9 Best Clickfunnels Alternatives 2020 (Affordable Options)

Are you searching for the best ClickFunnels alternatives in 2020 to build the sales funnels in a better way to get maximum leads and conversions? You are in the right place to pick the top tool to increase your profits. 

In 2020, the marketing landscape has evolved to a whole new level. Today, if you have a good marketing plan in place, then only you can build a thriving business online, get more leads, and earn more profits.

Global ad spends likely to reach $605 billion by this year. Today, a Twitter page or a website cannot guarantee success for your brand online, you need a lot more.

You need a robust plan that could help you design your marketing campaigns and a step by step procedure to dynamically position your content and capture new leads and customers.

You have to identify which online platform your people are browsing in their free time so you can communicate with them effectively. You have to utilize different online platforms — emails, social media, PPC, SEO, blogging — to capture leads and conversions.

To do that, you require a funnel. Funnels can not only make your communication relevant, but it can also help you improve lead nurturing activity. Building marketing and sales funnel can help you efficiently scale your business, letting you develop high-converting landing pages.

Clickfunnels is one of the renowned funnel building tools out there. Clickfunnels helps your brand go omnichannel, which is an effective style of marketing because omnichannel can let you generate a 250% higher purchase rate compared to how much single-channel marketing does.

Among so many online tools, Clickfunnels is a single-stop solution for everything related to funnels. Since you can not only build landing pages but also manage other online advertising channels under one roof.

But Clickfunnels charges a fixed cost, and to be honest, not every business can pay that price on a recurring basis, period.  Clickfunnels has pricing from $97-$1,497 per month. However, you can go with other alternatives and make attractive funnels to entertain your relevant prospects.

So, you might ask, What is better than Clickfunnels?

Today, we are going to share some best affordable ClickFunnels alternatives that would help you achieve your business goals. These tools are tried-and-tested, so you can rely on the options I’m going to suggest. So, let’s begin.

9 Top Tools That I Recommend As Alternatives To ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels Alternatives

1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s expensive plan, which is $99/mo when billed annually, is just above the cheapest plan of Clickfunnels.

At such a cost-effective price point, Pipedrive has some fascinating features that marketers can leverage to build, manage, and optimize their marketing and sales funnels.

You get an interactive chatbot feature to entertain your website visitors and leverage forms to capture data of the visitors. You can enable this chatbot on your website and ensure 24/7 availability for your business on the web.

Furthermore, the chatbot can automate meetings for you and ask relevant questions to your visitors on your behalf to streamline your lead nurturing activities. You can implement different questions on different landing pages to understand customers’ mindsets and fuel your sales and marketing activities with reliable insights.

You can also get to track communications on calls, emails, and chat. You can also check out previous conversations at any time to plan better campaigns.

Similar to Clickfunnels, Pipedrive automates your busy work so you can focus your time and resources on delivering impeccable user experience on your landing pages. Plus, you get mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage your funnels on-the-go.

With this best Clickfunnels alternate, you are almost always on your own to build high-quality landing pages. However, you can consistently implement its features and increase conversion rates.

2. Builderall

Builderall has got all the creative and technical tools that you will ever need to build, maintain, and scale your online business to the moon through a funnel.

It has got a stream of different feature sets. Whether the user is a professional or beginner, anyone can get value through some or the other way. Interestingly, Builderall has recently launched the Cheetah drag-and-drop website builder for its subscribers.

So, just like Clickfunnels, Builderall allows entrepreneurs and marketers to develop responsive landing pages with drag-and-drop functionality.

You can also get A/B testing features to deploy different versions and ensure what works best with your audience. This will help you optimize your conversion rate immensely and deliver persuasive communication to the targeted customers.

If you are a brand that charges a subscription-based cost, you can implement that too with smart checkout. Plus, there are attractive upsells and opt-ins too to improve sales. You can provide a tempting offer to your prospects by enabling scarcity through countdown timer. Builderall claims that its landing page loads in less than 1 seconds.

This will help you optimize your reach to smartphones. So, the users no longer have to wait for your website to load and access the content. They get responsive and interactive behavior.

If you are not sure how to build a funnel, you can go ahead with 20 plug-and-play funnel templates, which are super editable and high converting.

This Clickfunnels substitute is the only tool that gives you one-on-one onboarding and follows up from its experts. So, you can expect stellar customer support from the tool.

