How To Do Competitor Backlink Analysis?


Is your website rank top in SERPs for a keyword? The quality backlinks make it possible always and drive much traffic as well. The competitor analysis helps to build quality links to improve position in SERPs. So how to do a competitor backlink analysis for our website? It helps to drive more targeted traffic to our website based on the keyword search.

The competitor backlink analysis is performed by domain level and web page level with keywords. It helps to identify the competitor page quality compared with ours and makes better link building to compete.

The backlink checker and backlink analysis tools are available to perform domain-level and page-level analysis. The metrics like link quality, domain authority, anchor text, linking domain backlinks, and citation flow are available in the best competitor link analysis.  

I use three-link parts to analyze competitors’ backlinks, such as quality, link position, and content relevancy.

Importance Of Analyzing The Competitor Backlinks

Our competitors and we are focusing on the same market but not the same audience. So the competitor’s backlink analysis helps find a method to rank top in search engines for a particular keyword. So we can use the same strategy to improve site rank in SERPs. 

The backlink analysis gives how easy and difficult to rank higher for a particular keyword. We can also target a group of keywords to compete for domain-level competition. It can help to identify new traffic sources and authority websites in our market. 

Moreover, the competitor analysis helps to increase our page authority by citation and trust from backlinks. The broken links are identified, and prober redirection can increase the authority of the domain as well. We have the best competitor’s backlink analysis tools to compete them in SERPs. 

Best Tools For Competitors Backlink Analysis

The best competitor’s backlink analysis tool should provide both domain-level analysis and web page-level analysis. To do the analysis, we need our targeted audience and keywords to rank higher in the SERPs. These tools will analyze the link quality through SEO metrics such as linking domain authority and anchor texts. 

1. Ahref Site Explorer 

Ahref Site Explorer has three tools for backlink research. It uses organic keyword search to find the competitors for a particular keyword. The backlink checks will identify the links of the competitor’s pages and domains for those specific keywords. It also analyses the paid search involvement in the SERPs.

The fastest backlink crawler helps find several backlinks and their authority by a given keyword for a competitor’s backlink analysis. The backlink profile tool helps page-level backlink analysis with linking page domain authority, linked domains, page traffic, and content relevancy by anchor text.

Ahref site explorer also has competing domains tools that help find a list of domains competing for that particular keyword. It gives the domain authority and no of backlinks for competing domains as well.

Features Of Ahref Site Explorer

  • We can do competitor analysis for both domain level and page level.
  • The new links and lost links can be identified by regular checking.
  • The referring domain and its metrics are available with PPC and google search tools.
  • Site explorers can identify broken links and then links by domain lost to improve ranking.
  • It shows Link quality by doing follow, no follow with referring domain authority.

2. Neil Patel Backlink Checker

Neil Patel uses a backlink checker for competitor backlink analysis and a Ubersuggest tool for keyword analysis. It provides domain level, page URL level, and subdomain level backlink analysis for a website. Backlinks checker gives the number of backlinks, referring domains, domain score with organic traffic for the given domain.

The competitive analysis provides the source page of the links with its authority by domain score and referral page score. Backlink checker also gives anchor text and last seen date for competitors URL. Ubersuggest provides competitive domains and pages for targeted keywords.

Features Of Neil Patel Backlink Checker

  • It uses advanced link filtering options for competitive analysis.
  • The links are exported with individual and combined parameters with a filter.
  • The backlinks are identified by region, anchor text, page score and then domain score.
  • The link quality is analysed using no follow, do follow and links per domain.
  • We can also use ubersuggest and traffic checker tools for competitive analysis.

3. Majestic SEO backlink Checker

The majestic SEO offers a backlink checker and bulk backlink checker for competitor analysis. We can also use the site explorer tool to find website traffic, links, and keywords for rank improvements. It provides two classifications in backlinks by citation flow and trust flow with no-follow and do-follow.

The backlink from the high authority website gives more credit than normal websites. So while doing competitor analysis, we need to check the number of links and the quality of the link. We can do page level and domain level competitive analysis with given keywords using bulk backlink checkers. 

