10 Best Chrome Extensions For Students To Boost Productivity

This post provides the details of some best chrome extensions for students to improve their academic performance.  

Education has improved a lot with the advancements of technology and thus the blackboard has been replaced by interactive Smart Board. Not only blackboards, books, and pens have been swapped by eBooks and Smartpens respectively. 

In the year 2008, Google has introduced an extension-friendly web-browser, Google Chrome to improve the productivity of the users. Just they need to visit Chrome web store to install their preferred extensions for chrome that will easily fit into the browser toolbar. Google Chrome extensions are excellent tools which can be accessed like the bookmarks.

Are you a student who use Google Chrome browser? Do you wanna maximize your efficiency and boost your learning strategies? If so, I would recommend you to install the following Google chrome add-ons to enrich your learning experience.

Useful Chrome Add-Ons For Students

The best chrome extensions for students are as follows.


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1. Announcify 

Announcify is a handy extension for students when they feel tired to read the web pages. You can give rest to your restless eyes with this essential chrome extension as it automatically read the entire page which would help you to learn new stuff if you feel sleepy. So you could sit in a relaxed manner and listen to the lengthy articles with Announcify.

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2. Google Dictionary 

Google Dictionary is a useful chrome extension for students to view the definition of any word by using the toolbar dictionary by double-clicking it. Many languages like English, French, Chinese, Portuguese etc. are supported by this beneficial extension. There is an option to save the history of all the looked-up words and their definitions that can be downloaded as CSV file anytime. Moreover, the students can allow the third-party extensions like flashcards to access this history.

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3. Clearly 

Clearly is the best Chrome extension for students since it would let them read the articles without any distraction. Thus, you can easily read their preferred web pages with this extension for chrome and it can be connected to Evernote to clip & sync the articles with all devices like PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Having speech, customizing and highlighting feature is the prominent thing in this chrome add-on. If you are using Evernote account, I would say that it is the valuable chrome extension to clip the articles.

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4. ZenMate 

If you’re traveling somewhere and using public Wi-Fi, you may add the helpful chrome extension, ZenMate to encrypt your browser traffic. This excellent chrome add-on won Europas Award for best security/privacy start-up of this year (2014) and hence you could enjoy its advanced protection on the web. It is easy to install & use and it is possible to change your location to unlock the websites which are not available in specific areas. Out of all, ZenMate compresses the data to provide maximum browser speed with its built-in accelerators. To get total security and privacy, it is recommended to add ZenMate extension for chrome.

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5. StayFocusd 

Are you wasting your time with useless websites? If so, StayFocusd chrome extension is for you. It increases your productivity and helps you to stay focused on your work by lessening the amount of time that you can spend on worthless websites. This dynamic chrome extension is highly configurable and so you can block/allow particular websites. If you’ve spent your allotted time, you’ll not be able to access the blocked websites for the rest of the day. This add-on has been featured on many popular technology blogs like PCMag, Lifehacker, Mashable, Gizmodo etc.

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6. Read & Write for Google 

Read & Write for Google chrome extension help the students to gain confidence with reading and writing. If you have learning difficulties/dyslexia, you may get this friendly browser add-in to hear words, passages or entire documents loudly. You could adore its excellent features like dual color highlight, translation and next word prediction. If you like this chrome extension, you may get its premium version to get more features.

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7. Cloudy Calculator 

Cloudy Calculator is a versatile chrome calculator which can be used by the students to perform Hex Conversion, mixed unit calculations, currency conversion, mathematical functions and so on. If this extension for chrome can’t handle a calculation, it would give you the answer with the help of Google. You can also create your own user variables and store an elevated expression with this chrome add-on.

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8. Any.do 

To keep all the to-dos in sync, add reminders, attach notes and plan the schedule, Any.do chrome extension can be utilized by the students. You can easily realize the potential for getting things done with this productivity browser expansion. It has award-winning features and it is being used by millions of people in smartphone app form.

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9. Save to Google Drive

Save to Google drive is one of the best chrome extensions for the students to store the required web content or browser screenshots to their Google drive. Not only to save the documents, you can also store the HTML 5 media files to the Google drive. This awesome chrome add-on has options page to control the directory location and format of saved HTML pages. If you wanna convert Microsoft office or comma separated files to your Google docs, you can do it with this extension. Because of having good configurable options, the students can use this helpful chrome extension to comfortably store the content on Google docs for future reference.

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10. Night Reading Mode

If you’re a late night learner, Night Reading Mode chrome extension will be beneficial for you. It has Auto mode and settings for all websites. For every website, it has custom brightness & contrast for night mode and auto remember features to check the last settings for all websites. I’m sure that you’ll like the non-white screen with back & forward button while reading the web pages at night.


Most of the students have started using the cool tech gadgets to enrich their education. If they have a high-speed computer with useful tools, they can undoubtedly carry out their academics in an enhanced manner. Likewise, they prefer to use Google Chrome browser as it has efficient interface with extensive extensions. Browser performance wouldn’t get affected since the chrome extensions runs on Sandbox environment. Moreover, no restarting needed while installing and uninstalling the add-ons like Firefox browser. 

Today’s teenagers are smarter in getting the required information from web rather than using the encyclopedias. To make the life of students easier and productive, wonderful extensions for chrome are being created by the developers. I hope that the above listed chrome add-ons are perfect to manage your academic activities, organize your content and make the best of your browser experience for learning. 

