How Beginners Can Get Freelance Writing Jobs From Home?

Are you a budding writer who look for freelance writing jobs for beginners to make money in your spare time?

If yes, you have landed in the exact place where you could get the details to get online writing jobs from home!

Freelance content writing jobs are the buzz! 

Who would hate a job where the clients are ready to pay whatever amount you quote for your mere scripting skill?

After all, who doesn’t like making big bucks if they have creative writing talent?

For once, imagine yourself as a highly successful freelance writer – you charge a hundred bucks for an article, clients would want to hire you and hence your lifestyle would get more comfortable as days pass by!

Sounds convenient? Well, it would to anyone in this world, but let me show you the current scenario!

As of now, you are someone who is hardly searching for entry level writing jobs, right? 

No one in the industry knows how damn you write.

And to make matters worse, there are thousands of writers waiting on freelance websites with their resume maybe even better than yours. Some are smart enough to pitch potential clients, irrespective of their skills.

The scenario is changing, and your potential value is declining!

Clients are not willing to pay more money because there are substitutes for you who are ready to work for peanuts, and you can be thrown out of the competition anytime.

In such a situation, freelance writing jobs online for beginners are almost like a rocket science. 

What should you do then?

Pretty simple!!! If you want to achieve what others can’t, do something that others don’t!

Yes, the person who can survive the competition will be the one who is smart enough to sell his skills and attract potential customers to do creative writing jobs from home, even though there are people who are better than him/her in terms of skills.

If you want to be that kind of person, read on! This article has some obvious yet crucial tips for freelance writing jobs for beginners. 

How To Get Success In Content Writing Jobs?

Being a beginner hunting for freelance content writing jobs, you might have read a lot about getting started in this industry. Therefore, you might have found these tips elsewhere too.

But I strongly suggest you read the entire article carefully. I can bet my hat that there are some points in the article which are totally unknown for beginners who seek online freelance jobs. 

If you want to have a lucrative freelance writing career with decent money and freedom, you should possess some core competencies and have to set your feet right in freelance writing zone to make a living as a content writer. 

Before checking the fundamental skills to get article writing jobs online, fix the following essential factors

  • Decide whether you want to be a full-time or part-time article writer.
  • Set up a dedicated workplace without distraction to let your creative juice flow.
  • Fix your writing fee (you may charge per word or charge per article).
  • Settle on the topic of interest (you can choose the familiar niche like tech, beauty to work with ease).
  • Become skilled at Grammar and research skills to offer error-free content.

4 Prerequisites For Entry Level Writing Jobs

Now, you can follow the steps given below to self-proclaim that you are a freelance writer for hire without having the pinch of self-flattery. 


1. Gain Command Over Your Language

Do you want to know the most disliked thing by a content hirer? It’s those silly grammatical and vocabulary errors that the writers make!

Being able to convert the thoughts into a 1000 word article doesn’t make someone a good writer. If your language foundation isn’t strong, you are bound to make mistakes now and then.

It’s the primary requirement for freelance writing jobs for beginners! Take it as a rule of thumb – go high or go home!

Take action today for grammar foundation, grab a copy of High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren & Martin.

Though meant for high school students, the book has everything you will ever need in grammar from basic parts of speech to advanced structures!

Let me expose a myth for you! You don’t need an unyielding vocabulary while seeking online writing jobs from home!

Here’s the logical proof: Almost every content writer demands content which is easily readable by their audience, not a piece of high-level English suitable for American Classics!

Ever noticed how simple the articles of prominent websites are? Ever found difficulty in understanding any of those articles? 

If your vocabulary is quite near average, you can read Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

You may also use the awesome tool, Grammarly to generate mistake free content. 

2. Let Your Blog Sell You

Have you heard about Blogging? If not, please check, Guidelines To Start A Blog and other blogging related piece of content

Many smart content writers maintain a decent blog for attracting clients. They don’t even monetize their blog with ads or affiliate marketing.

They just blog to show off their writing skills to their clients!

And what do the clients do? If the blog is good enough with authoritative content (traffic doesn’t matter here), you would instantly be hired for blog writing jobs with awesome pay rate!

