN) provide maximum uptime for website pages. The faster content delivery to the user request with all-time web content availability makes the CDN the best Cloudflare alternative in 2022.

How to Find the Best Cloudflare Alternatives?

There are three crucial things when choosing the best alternative to Cloudflare CDN:

  1. The CDN performance measured faster data transfer during user requests to our web pages. The best caching techniques make speedier performance with several data centers available worldwide.
  2. Edge storage with easier access and faster download speeds during customer data processing.
  3. A Web content optimizer for images, videos, and then text provides the fly data caching in CDN.

These things guide us to find the best alternative to Cloudflare CDN.

Top Cloudflare Alternatives for Faster Content Delivery

We list seven Cloudflare alternatives with highly secured content delivery, even in remote places. A wide range of storage, faster caching, protection against DDoS attacks, and then optimized images are the essential features of Best CDN. Additional features apart from that list make tough fights while selecting the best Cloudflare alternative. Maximum availability with quicker content delivery upon user request guides to find a suitable replacement for Cloudflare CDN. 

1. Bunny CDN – The Best Cloudflare Alternative

Bunny CDN best cloudflare alternatives

Bunny CDN is one of the best replacements for Cloudflare CDN by its lightning-fast content delivery. The global bunny CDN provides Edge storage with an optimization service for faster web content delivery. It offers consistent data delivery with maximum uptime. The scalable infrastructure makes the CDN work at higher download speeds. Moreover, NVMe and SSD servers with Perma cache make faster data processing during the customer request on web pages. The SSL encryption and real-time monitoring provide the best security for the web content in bunny CDN.

Features of bunny CDN

  • Instant purging helps invalidate content in seconds and offers updated content worldwide with HTTP/2 access.
  • Real-time monitoring and insights with DDoS protection give maximum security to our data.
  • Edge Storage engine controls content delivery, safety, and then authentication for data access.
  • Robust security with geo-restriction is available with easy-to-use control panels.
  • 24×7 support is available, and then private slack channels are also used in customer support.
  • Ninety-six global data centers around six continents with 99.9 percent uptime.

2. Google Cloud CDN 

Google Cloud - cloudflare alternatives

Google Cloud CDN is the best Cloudflare alternatives for content delivery with IP addresses. It supports hybrid multi-cloud architecture in the cloud CDN for higher performance. The distributed edge caching makes maximum uptime for the web content with faster access. HTTP/2 and QUIC improve the site performance even in mobile browsers. Moreover, The cloud CDN with HTTPS load balancing provides the site date with no downtime issues. Managed SSL and content protection against DDoS attacks are available with real-time monitoring in Google cloud CDN.

Features of Google Cloud CDN

  • HTTP capable compute engine with storage buckets.
  • Fine-grained control over Cache keys and then TTLs.
  • Route matching with cloud CDN uses load balancing during high traffic conditions.
  • Modern protocols like Quic and Anycast IP.
  • Customizable SSL encryption with logging auditing.
  • Distributed caches with authentication for its access.

3. Securi CDN

Securi CDN - cloudflare alternative

Securi CDN is the better substitute for Cloudflare CDN for the best website performance. Secure CDN caches our website pages automatically and enables speed optimization methods to ensure good website performance. Moreover, It offers healthy protection against DDoS attacks with guaranteed malware removal. Secure CDN provides maximum uptime and then improved website speed. Moreover, the distributed network is available in the CDN for better content delivery.

Features of secure CDN

  • It offers WAF protection against DDoS attacks with the whitelisted IP address.
  • Automatics SSL encryption makes protected data transfer during user requests.
  • High-performance caching helps with website optimization.
  • Secure CDN network has a wide range of data centers worldwide.
  • Twenty-four hours of malware scanning with dedicated support.

4. Rocket CDN

Rocket CDN

Rocket CDN is the best alternative to Cloudflare CDN with premium optimization for speed performance. It is directly integrated with WP rocket for WordPress websites. Rocket CDN gives better end-user access with HTTPS encryption during the data transfer. Moreover, Global PoPs are available to reduce bandwidth during high traffic encounters. So we can achieve maximum uptime with rocket CDN. The fifty-plus edge storage location is available worldwide for faster content access.