Features Of Majestic SEO Backlink Checker

  • It uses the site explorer feature to find competitors link even in bulk in numbers.
  • Backlink checker provides trust flow and citations flow for the given web page.
  • It has five years of historic data with a comparison suite that helps the competitive analysis easier.
  • The domain comparison is available with backlink history.
  • We can analyse the backlinks with growth gap overflow metrics.

4. Monitor Backlinks

The monitor backlinks tool helps to improve SERP ranks by competitor’s backlink analysis. It is the best tool for SEO agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs to monitor backlink profiles and track the influential backlinks to create brand relationships. 

The reverse engineering with keywords and backlinks of competitors helps to identify the best backlinks strategies. It fights with the negative SEO ranking by bad links and broken links. The simplified workflow used to import data from Moz, google webmaster, majestic, and Ahref for competitive analysis.

Features Of Monitor Backlinks

  • It provides automatic monitoring of backlinks of competitors from various sources.
  • We can easily find trust flow, citation flow, spam, domain and Page scores for every backlink.
  • It has comparison charts for keyword ranking for competitors with ours.
  • Monitor backlinks help to spot backlink pattern for ranking improvements.
  • One of the best easy to use tools with email reports and alerts.

5. SEO SpyGlass

SEP SpyGlass is the best backlink analysis tool in the SEO powerSuite from link-assistant. One of the best competitors’ backlink analysis tools is available with data import from its backlink checker and google search console, etc. We can monitor backlinks by location, do-follow & no-follow, and then page authority with domain comparison reports.

The backlink quality is analyzed by anchor text, linked pages, and influences with its authority. The external domain factors, search engine indexing data are to be available for competitor’s analysis.

Features Of SpyGlass

  • Schedule backlinks check with reports summary.
  • We can create unlimited projects with unlimited backlinks for competitive analysis.
  • The number of websites for domain comparison is restricted based on the plans.
  • We can import the backlinks from multiple sources for competitive analysis.
  • We can analyse the backlinks from the historical data and exports the reports as well.

6. Moz Link Explorer

The best backlinks checker is available with Moz link explorer. By entering the website URL, we will have the complete backlink profile of the given domain. We can get a comprehensive analysis for the given URL with competitive domains as well.

The competitor backlink analysis was performed by link gap analysis. It uses the link intersect tool to enter our domain in the first field and the competitor’s domain in the following field. We can also add multiple competitors for the best results, and we can use two. We can do domain-level as well as page-level link analysis using link intersect.

Features Of Moz Explorer 

  • We can find the backlinks for any site for competitive analysis.
  • It helps to find broken links so we can do a proper redirect to improve the page authority.
  • The quality of backlinks is analysed with spam score and linking domain authority.
  • We can analyse the anchor text, domain authority, page authority and spam score for every link.
  • The link gap analysis don with link intersect feature for multiple competitive domains or pages.

Which Is The Best Tool For Competitor Backlink Analysis?

By wrapping up How to do competitor backlink analysis, the backlink analysis for competitors is performed using target keywords. The completions for keywords in SERPs are from domains and pages. So we need to perform domain level and page level competitive backlink analysis.

We have backlink checker and backlink analysis tools to do competitive backlink research with domain and pages. It used link quality and authority analysis to rank top in SERPs over competitors. 

The trust flow and citation flow helps to identify the traffic sources and lost links to improve the position of the SERPs. Ahref site explorer is the best tool to perform competitor’s backlink analysis to rank high in organic search.

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    Thanks for this info after seeing your article then only I know how to do competitor backlink analysis? There are any Free Tools are available to analyze competitor backlinks Please reveal them. it would be really useful for me.

  2. I really loved this article! People often wonder which is the best platform for blogging, and it is a great resource to help those people out.Thanks for this great post!

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    Thanks for sharing such a informative post. You well shared your thoughts and the the way you explained each points are very easy or simple to understand. Your tips and advices regarding checking competitors backlinks is very good idea to beat my competitor by analysing his blog.

    At last you asked us about favourite backlink checker site – For me I loved using Ahref Site Explorer

  4. I would like to add one more tool to the list, which is SEMrush with this tool you can also find out the backlinks of the competitors. I’m using SEMrush from last 3 years and I think SEMrush is a leading tool as compared to others.

  5. The backlink analysis gives how easy and difficult to rank higher for a particular keyword. We can also target a group of keywords to compete for domain-level competition.

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