Build Stunning Ecommerce Websites with WixStores

The e-commerce world is growing rapidly and thus building the perfect online store is more important to attract huge customers.

Are you looking for a great choice to make your own online store for your small business? Do you want to create an e-commerce website from scratch like Hurryguru who are selling mobile cases efficiently?

Whatever it may be, you don’t need to deepen your hunt anymore! Yes, I come with a perfect choice to build impressive e-commerce sites with the grand layout.

WixStores is nothing but a great, professional e-commerce website builder where you may create a stunning online store.

Let’s get into the discussion of this user-friendly drag and drop e-commerce website builder. What are the essentials to build an online store with WixStores?

WiX – An Overview is a leading web development platform founded in the year 2006, which allows customers to build a remarkable online presence at no cost.

It reached 1 Million users in 2009 and the exciting features like HTML 5 & App market were launched in the year 2012. But now, has attained over 60 Million users from 190 countries with an average of 45,000 new sign-ups daily.


Their main aim is to empower people to create a specialized website and manage their business online without any coding skill. Thus, you may reflect your brand through your unique Wix website, which will look great on any device. Integrating blog and social media to your business website is a notable feature of this cloud-based platform.

Create a WiX eCommerce site

One of the amazing things of Wix that I’d like to highlight is that the possibility of making your own online store that sells your product or service. With the help of WixStores, you may create the mobile-optimized e-Commerce website and manage everything from one place.

Since the WixStores uses an intuitive user interface, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person with coding skills. Tracking the orders, getting paid easily, promoting the sales and managing the shipping are the spectacular functionalities exist for you in WixStores.

Likewise, you will get multiple payment solutions, secure checkout, coupons, and discount features to customize an online store to your website, which would let you pull more clients for your product/service.

Getting Started with WixStores

To start selling your product or service online, you’ll need to create an online store. To build an online store with WixStores, you have to complete the sign-up process which is simple and can be finished in a matter of a few seconds.

After signed-up, you’ll need to choose the category “Online Store” and another sub-category. I’ve chosen Gadgets & Electronics for my new project. Next, you will be getting some suitable templates to select the options “Edit” and “View”. Pick a dazzling template from WixStores to make your online store.


By clicking “Edit” option on your preferred template, you may start to personalize your online store with a variety of customization tools at the sidebar as shown in the below image


Once the personalization has done, you may save your work by naming it and hit “Publish” to make your e-commerce site live. To reap the benefits of paid versions of Wix, click the “Upgrade” option.


Best Features of WixStores

I’d like, to sum up, the best features for WixStores for better understanding.

1. Dazzling Templates

It is easier to build amazing e-commerce websites with WixStores as it has hundreds of eye-catching HTML5 templates. Besides, all these designs are responsive and thus they would look good on all mobile devices.

2. Trouble-free Editor

The editor of WixStores is a pleasure to use. It’s a drag and drop type, which allows us to do a lot of customization. You will be amazed by the variety of tools available to design the website, and you just need to choose the elements, include the content and hit “Publish” to make your e-commerce website go live.

Here everything is HTML5 based and the editor offers preset color palettes to create your own settings to produce unique online stores.

3. Free Hosting

You will also get secure, free hosting from Wix. Even if you’re not using their premium packages, they provide hosting for your website free of cost. Thus, you may focus only on building your online store and don’t need to be bothered about technical issues.

4. Powerful Applications

The powerful applications of will help you to create a fully functional e-commerce website with advanced features like newsletters, social calendars, contact forms, Facebook comments, PayPal, and so on.

Moreover, it has tons of hassle-free apps and services to boost the performance of your e-commerce website.

5. Amazing Galleries

WixStores offers thousands of free images and icons to customize your site. Allowing you to upload the audio & video files to promote your product/service and add an iTunes button to spread the music are the astonishing features of WixStores that you need to be aware of.

6. Manage & Track your store

Adding new items or filling more product details can be done with minimal effort. Similarly, you can easily manage and track your inventory, include variants and status with WixStores. Based on the customer location, it is possible to set the tax and shipping rates too.

7. Great Support

I really like the dedicated support from Wix through the phone and online support. You may get many video tutorials to build a site and if you face any severe problems, you can get help from its 24 x 7 live support center. Phone support is available for both free and premium users and you may visit their forum and FAQ section to clear your queries.

More from Wix e-commerce website builder

Apart from the above-discussed WixStores’ best features, below are its distinguished features to run your successful e-commerce business.

  • In-depth product pages for every product.
  • More personalization features with colors, pictures, etc.
  • Manage contacts and keep the interaction going.
  • Online store with the stunning storefront.
  • Discount code creator.
  • Automatic email notification.
  • Showcase sales & offers with a ribbon.
  • Special thanks message after every order.
  • Share coupon codes through Shoutout newsletter

Plans and Prices of Wix

Wix Free plan – All of the templates of Wix are available for the never-expiring free plan, but they come with limited features.

Wix Premium options – Wix offers 5 different pricing plans with plenty of features like improved apps, e-commerce functionality and support preference. Have a look at the below image to grab the paid options of Wix website builder.


How To Improve Your E-commerce Sales?

Operating an e-commerce site takes a lot of hard work. You must concentrate your energies on strategies that improve sales. One such strategy is online product merchandising. Essentially, you must mimic strategies used to sell items in stores, except doing so within the confines of your website.

Rather than arranging items on shelves, you can put images together in sensible and attractive ways. You can also use image captions to hold the attention of your website visitors.

Your online visual merchandising strategy must be designed to move visitors through your website to your ordering system to maximize conversion rates. Strategic placement of videos and testimonials can also help you with that strategy.

 Final Words

If you wish to build a beautiful and interactive website for your e-commerce business with a creative and fun experience, WixStores comes handy for you. You will not get disappointed with the range of well-designed templates and plentiful Wix apps to construct a stunning online store.

I’d say that WixStores is a robust eCommerce website builder with a flawless reputation. Versatility, simplicity, and the wide collection of templates & apps are the outstanding features of its online store builder, WixStores. You can build a stylish and functional e-commerce site that really sells even if you don’t have coding skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Start making your professional and visually striking e-commerce website through WixStores today!

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