Features of Rocket CDN

  • Stackpath powers the rocket CDN with its high-performance CDN for content delivery.
  • Easy integration with WordPress websites and then simple CDN dashboard access.
  • Page caching, cache preloading, and then browser caching provide faster content availability to end-user with no downtime.
  • GZIP, eCommerce optimization for images and product details with secured access.
  • Lazy load, database optimization, and then reduced latency improve website availability.

5. Fastly CDN

Fastly CDN

The Fastly CDN in the suitable Cloudflare alternative 2022 for high-performance websites with secured content access. Its compute engine gives edge storage with media streaming and then load balancing at high traffic conditions. However, The modern CDN offers built-in security for its content. The guarantee includes a Next-gen firewall, DDoS, API, and then Bot protection against hacker attacks. Moreover, The image optimization and TLS encryption ensure better site performance with fastly CDN.

Features of Fastly CDN

  • It offers good dashboard insights with problem troubleshooting options.
  • Fine-grained control over-rapid changes in website data storage.
  • API-friendly configuration with POP networks for content storage and then delivery.
  • Higher security even with modern application integrations.
  • Steam-line workflow for faster web performance with 24×7 SLA support.
  • Dynamic site acceleration with HTTP header control.

6. StackPath CDN

StackPath CDN

StackPath CDN is one of the best Cloudflare alternatives 2022 for high-performance websites to meet end-user expectations. We know it is challenging to choose CDN between cloud and hard location. Finally, the end-user satisfaction will achieve the best alternative to Cloudflare. Moreover, the Stackpath CDN provides comprehensive built-in capabilities for faster content delivery. The content protection and its assert optimization make the difference when selecting the best alternative to Cloudflare.

Features of StackPath CDN

  • It provides better website acceleration with simple API integration for content delivery.
  • Large file delivery like HD and 4K videos are segmented for users’ faster delivery.
  • Content customization is possible with SEO and image optimization methods.
  • Quicker content delivery is possible with a wide range of edge storage locations worldwide.
  • It improves content security with DDoS Protection, firewall, and then SSL encryption.
  • Built-in analytics and reporting are available in the dashboard with restful API.

7. CDN77 – The better cloudflare alternatives


The CDN77 is one of the best Cloudflare alternative for content delivery with client-based websites containing large data. Especially this CDN is helpful for video content delivery and media file websites. The CDN77 has a robust network with three thousand plus ISPs for content delivery to end-users with maximum availability. It has optimized for advanced video content delivery with MP4 and CMAF formats. Moreover, HTML5 player helps in faster live video streaming. This CDN has been helpful in content delivery at Udemy like learning websites. The best security for web content access has been achieved using HTTP/2 and then SSL encryption.

Features of CDN77

  • Advanced Video engineering for video content delivery at CDN77.
  • Highest performance for live video streaming in all video formats.
  • Video encoding, transcoding with HTML5 streaming possible with video CDN
  • Latest TLS, Optimized HTTP/2, and then SSL encryption for safer data transfer
  • Smart WAF firewall, hotlink protection, and then DDoS protection are available with CDN77.
  • It is a client-based CDN with a multilayer caching setup for quicker data access and maximum uptime.
  • 24×7 tech support is available at CDN77.

Conclusion – best Cloudflare Alternatives 2022

By wrapping up the best Cloudflare alternatives in 2022, The Cloudflare CDN provides the best website performance with advanced caching methods. The security and content optimization for storage and access needs to be improved in for best CDN. We require the best computation engine with load balancing to achieve higher download speed with maximum uptime. The best replacement for Cloudflare CDN will include these features.

In the end, Bunny CDN is the best alternative to Cloudflare, with a SmartEdge routing engine for faster performance. Moreover, It offers Perma cache is available for the all-time content availability. So there will be no downtime issues during user requests at any location. The higher security with WAF and DDoS protection against hacker attacks makes it one of the best Cloudflare alternatives in 2022.

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    Cloudflare is definitely one of the best free CDN. I am using it for the last 8 years. Apart from it, I have used Bunny CDN for one of my blogs and it works really well. Support and performance are also very good. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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