How to Check Airpod Battery On Android?


Do you want to check Airpod Battery on Android phone? If yes, then this post is for you! Check the best ways of seeing Airpod Battery through your phone

Airpods have widely been used by us to entertain with music and also to stay connected with others on calls. While you are fascinated about your Apple Airpods, you need to remember that it works like yet another Bluetooth headphone at the end of the day. The unfortunate thing about using Apple products is that all of them demand Apple’s inbuilt app.

If you have been using Airpods on your Android phones, you may often feel the need to check the Airpod battery on Android. The pairing process is easy but checking battery level can be quite complicated. In this post, I shall be discussing ways on how to check AirPods battery life on Android.

3 Ways To Check Airpods Battery On Android Phone

1. PodAir

PodAir is an Android application that is meant to check the battery levels of Airpods. It comes in handy in your Android phone as it occupies only 6.6MB. If you are wondering how to check airpod pro battery on Android, this app is the solution.

The app supports several Apple products including Airpods 1 and 2 and Airpods Pro. After using this app, I have found that it has an exclusive option to find battery status for each side separately. This lets you charge at the right time without letting the AirPods die due to poor battery levels.

Even if you are using an Android phone, this app gives an accurate percentage, unlike Apple. For instance, if it is 47%, PodAir highlights as such but Apple mentions only the nearest rounded figure. The only concern is that you may have to use only original Airpods and not clones.

Here are the top three reasons to use this app.

  • Automatic connection eliminating human intervention to connect each time.
  • User-friendly interace with automatic notifications to inform you about the battery level.
  • Accurate battery status unlike any other apps or even Apple’s airpod app.

An interesting part of this application is that the developer also has an application to find stolen or lost Airpods. All that you need to do is to download and install.

2. AirBattery

AirBattery is one of the widely used apps to check the battery level. For those of you asking how to check airpod 2 battery on android, AirBattery is an extraordinary app simplifying the process of connecting and monitoring battery conditions.

When you purchase an Airpod, it is your duty to maintain its upkeep by following a charging schedule. Here is how you should go with AirBattery.

  • Type AirBattery on your playstore.
  • You can find the app as such. Download and Install.
  • As soon as you install, you may have to check Airpod type. You can use the same application even if you are using other devices like Powerbeats.
  • Allow permission to display notifications on your status bar. The advantage of doing this is that you can get notified on the battery level of left and right airpods. If you are wondering how to check airpod case battery on android, this application does that as well.

There is a pro version provided by this application. This includes a lock screen notification and comes at the price of $1. As the app is also undergoing upgrades, the price can fluctuate over course of time.

3. AirBuds

Whether you have a headphone meant for Android or an Airpod, you can use this dual-functional Airbuds popup app. This comes in free and pro versions.

There are three reasons for me to choose this app.

  • Automatic display of battery status in the locked state.
  • It uses only 1-2% for it to remain as the background app and monitor your Airpods.
  • Simple, easy to use, and quick with regular updates that don’t occupy much of the space in your phone but always gives the latest information and feature.

If you have come this far, we understand that you are keen to make a decision in choosing the best app for determining battery level on an Android device. Well, we wanted you to stop for a moment as we are revealing a bonus application that we have been using as well.



MaterialPods is one of the top-rated apps to check battery level of Airpod on Android phones. What is so impressive about this application is that there are innumerable features adding visual richness and enhancing user experiences.

From the time I have been using this app, I identified that it can work for Airpods Pro, Gen 1, Gen 2, and PowerBeats Pro. There are five reasons to stress this app over all the other apps listed above.

  • There are light and dark themes so it does not affect the usability.
  • The animations are wonderful to an extent that I found it more conversational. Never would you get stuck after using this app.
  • There are play/pause options.
  • Some of the features that are not typical in any other apps but seen in MaterialPods are change of text, enable/disable options, margins, and corner radius.

The final reason to suggest this application is that all of these features are available free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything. Upon using this app, you can also get the feel of using the iPhone as the UI is designed extraordinarily well.

Final thoughts

It is extremely important to choose the right app to know the battery level of airpod along with the case from your Android phone. It is habitual for us to use Airpods on an Android phone but for those of us who can’t afford an iPhone just for the sake of Airpods, these apps come to the rescue.

All of these applications have given great user experiences and are easy to use as well. When you use them, you may never have to resort back to iPhone to use Airpods. These apps also let you build up charging routines, maintain your Airpods, paying attention to the case in addition to left and right pods. What are you waiting for? Start using them!

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  1. It is extremely important to choose the right app to know the battery level of airpod along with the case from your Android phone. It is habitual for us to use Airpods on an Android phone but for those of us who can’t afford an iPhone just for the sake of Airpods, these apps come to the rescue.

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  4. Launch the Google Play Store and search for “AirBattery” developed by Georg Friedrich, or just go here. Install the app on your Android device. Once installed open the lid of your connected AirPods’ charging case.

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