3. SamCart

SamCart is a robust website building tool. You can have a single landing page that aligns with your funnel and ensure different phases of the customer journey within the page.

For people who sell occasional products or don’t have a massive catalog like e-commerce stores can utilize SamCart to create high-converting single landing pages to sell their products.

You don’t have to purchase any hosting or install a content management system to create a single page store on SamCart.
Plus, the tool is so user-friendly that you can deploy your pages within seconds.

Using this ClickFunnels replacement, you can cover leading channels like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, blog, email, and a lot more. You can build fluidic landing pages for your customers and provide them seamless user experience thanks to features of SamCart.

Once you sign up and subscribe to a plan, you get 24 high converting landing page templates that are editable and effectively usable. If you don’t have time to build a page from scratch, these templates can come handy. You can test different versions of your landing pages and decide which works better, thanks to A/B testing support on SamCart.

As part of your funnel, you can make your customers get an account on your platform. You can make their profiles using SamCart and provide a personalized user experience to customers.

Plus, you get an intuitive dashboard to manage all your funnels and online activities through Samcart. From the dashboard, you can assess your activities, build reports, and verify profits, conversion rates, sales, and a lot more variables.

4. Instapage

Instapage lets you make the most of your digital ad spend. Whether you run paid ads on search engines or social media, Instapage can allow you to deploy custom landing pages effortlessly for various use cases.

It is one of the best ClickFunnels alternatives that allow you to acquire granular control over the post-click phase of your marketing funnel. You can ensure that users get a unique and memorable user experience once they land on your page. You can make quick edits from the templates of the Instapage or build one for your own using the page builder of the tool.

You can have separate pages per channel. That means for people who are visiting your page through Google ads will have a different landing page from the people who are coming from an email conversation.

Even though both of them would be seeing the exact same product or service, the landing page would be totally different, and the tone of communications might be poles apart except the objective, which will be to get sales.

Plus, you could test different copies and formats by deploying several landing pages. Instapage allows you to have A/B testing and assess the performance of the pages.

You can leverage a feature called Post-Click Automation by Instapage that claims that users will have 16% more conversions thanks to this feature. PCA analyzes your ads and audience and builds an interactive landing page to entertain your prospects.

5. GetResponse

GetResponse is a popular online marketing optimization and automation tool that will help you streamline your content and expand your business.

It is well known for its email marketing and marketing automation features. There are dozens of other features that can help you build a solid brand image to scale your sales digitally.

Creating funnels is a super easy process in GetResponse. You can deploy custom engagements and responses. You can send custom emails on different use cases. Plus, whenever a user leaves a cart without paying for the added products, you can pursue them through GetResponse. Just like Clickfunnels, GetResponse has similar features to build a funnel.

You can schedule and deploy Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns without going to your Facebook Business Manager account. You get social ad creators to create ads from a mobile application. For non-designers, this feature helps them create interactive content for ads without any designing knowledge.

From Facebook ads, you can entertain your prospects through a custom landing page built using drag-and-drop builder by GetResponse. Of course, you get elements like pop-ups, offers, forms to engage your customers and ensure maximum conversion. GetResponse has funnel templates so that you can get started working on one without building one from scratch.

You can have your sales pages ready within seconds, thanks to a robust page builder by GetResponse. GetResponse integrates with Stripe, Itsy, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce. To analyze your advertising efforts and evaluate the results, you get a user-friendly dashboard on GetResponse.

6. Unbounce

Unbounce is a popular tool to create high converting landing pages for your business. Based upon your marketing and sales funnel, it can be transformed into an attractive and strategic landing page that converts visitors like a pro.

Just like Clickfunnels, Unbounce has a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to build web pages without having to write any code. Unbounce has a series of products that can allow you to delight your website visitors and provide unparalleled customer support and user experience.

If you don’t have any idea of what page you require, you can leverage 100+ landing page templates of Unbounce and start entertaining your customers quickly by implementing and tweaking the template as per your funnel. If you use third-party services and tools, you can use Unbounce with them to supercharge your activities.

This best Clickfunnels alternative seamlessly integrates with your accounts on Facebook, Autopilot, Campaign Monitor, CrazyEgg, Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel, Gmail, and dozens of others.

Plus, you can also develop attractive popups and sticky bars for your landing pages to introduce dynamic call-outs and custom communication and maximize conversions.

7. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes have a collection of WordPress plugins, widgets, website builders, and elements dedicatedly developed to improvise conversion for brands and organizations on their WordPress website.

These aspects can give a massive boost to your online conversions. Whether you have an e-commerce, SaaS, or affiliate marketing business, Thrive Themes has the power to help you skyrocket your conversion rate.

Unlike Clickfunnels, Thrive Themes don’t host landing pages. So, you have to purchase a dedicated hosting. However, when you consider the features of the tool, investing in hosting makes complete sense to leverage this tool to build the funnel.

Please note that only WordPress websites are supported by Thrive Themes. So, if you have a website on Shopify, Magento, Drupal, you cannot use the tool. Anyway, WordPress users can experience its robust website editor that allows you to edit and manipulate elements with drag-and-drop without indulging in technical PHP, CSS for HTML code.

You can enable dynamic pop-up and obtain using thrive leads feature to grab visitor simulator Android dedicated email marketing campaigns. A & B testing becomes effortless with Thrive Themes’ products. You can A/B test almost anything on your website through Thrive Themes.

You can create engagement on your page by introducing quizzes through Thrive Themes. These quizzes can entertain your visitors while you can acquire more information about their mindset.

To deliver an unparalleled user experience to website visitors, understanding users’ mind is paramount. Then only you could develop content that resonates with users. Hence, these quizzes and surveys could help you do precisely the same.

Thrive Themes’ membership starts at $19/mo when billed annually. It also has separate membership for agencies, and it starts at $49/mo when billed yearly. The costliest package of this alternative is almost half of the price of the basic package of Clickfunnels.

8. Convertri

Now, your business won’t suffer from the slow page loading speed of your website. Convertri allows you to create lightning-fast landing pages so you can effectively attend your prospects. Convertri claims that it could quickly load a page within 3 seconds thanks to its Accelerated Page Technology.

Along with building landing pages, you can outline your funnel and have a visual experience of the flow of your customer interactions. You can specially design landing pages for smartphones to provide a unique user experience.

You don’t have to go to any dashboard or code editor to make small changes, Convertri’s in-line editor will help you make quick changes effectively.

You are not forced to work in blocks or get limited landing page editing. With Convertri, you can have the landing pages precisely the way you want, from scratch.

This ClickFunnels alternative supports one-click API integration on leading services and platforms, including Active Campaign, milk, WebinarJam, Stripe, GetResponse, MailChimp. ConvertKit, Paypal, GoToWebinar, and many more.

If you are selling a product for which users have to pay a subscription cost, you can do that with Convertri. You can also tweak the cart page and provide a dynamic checkout experience to your customers. You can import landing pages from other sources to Convertri.

This feature works with LeadPages, Clickfunnels, HTML, and more. The entire funnel also can be imported within seconds after making necessary tweaks.

9. CartFlows

Any business can leverage CartFlows and sell products, but e-commerce can get the maximum boost from the tool. Dropshippers, freelancers, or agencies, you can utilize CartFlows and bring cash flow for themselves.

Once you sign up for the solutions of Cartflows, you get access to a high converting website templates that could be implemented and utilized to generate conversions. Cartflows work seamlessly with popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver, Divi, and Thrive.

The dynamic checkout procedure by Cartflow makes the payment process lightning-fast, robust, and secure. You can have a dynamic checkout page with minimalist design and necessary elements so that users don’t get distracted and pay quickly and easily. Plus, you can use creative pop-ups and bumps to increase ROI for your efforts.

CartFlows give abandoned cart alerts. So, you can pursue those people who left items in the cart and remind them to complete the purchase. Cartflows spots high-converting web elements that you can replicate in other areas as well for better conversions.

With this one of the best alternatives to Clickfunnels, you don’t get a trial period. However, you can pay the amount and use the 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not comfortable with the tool. You will get a complete refund.

CartFlows has got a forum and a series of YouTube videos that you can leverage and get educated.

Wrapping Up

These are the best ClickFunnels alternatives that you can try. I would recommend going with a tool that has a free trial.

Otherwise, if you can invest some funds, then going for a tool that provides a money-back guarantee is the right choice. You will get a complete refund if you don’t like the tool.

Most importantly, determine what areas of funnel development you can cover and where do you need professional assistance. Say you are good with social media and content development, but you are not comfortable with developing landing pages, then go with a tool that has a robust website builder.

Either way, feel free to drop your questions and thoughts in the comments below.

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