Know About Dropbox! Share Files & Folders With It

In this post, I would like to discuss the essential details of Dropbox, excellent cloud storage platform.

I assume that you’re new to it, thus starting from scratch and explain its features in a detailed manner. 

Dropbox is an invention of modern times, and cloud storage isn’t an old concept either.

Let me talk about the evolution of data exchange first; then I’ll reveal the crucial matters of Dropbox. 

Evolution Of Data Exchange

With the rapid development of web technology, sharing files and folders on the internet have become much easier and faster. Back in the gold old days, “cloud storage” was purely non-existent. People had to store their valuable data in their traditional computers.

Imagine the scenario – When today’s computers aren’t considered 100% safe for preserving data, how far do you think was the reliability of those systems?

How much would it cost to lose your files? For me, it would be tens of thousands of hours of dedicated efforts. Only a dumb would take such a risk.

They did take it. There was no option available for them, was there?

Then, the wave of communication conquered the world. The concept of emails was introduced which gradually gained popularity. You could attach files to email which gave data exchange the primary platform it needed. However, there are limitations on the size of the files you send through email.

I don’t know about the past, but as you know, the limit is a meagre 25 MB even today. This restricts the usefulness of e-mails to a certain point.

But today, we have moved forward from emails to Dropbox. Now we don’t have to rely on our computers to store all our data. Dropbox is a beautiful product of cloud storage solutions – it’s amazing to witness how quickly it solves our needs.


Cloud storage has made us overcome the fear of losing data. No wonder why companies spend hundreds and even thousands of bucks on cloud storage. They want reliability along with security and cloud storage is capable of fulfilling these requirements.

As said before, let me embark into the discovery of Dropbox, its features and how to share documents online, etc.

Just keep reading the post till the end. I will bet my hat you will thank me for it.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud storage, file syncing service that let you access your files anywhere. It has managed to go way above the conventional cloud storage system by introducing a variety of features. You may download it on any computing device; no matter what device you use and where you are. 

It’s a great platform for both personal and business use with which you can suffice all your needs. Some features of Dropbox include easy file sharing of videos, photos secure document sharing, etc. I will deal with the features shortly, but first, here’s a quick walkthrough on how to use Dropbox to share files and folders.

How To Use Dropbox To Share Files And Folders?

After reading so much about Dropbox, you must be thinking how to share files on Dropbox or how to share a folder with Dropbox. If there are free services like Dropbox, who would not like to use it?

Anyways, let’s move to the step by step guide or watch this video tutorial!

Step 1. In the course of learning how to send the file using Dropbox, Go to Dropbox website and create an account by filling your details. Or sign in, if you already have an account.


Step 2. Now to share files and folders. First, we need to upload them to Dropbox. For this Click on the upload option, placed on the left on the top of the page.


Now, click on Choose files option and navigate through files you want to upload and then click on open, the file would be uploaded. Depending on the file size and internet speed, uploading speed may vary.

Step 3. Once the file has been uploaded, click on the Share option to share the file.


Step 4. Once you do that, you’ll be redirected to a new window, where you can see a link to the file. This is the link to the file uploaded.

Now copy this link and paste it to chat box or send it via email. Your file would be shared. See the screenshot for understanding what link I’m The chances are that.


Under “Send this link to” type the email address of the person, whom you want to send your file to, add a note if you want and click on the Send button. Mail would be directed to the person containing the link to the file.

Step 5. If you want to create a shared folder, then click on this New folder icon on the top of the page.

In the new window, type the name of the folder, email id of the person you want to share your folder with and click on Share Folder, your folder would be shared.


Step 6. And if you want to share a folder which is already in the list, then select that folder and click on the share button next to it.

Here in these two options, if you want to share the folder click on send link and if you want to invite people to collaborate (means people who are invited to collaborate can synchronize and edit the file) then click on the first option.

Enter the email address of the person and add a note if you want, and click on Share folder and your folder would be shared.


Step 7. And If you want to disallow someone to access the shared folder, Select the folder, again go to invite people to collaborate and click on this “Cross” option next to the name of the person, confirm it and you are done.


Now once the file is shared, you must be thinking how to download shared files from Dropbox.

For first select the file to be downloaded and click on this download option on the top of the screen. Choose the location and click on save. The file would be downloaded.


Basic Dropbox Features

Some basic features of Dropbox you should be knowing!

You might have assumed several things about Dropbox already. But, you must accept the fact that Dropbox is incredibly simple to use. The good thing about Dropbox is that it doesn’t feel heavy even though it has such a heck lot of features.

There are the basic upload and download stuff that keeps going on with you using Dropbox. But did you know you can get your team members in and share your account with them? It’s quick and easy with Dropbox! The features added are impeccable.

There’s a lot you can do with your team over here, and Dropbox has made sure that it’s all simple, convenient and quick. For instance, Dropbox Paper feature is recently introduced by them to boost teamwork and productivity.

