Clickfunnels WordPress Themes to Create Sales Funnels

Clickfunnels WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the best sales funnels?. The clickfunnels WordPress themes are suitable templates for sales and marketing funnels. These funnels help in product launches and promotional activities. The sales funnel includes lead capture, marketing process, sales order, and upsell templates. Moreover, the right auto responder email services help to capture leads and marketing follow-ups. The click funnels are a sales funnel that can convert any visitor into leads and finally become a customer.

Many entrepreneurs use clickfunnels to get their products and messages to customers worldwide. The clickfunnels are different from WordPress websites. However, it has a landing page, sales page, one-click upsell page, and Membership area. So these clickfunnels include email marketing services, shopping cart integration, and product delivery service. Entrepreneurs don’t need to get programmers to create sales pages. This sale funnel helps to guide landing page visitors to the entire sales process.

What are Clickfunnels WordPress Themes?

Clickfunnels WordPress Themes has four tools for its complete funnel process.

  • The first one is the sales funnel.
  • The second one is the Etison editor.
  • The third one is the backpack’s innovative affiliate programs.
  • Finally, the last one is the follow-up funnels.

Everything is organized in one simple dashboard. The four main features of Click funnels WordPress themes are the drag and drop web page editor, sales funnels, smart shopping cart with one click upsell and email, and Facebook marketing automation. Moreover, it has many templates for landing pages, lead capture pages, and sales pages.

Features of Clickfunnels WordPress themes

The clickfunnels help to create high converting marketing funnels without hiring designers and coders. It is straightforward for entrepreneurs to create their marketing funnels in a few minutes using click funnels. Moreover, the template pack is available with a drag and drop editor for creating funnel pages. The correct affiliate program integration helps to work with a team for the sales funnel promotions. Furthermore, the automated marketing campaign with follow-up messages helps to convert more

1. Smart Sales funnels

We can create smart marketing funnels and sales funnels using clickfunnels WordPress themes. It has many templates to create different pages. Entrepreneurs now know the easiest method to create their marketing and sales funnels. We don’t know how to code and how design just uses simple steps to create successful sales funnels.

We can create every single page in the funnel with a few clicks. Moreover, in the shopping cart, auto-responder sequences have been set up with corresponding service integration. So, We can integrate shopping cart and email marketing services with click funnels for lead capture and up-selling the product.

The funnel creation process is much simple in clickfunnels. Select the reason behind the funnel creation, such as lead generation, sales, and event participation.

The lead generation funnels help to build an email list by making landing page subscriptions with squeeze page funnels. The application funnels help get more data from the visitors, such as names, email, phone numbers, and additional information.

While creating the sales funnel, we should consider three types.

  • One is a tripwire with multi-step sales funnels.
  • The second one is a sales letter with video funnels.
  • The final one is the product launch funnel, which includes the above two funnels.

The event funnel uses to create live webinar funnels and auto webinar funnels with automated, on-demand, and evergreen webinar funnels.

2. Drag and drop Etison Editor

The Clickfunnels WordPress themes have a drag and drop Etison editor that helps to create and edit web pages in the funnel. So, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on designers and programmers. Moreover, it uses a template pack to select the right template for the funnel creation. The drag and drop editor helps create a design that fits our business brand.

The page editor helps to choose the high converting template from the template pack and customize it with our requirements. The optin pages use to capture the leads to build an email list. The sales pages provide the product information that we need to sell. Apart from that, the sales order form can be customized using the Etison editor.

We can create upsell pages, webinar event pages, and membership site templates using the Etison editor. This editor helps to understand the page structure, making it easy to customize pages to fit with business brands. It uses page building blocks with sections, rows, columns, and elements with customization support.

3. Backpack Affiliate Programs

Clickfunnels uses the right affiliate system to promo the funnels for getting commissions. We can create affiliate programs to scale our business. So, without scaling, the workload increases with advertising costs. Marketing with word of mouth is better than Facebook, Instagram, linked in, Twitter, and paid marketing.

So the affiliate can spend time on advertising and product promotion. It helps to increase sales and get paid. Moreover, we can multiply the monthly income by spending an extra amount on advertising. The backpack affiliate program uses sticky cookies. So the product sales and affiliate IDs are tracked well.

We can easily create an affiliate program by choosing a commission plan and customizing it with our product. Add affiliate types with a commission structure. Add affiliate programs instantly to the funnel pages. We can edit the affiliate page with information about products and commissions.

4. Follow-up funnels

The follow-up funnels are the easiest way to speak with our landing page visitors. The first funnels help to convert the visitors into leads. Moreover, the second funnel uses to convert the lead into customers. The split tests, expert secrets, and cookbooks lie with the second funnel, which helps to achieve higher profits in the launch.

The front-end funnels make much lesser revenue compared with the second follow-up funnel. It uses multiple list-building processes. Optin pages, registration pages, and order forms help to get emails with a different list. So we can find the lead score of the email subscribed for the product.

Email messenger follow-up and text notifications through mobile devices are the best choices for the follow-up funnels. The best examples are broadcast messages for a webinar event and then product re-launch event email notification. The analytics and insights stats make us improve the follow-up funnels for better conversion.

5. One-click Upsell and Marketing automation

One-click upsell feature available in the click funnels helps to make higher profits during the product launch. Upsell is to send the new sales request after completing the first sale. There are 37 clickfunnels WordPress theme templates available to create high-converting sales funnels.

They are categorized with opt-in pages, pre-sell pages, sales pages, thank you pages, Upsell pages, webinar pages, order form pages, affiliate pages, and subscription pages. The desktop push notification and other marketing automation tools are available in clickfunnels.

Clickfunels supports different email marketing services integrations such as AWeber, Active Campaign, Get response, Drip, Convert kit, etc. Moreover, the actionetics email advertising and marketing system has automation features. Furthermore, the Etison suite is available to edit different page templates in the funnel setup.

Conclusion – Clickfunnels WordPress Themes

Wrapping up Clickfunnels WordPress themes is the best way to create sales, marketing, and then follow-up funnels. Moreover, it uses a drag and drop etison editor for customizing funnel templates. Many template packs are available to create landing pages, lead capture pages, sales order pages, and upsell pages. BackPack affiliate program setup is available with sales funnel to launch a new product with clickfunnels.

In the end, clickfunnels are the easiest method for entrepreneurs to create sales and then marketing funnels. Moreover, the marketing automation tools help to increase the profit by creating follow-up funnels. Furthermore, email marketing service and shopping cart integration with analytic insights makes clickfunnels WordPress themes the best choice for building sales funnels.

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