Best IP Camera Software & Apps That Are Worth Using

Are you looking for the best IP camera software to download on your PC? or searching for the excellent security & monitoring app for your mobile phone? If yes, then this post would help you get a good one! 

The modern lifestyle is pretty concerned about its privacy and secrecy; the people often worry about their belongings highly even it might be very small or cheap.

Security Cameras has become mandatory for our daily lifestyle that ensures the complete safety and security of the valuable things and premises from intruders or burgles.

It has become a prevalent practice that people are keeping the Security Spy Cameras for the surveillance of their premises.

The security spy cameras like CCTV and IP or Internet Protocol Cameras are now can be remotely monitored and controlled from anywhere using the variety of software and apps.

These IP Camera setups can be accessed on iPhone, Android, Windows or Mac, there is a verity of software available for these devices for such your home or office security spy cameras.

And can you believe your smartphone can be converted into a home security camera? Yes, It can.

If you own a smartphone regardless iPhone or Android or any other, you can ensure the safety of your buildings through this mobile security monitoring as a free Wi-Fi security camera.

Most of all the trusted IP security camera manufacturers offer the smartphone IP camera apps and software for sophisticated and reliable monitoring.

Here in this post, I’m discussing the best free IP Camera Software and Apps available for PC and Smartphones.

Best 6 Free IP Security Camera Software For PC


1. Camera Viewer Pro

Camera Viewer Pro is one of the famous free IP camera surveillance software available in the store, with easy control and configuration.

The application provides best features and is most user-friendly for the PC users. It is compatible with primary IP Cameras and USB web camera devices.

It takes very fewer system resources intend the application is brilliant and uses 0%-1% of the CPU memory during the surveillance.

The recording will be automatically stored in the computer storage, and you can customize the storage directory and the number of days to delete automatically.

The Default Frame Rate is 1 and setting the frame rate much higher makes recording smooth.

Download Camera Viewer Pro

2. ContaCam

It is another best free IP Camera software with which you can manage surveillance cameras. The software comes packed with the surveillance features that makes your PC into CCTV camera, along with frame rate adjustment for motion detection.

The schedule is found less worthy since it can specify only a range of time per frame per day. It has the latest version updated a couple of months back.

If you are looking for the free IP camera software Windows 10, then you may go with it. It has integrated web server with the password protection as well. 

Download Contaware

 3. Foscam

If you’re looking for a complete solution for the home security, then your choice should be Foscam. It is brilliant software that specializes in Home/SME market. 

It can monitor 16 cameras at a page and supports five alarm types. This leading IP video camera player never let you down at any cost. 

For the setup and doing other stuff, you will get the installation guide and the video tutorials. Give a try!

Download Foscam

4. Net Cam Studio

NetCam Studio is an advanced IP Camera software developed by Moonware Studios. The application has a bunch of expert functions along with a great user interface, and it has a list of pre-configured network cameras.

It even does have Cloud Storage feature that syncs recordings live to cloud, audio detection, license plate recognition, and NAS.

NetCam Studio requires the NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2012 C++ redistributable as pre-requisites for successful installation of the application.

You can use this free IP camera software to monitor home, office, pets, and kids. You can sync the alerts with either Google Drive or Dropbox.

Download Net Cam Studio

5. iSpy

The iSpy is an IP Camera software developed as Open Source camera software with the vast variety of features to monitor the sleeping baby, machinery, pets, staff and more. It is regarded as best Open Source IP camera software for windows platform.

It supports audio monitoring which is absent in other such software. Still, there are some features that don’t work correctly. The Remote Streaming and Email alerts are only available in premium version.

However, this best IP camera software free download allows you to monitor motion detection & monitoring, YouTube uploading, Twitter & Email alerts and much more.

Download iSpy

6. Genius Vision NVR Community Edition

Genius Vision is another excellent multiplatform and popular surveillance security camera software with enterprise-grade. The official community edition offers the free version of 16-channels with 4-channel intelligent video limits for the advanced security.

The application is the best choice for home and non-commercial uses, but it is quite hard to configure since it uses unusual terms.

The online manual isn’t much help for the users, and the UI looks the bit old-fashioned. Genius Vision NVR can be downloaded for free from the official website.

Download NVR By Genius Vision

So far, I have discussed the best IP camera software that can be downloaded for free. Now, let’s see the list of Security IP Camera App available for the Smartphones!

Best 5 Free IP Camera App List

1. WardenCam

The WardenCam is a favorite security app for Android and iOs smartphones that could be run on tablets and phones. The app works over the internet connection, video and audio are monitored by the app.

This best IP camera app could be logged in with Google Account; two devices can be utilized for the surveillance including one for video recording and other for viewing the video with its unique motion detection feature.

The features of the WardenCam include motion detection, Scheduled Motion Detection, Night Vision Mode, Cloud Storage and ultra HD video and audio detection.

Download WardenCam App

2. OpticaMobile

The OpticaMobile is online surveillance application designed by Optica, which is a leading manufacturer of high-definition IP cameras. OpticaMobile is available for iPhones and Android devices. While the OpticaMobile HD can be used for iPads.

This IP camera app for these devices offers a variety of features in support for the users to improve their vigilance over this IP cameras. The features that the application delivers include live video streaming, bookmarking, audio, snapshots, dual stream support, and PTZ control of Optica’s P218Z speed dome.

The app for the Optica IP cameras focuses on improving the viewing experience including quad-view mode and hence makes a very convenient way to monitor the Optica IP camera system from anywhere.

Download OpticaMobile App  

3. Manything

The freemium IP camera surveillance application is developed to be compatible with iOS and the Android devices to monitor pets, baby, house premises or anything.

The Manything app can turn your smart device like iPhone or iPad into a wireless security camera without any huge costs. If you make use of any spare device, there won’t be much huge expense like choosing a typical security camera.

The Manything app can be installed on your device and remotely watch the live stream from another phone, which is pretty simple and easy to set up. The app has innovative features like motion sensing, cloud, talking function, and stills the only mode.

The advanced motion sensor can activate camera from doze mode and make it record automatically, and alert the user as a burglar alarm. The user can customize the level of motion sensitivity and the motion detection zones.

Download Manything App

4. Ivideon

The Ivideon is a popular multiplatform IP camera app developed by the Mobile Video Solutions with 2 million users worldwide.

It is one of the best video surveillance app available for smartphones for remote video monitoring and recording for security cameras, IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs.

It offers beneficial features including cloud storage, camera access, embeds surveillance feeds, customizable video access quality, and search video events.

Cameras can be connected to the app very quickly with least user efforts. The latest version of the app has introduced support to PTZ cameras which can remotely manage of direction and zoom).

The Ivison customers can get help support on standby 24/7. The app lacks Linux client, and it is found abruptly shut down occasions.

Download Ivideon App

5. Alfred

Alfred is one of the most popular, economical and efficient apps for the video surveillance. The app is recognized to be the most downloaded security camera app in google play which is recommended by 8 million families and others.

The Alfred is compatible with Android and iOs devices; users don’t need to go through sign-ups and logins to use the app.

The app can turn your old smartphones into surveillance camera with useful features other than remote access like the motion sensor, instant alerts, 360 cams, Zoom, night vision, and walkie-talkie. The walkie-talkie features enable the user to interact with babies, delivery man, pets, etc.

Download Alfred App

Wrapping Up 

Instead of spending too much of bucks for the home or office security, you may try any of the IP camera software for free listed in this post. 

These applications are mostly used by the people for remote video surveillance from different platforms. These free best IP Camera Software & Apps can be used for home security, real-time notifications, and alerts of all activities.

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