My advice to an online writing job seeker – Start a blog (if you haven’t already) and focus on showcasing your creative scripting talent and make sure that your blog has the category as shown in the picture below


Moreover, your blog’s niche should be the niche for which you can write seamlessly, something of your deep interest and where you intend to attract clients.

There’s no point in maintaining a tech blog if you want to start your freelance writing journey in the health niche.

3. Use Guest Blogging To Your Advantage

A lot of sites, including many authority ones allow guest posting and you may approach them to perk up your skills and get online content writing jobs.

While they’re doing it for getting free content, you can use the guest blogging opportunity to take advantage. Find top-notch blogs where you can attract clients and pitch them for a guest post.

Most of the authority websites receive a lot of requests each day, and your e-mail can quickly reach their Trash folder if you aren’t appealing enough. Learn to sell yourself correctly. 

On an average you can expect one out of five blogs to accept your content, so make sure you have a good list of potential blogs that accept guest posts. 

Here’s a little hack! Type this in Google search to find potential blogs:

intitle:”Write for us” YOUR NICHE

Replace YOUR NICHE with the appropriate thing. This will search for URLs with “Write for us” in the title and your niche name used elsewhere.

4. Read More Than You Write

Read a lot – This is a bit of personal advice from my side.

If you are a beginner looking for content writing jobs from home, you should read more than what you write. It would help you learn to express your thoughts by writing.

Yes, quality reading would help you build a vision required to write excellent content in almost every niche. Such vision is something your clients crave for and something most of your competition doesn’t have.

Content writing job seeker should allocate an hour a day for reading a variety of content from books, newspapers, blogs, sites like Quora, etc.

Writing would improve your article structure and speed, but reading would improve the heart of the content!

How Can beginners Find Clients To Do Writing Jobs From Home?

If you want to get paid for writing, just follow the essential strategies listed below!

1. Pitch Blogs Looking For Writers

Being part of the content team of a blog would be great! 

Such a job is long-term, decent paying and trustworthy! You will develop expertise in the field along with fame. Besides, being in the companionship of other writers is very advantageous.

Here’s a Google search pattern to find blogs that hire writers!

intitle:”We are hiring” YOUR NICHE

Action plan: Such blog founders look for just two things – your expertise in the field and your capability to fulfill the taste of their audience.

If your blog is in the same niche as theirs and has almost the same quality of content, you will be hired almost instantly. 

2. Contact Webmasters Directly

Many bloggers don’t even think of placing a “We are hiring” page on their blog. Therefore, it’s your duty to reach out to them.

Take time to discover blogs which tend to match your content writing style. Reach them one by one asking for a job.

If your efforts are good enough, you will land a nice job, and the best part is that your competitors would be awestruck with your success – just because they didn’t even see the job before you landed there!

I think that it is the best idea for freelance writing jobs for beginners to step into this online earning opportunity

Action Plan: Success rate here is quite low. Make sure to create a spreadsheet with a lot of potential websites and approach the owners one by one. 

3. Get Listed On Freelance Writing Portals

Freelance writing marketplaces are way too populated, but it is crucial to be there. Why?

Creating a profile with your details doesn’t take time and this exposes you to a big list of clients. Though it is competitive, you can land a long-term job or two with it!

Online writing job seekers should have their resume on freelance writing portals.

Action Plan: Make sure that you have created an account on the main freelancing portals and spend time creating an appealing portfolio. Don’t hesitate in investing money in paid listings. Your competitors might be stingy, but you should spend money if need be!

Also, don’t neglect less popular portals. Less popularity also means less competition.

Final Words On Finding Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners 

Freelance writing jobs are becoming popular as it is one of the best ways to make a recurring income at home

If you are the one who enjoys a lot with your creative writing skill, you may look for some freelance writing jobs for beginners to advance your talents. 

Let me be brutal enough – you would have the tough time promoting yourself in the initial days of your career. But trust me, things will get better as time passes by if you work in the correct direction.

I hope this article would be helpful to get writing jobs from home. What are your thoughts on entry-level writing jobs?

Do you have something to add about online content writing jobs? Let me know through the comments section. 

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