Besides, there’s a special section for photos which shows your albums in a more conventional format. Moreover, Dropbox has added a “Sharing” option for sharing files that need to be in accounts of different people.

Out of all, there’s a “File Request” option too that lets you ask someone for a file – even if he/she is not using Dropbox.

I guess you can now imagine how useful Dropbox is! Lastly, there is an “Events” tab that highlights your changes made to your Dropbox account till date.

Advanced Features Of DropBox

The advanced Dropbox features would change the way you work!

The essential features you saw are just the major ones highlighted by Dropbox. There’s still a lot more to explore in the ocean, my friend! Presenting before you the advanced features of Dropbox!

Note that by superior I do not mean the features which are of high level or complexity. These are just the salient features of Dropbox. The chances are that you will be using the advanced features less often.

Here are the advanced features of Dropbox!

Add comments to files

This might seem meaningless at first sight, but it is quite helpful to note a few things. It also helps a lot while working in teams. There’s a comment feature at the bottom right of every file’s preview window. You can even mention anyone in the comments.

Quick screenshots

Did you know there’s a way to take screenshots from Dropbox and upload them immediately there? You can make it happen if you download the free Dropbox software for Windows/Mac. You can add this feature in preferences there.

Juggle with files

Dropbox allows you to play literally with data! You can open the files directly from Dropbox via Office Online. You can even edit them! You can go back in time with the previous versions of your files! (Yes, Dropbox preserves them!) You can even favorite some of your files for viewing them in mobile.

Also, you can connect your business and personal accounts to your computing device, and they will remain separate.

Remote Wipe

In case, if you lost your mobile gadget, you can delete your Dropbox folder through a linked device. So you don’t need to bother about your privacy data falling into the wrong hands. Just use the remote wipe feature under the Security section to cut the connected device by erasing your Dropbox account from the hard drive of the device. 

Dropbox Encryption

Now, let me reveal some matters related to Dropbox encryption!

Trust me; your files are safe with Dropbox. At first sight, it might seem that Dropbox is a risky format because there are so many features such as file sharing that seem to risk your privacy. But fortunately, this is not the case here!

Dropbox creates an SSL/TLS tunnel for file transfer and ensures 128 bit or higher AES encryption. Every single inch of Dropbox is checked at regular intervals by the team, to make sure that there are no loopholes in the service and you can enjoy a clean user experience. As said before, Dropbox also preserves your files’ previous versions.

Talking about third party integration, Dropbox strives to ensure that it’s safe. I won’t go deep into the API thing, but I can say it’s awesome.

If you want, you can enable two-step verification in your account. Adding this feature adds an extra layer of security to your account.

After integrating, you will be asked to enter a six-digit code sent to you via SMS to verify it’s you. You can even verify your identity using the Dropbox mobile app.

Dropbox does a lot to protect your privacy. I feel such a high level of encryption is rarely ever found. 


If you are a web savvy person who looks for a great backup storage tool to handle your important files, then Dropbox comes handy for you. It is convenient file sharing the app that can be integrated with thousands of third-party applications.

You never need to worry about getting back your deleted files. Yes, Dropbox will not throw away the files that you have deleted. It will keep them for 30 days. 

I hope I’ve covered almost everything regarding how to use Dropbox to share files and folders, its essential features and encryption. 

What is your viewpoint on this fantastic cloud storage platform? Do you use Dropbox to manage and share your valuable information? Share your experience in the comment section.  

5 thoughts on “Know About Dropbox! Share Files & Folders With It”

  1. Hi Nirmala!

    I love Dropbox.

    I pay both for Dropbox and Google Drive mostly because I have clients who use both applications. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Google Drive… but that’s only because it’s integrated with so many of the other Google products I use.

    Still, as a standalone data solution, I find Dropbox much more reliable.

    Great post!


    1. Nirmala Santhakumar

      Hi Brent,

      Glad to get your comment, thanks 🙂

      Yup, Dropbox is awesome and I use it since 2015.

      Good to know that use Dropbox & Google Drive and yes, the products of Google are just amazing and possess great integration features.

      Thanks for getting time to check my blog post and leaving your thoughts.

      Have a great day, today!

  2. Hello Nirmala Mam,
    I’m using the DropBox from last 5 years. This is really a great way to take important data safe and secure. Also helps to works from anyplace as I can access my saved documents from anywhere.
    Anyway, Thanks for the awesome sharing.

  3. Hey Nirmala,
    That’s a great article about Dropbox, but though I have an account on the cloud storage service, I have never used it.
    I personally prefer using Google Drive as it is quite easy to manage the uploaded files from multiple devices.

  4. I recently have purchased a brand new Dell PC and i get Dropbox pre installed in it. It is really a great tool to share and save your files and documents. I get free 20Gb of Space and free 1 year account.

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