What is your opinion about this post? Any other productivity chrome extension recommendations? Are you using any chrome add-ons to accomplish your educational activities? Did I miss to mention some best chrome extensions for students? If so, let me know through your comment. 


34 thoughts on “10 Best Chrome Extensions For Students To Boost Productivity”

  1. wow.. great collection.. I don’t have much knowledge 🙁 about this update ,since em basically not using chrome.. any way .. that’s awesome… 🙂 keep sharing..

  2. Hello Nirmala,
    Google Chrome is so smoth ! Thes are really best & great “Chrome Extensions” for Student’s ! These Extensions must be in Students Laptops & Computer that they can learn easily !

    1. Hi Dan,

      Happy to see you on my blog and thanks for sharing this helpful chrome extension for students here. I believe that the students can be benefited with this add-on while using the YouTube for learning.

      Keep visiting!

  3. Earlier I was using Firefox, recently I started using chrome. I am already using few of the extension from the above list such as Google drive or anydo but few of then are totally new to me. I will install those and try.

    1. Glad to know that you’re using some of the chrome extensions which I’ve listed in this post. Thanks for installing the mentioned add-ons to improve your productivity. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment Sourabh, keep coming.

  4. thanks for sharing nice Chrome Extensions.i like very much google drive and Google Dictionary.becase it’s worth of knowladge and memory.so thankyou for sharing

  5. Hi Nirmala,

    It’s nice to check the list of extensions which can be used by students.

    I am also a student.:) You know our life is there in which we can learn for long time.
    I always try to checkout the vocabulary which can show some significant approach with the effective value of words and Google dictionary is the solution.

    All the extensions you have mentioned above are really helpful.

    Thanks for making me aware.

    Have a great day.:)


    1. Hey Ravi Chahar,

      Good to know that you’re a student and using some chrome extensions to carry out your academic tasks. I’m really glad that you’ve found my post useful, keep showing your presence here as I’ll be regular updating my blog with valuable content for students.

  6. Hi Nirmala
    Very informative post and much of its contents are not easily available at one hub; if I am not wrong.
    Not only for students but all those people who work online these extensions are equally so useful.
    I add almost all of them more particularly dictionary and save to Google drive as many times I need these facilities while browsing on Google chrome.
    Apart from a few of them I was not aware of these wonderful extentsions.
    Thanks a lot for sharing them.

    1. Yeah Mi Muba,

      These are wonderful chrome extensions for everyone who work online. These add-ons would help to reduce our tasks and improve productivity. Now a days, most of the students are using web for their academic purpose and thus made a list for them. Thanks for reading and commenting, your regular visit is appreciated 🙂

  7. Hmmm you are Right Nirmala ! These Extensions are just made for Students & they should be aware about these Extensions ! I understand My Brothers should have these important Extensions on his Chrome !

    1. Hai Disha,

      I’m using most of these chrome extensions, but felt that it would help the students to progress their productivity. Advice your brother to have these chrome add-ons to manage their online tasks efficiently.

  8. Hey Nirmala Didi,

    Nice to see another stuff post related to Students.
    I really Love to read your blog posts because you always write informative posts for everyone. Actually after a Part time Blogging I’m also a Student.
    So going to try 2-3 Extensions for my study.

    Thanks for Share 🙂

    1. Hi Siddharth Sharma,

      I know that you’re a student and thanks for your kind words for my blog. I always wanna present some valuable materials for the students to enhance their web experience. Glad that you’re gonna try few of the chrome extensions from the list, keep coming to leave your views 🙂

  9. clearly mam all of the plugins are really useful for a student blogger like me. well i digged in google and ound many posts which were worthless with full of anonymous extensions
    but these are really productive, is there any good extension for mozilla firefox because i frequently use it

    1. Hi Supreeth Bharadwaj,

      Thanks for reading my post and leaving your appreciation reply. I do take care for my readers a lot and thus contributing some helpful articles after a deep research. Yes, there are some many extensions available for students who use Mozilla Firefox, will list them soon in the upcoming post. Stay tuned to read it 😛

  10. I have been using Zenmate for a year to unblock YouTube in Pakistan and I love it.
    But using it has a disadvantage, It does not let you download any video and it automatically disables Internet Download Manager.

    I will surely check out Google Dictionary and I hope It has Urdu language support.

    Nirmala great article

  11. Hello Madam,
    Thanks a lot for this article. This article is much helpful for me specially. I added all the extensions in my chrome browser. You are such a great person who published these type of useful articles. thank you.

  12. Except this extension Google Dictionary, Night mode, save to google drive, Cloudy calculator, other are new for me.

    Chrome extension really helps to minimize our work load.

    But from some week I am facing issue in chrome since it crashes 2-3 time while I am working using chrome. I think chrome developer should take this issue seriously.

    Thanks for sharing such useful extension with us. 🙂

    >SK Lohar

  13. It has been sheer pleasure reading this article. The first thing I would like to mention is that the information is pretty neatly arranged and so is easy to read. I am hearing about most of the extensions for the first time and so am curious to have a look.

  14. Subodh Kumar Sharma

    Infact , Chrome is one of the best browser with a number of supporting
    extensions. I am using few of them and now i
    gonna use others extensions too.
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome article.

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