Best 7 AI Writing Tools 2022 to Generate High Quality Contents


Are you looking for the best AI writing tools?. Then AI writing platforms help create blog posts, articles, and marketing messages faster than we write manually. We can write high-quality content for marketing with SEO-optimized content. Moreover, it helps create long-form articles of more than a thousand words for blog posts. The best AI writing assistants have a style editor, grammar checker, and then plagiarism checker.

We have many AI writing websites in recent times, so there is no need to download and install software for AI writing. We can also use these AI writing platforms to generate content for eCommerce websites. Moreover, these AI writing software gives suggestion messages during conversations. So we can achieve faster communication effectively during customer service. Best AI writing tools even help generate creative marketing copies in sales promotions.

Top AI Writing Software tools for Faster Content Creation

Best AI writing tools generate content faster for marketing and sales promotions. It helps create high-quality, SEO-optimized content for blog posts and even social media promotions. Advanced style editors, research tools, and copywriting techniques help create unique content for automated marketing campaigns. The AI article writer and text generator from the citation verification give high-quality content in minutes. Here we have listed seven AI writing tools for content generation and then copywriting.

1. ProWritingaid – AI writing Assistant


ProWriting Aid is the best AI-powered writing assistant for brilliant writers to convey their thoughts as an SEO-optimized article. This AI writing software provides menu script editing for product descriptions. Moreover, the style editor helps in generating ads and marketing content for sales promotions. It helps improve our writing quickly with spelling, Readability, and grammar checks. The editing tool highlights the elements in writing such as repetitiveness, sentence length, adverbs, passive voice, etc.

Features of ProWritingAID

  • We can use it for creative, business, and then academic wring style editors.
  • It helps shorten the writing with interactive options like videos and quizzes. 
  • ProWritingAID can enhance reputation, improve efficiency, and provides brand consistency.
  • Integrations with MS word, Google docs, and then chrome for writing with plagiarism checks.
  • 20+ writing reports are available to enhance the quality of content.
  • This AI writing tool eliminates the error in writing at a quicker time.

2. Copymatic.AI

Copymatic AI writing tool

Copymatic.AI is the free AI writing tool for writing blog posts, articles, and then social media advertisements. It helps create unique, engaging copy content in minutes for marketing needs. Moreover, we can generate content in more than twenty languages. The array of AI tools guides the creation of marketing ads and long-form blog posts. We can generate unlimited SEO-optimized blog posts, website content, social media ads, and then marketing content using in minutes.

Features of

  • Write unique and human-like content with GPT-3 AI language models
  • These AI writing tools are optimized for team conversation with suggestion responses.
  • We can generate all types of copy and content with 50+ available tools.
  • The Ai writing tool provides a sentence writer with grammar and then plagiarism checks.
  • API access is open with WordPress plugin support.
  • It helps to create human-like content from the description details given to Copymatic.

3. WriteSonic

Writesonic AI writing software

WriteSonic is an AI-powered content generator for marketing ads, blog posts, and then product descriptions. This AI writing platform helps generate google ads, landing page content, blog posts, emails, and then product descriptions in minutes. We can create content and marketing copies in more than 18 languages. It helps mainly for marketing teams, freelancers, and agencies with effectiveness in content generation. More than forty-plus content templates are available for a quicker content generation with a short description. 

Features of Writesonic 

  • Writesonic helps write website copies like landing page content and meta description.
  • This AI writing tool can create digital ads for Facebook, Google, and other social media sites.
  • The AI article writer helps in generating blog posts from intro and then description.
  • We can create eCommerce copies with product titles and descriptions.
  • It helps to edit, copy and then share the AI-generated content.

4. Sapling.AI

Sapling AI Writing Platform is the best AI messaging assistant for content generation in customer service activities. It has the best tools like grammar check, auto-complete sentences, snippets, and then chat assistant. Sapling provides faster team-facing customer communication, even in live chats. The sapling is top in the CRM with AI-powered sales and support with automatic personalized responses. Sapling Suggest is best for charts and then helpdesk ticketing with relevant answers.

Features of 

  • Quicker responses in customer communication with Sapling Suggest.
  • It helps to reduce customer response time with auto-complete features.
  • Saplings snippet macros are easy to insert during conversations with customers.
  • We can improve grammar and language quality with a machine learning system.
  • Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction with the best messaging platform with an AI writing tool.

5. Copysmith AI Writing Platform

Copysmith AI writing platform is the AI writing platform for creating an eCommerce website with high-quality content. It helps in creating SEO-optimized product descriptions for higher customer conversion. Many templates are available in this AI writing platform to scale, promote and launch products. Team collaboration can also be possible using AI-powered writing tools with auto-suggestions during the sales conversation. Campaign builder helps in creating successful marketing content.

Features of

  • It helps in wring long-form blog posts in lesser time.
  • Copysmith can generate unique and original content with plagiarism checks.
  • Seven days free trial is available in the AI writing tool.
  • It supports SEO-based writing and growth marketing content generations.
  • This content writing tool is specially built for eCommerce agencies and then stores.

6. Jasper AI

Jasper AI writing Software

Jasper is the AI-powered content writing tool that helps generate content for blogs, websites, social media, and then promotional ads. Using Jasper AI, we can generate clever headlines, video scripts, and then email content for marketing copies. It provides AI-based content generation with SEO optimization and opinion from the marketing experts. Moreover, The writing experts teach how to write blog posts, social media content, and articles with AI writing tools. It helps to boost conversion by generating variants in the ad content. 

Features of Jasper AI

  • It helps create the first draft of the blog post 10x faster with the AI writing tool.
  • The ideas from the robot guide creative content generation in minutes.
  • We can scale up the existing content with SEO optimized for marketing.
  • Jasper AI helps write long content like blog posts, reports, emails, and then stories.
  • It supports more than twenty-five languages for creative content generation and delivery.
  • Jasper provides keyword-rich and plagiarism-free quality content creation for websites and blog posts.

7. AI Writer 

AI writer platfom

AI writer is the best automatic content generation platform with AI writing tools. It guides the creation of content for marketing, blog posts, and website pages. The art-AI writing tool helps in creating articles from the headline. The AI text generator helps in a full-length blog post in a shorter time. Moreover, we can arrange the list of citations to verify information in the AI-generated blog posts. It helps in generating SEO-friendly unique content for marketing and website landing pages.

Features of AI Writer

  • This AI article writer generates unique articles from headlines with better content marketing features.
  • The text rewording helps in republishing the content without any duplicate content issues.
  • It causes accurate content generation with citation verification.
  • The SEO-based text editor allows you to place the right keywords.
  • We can create trustworthy content from the competitor’s content using AI writing assistants.
  • The AI-generated content can be directly published in WordPress blogs using AI Writer and text editor.

Conclusion – Best AI Writing Tools 2022

Wrapping up Best AI writing tools 2022 helps generate unique and creative, high-quality content in minutes. These AI writing websites generate marketing copies with SEO-optimized content generation. Moreover, the Ad content, video scripts, blog posts, and marketing content can be developed with different variants. So we can promote the products on various marketing platforms like social media sites. 

The AI writing platforms help generate faster content even during team conversations with auto-complete sentences. The more immediate suggestion of responses during customer support and sales conversation are also special features of the best AI writer. Moreover, these tools help build eCommerce stores to generate product descriptions for higher conversion. In the end, ProWritingAid is the best AI writing tool for blog, website, and marketing content generation. 

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