Perk Up Your Writing Skills with Grammarly

Writing is my passion!!!

I love to write a lot for so many reasons, and when I start to write, I love the way that the words come together to form the sentences.

Yes, I choose the blogging profession because of my love of writing. I feel awesome that my unique style of writing helps me to stand out from the crowd of blogs.

However, the saddest thing is that I’m not a native English speaker. I do common writing mistakes that holding me back from writing success.

Sometimes, I had been failed to express my thoughts in the blog posts in a precise way and was worrying about the grammatical mistakes as they are the main dislike of the readers.

So, I’ve decided to be aware of my writing errors and started to hunt the best software to proofread my content. I came across many tools to improve the writing skills, but my chase got ended with Grammarly.

Yes, it is an awesome writing enhancement tool to fix the writing faults. I have been using the premium version of Grammarly for the past four months, and now I feel that I cannot live without this supreme proofreader.

So, if you’re a web publisher who doesn’t know the exact grammar and vocabulary rules, you are in the right place to grab the facts of Grammarly and perk up your articles with excellent readability.

Let me start from the basic things that you need to know about Grammarly.

Few Words About Grammarly

Grammarly is the World’s best grammar checking tool launched in the year 2008 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. Not only to check grammar, but it can also work as an online proofreader and Plagiarism Checker. It made a rapid growth and established its San-Francisco headquarters in 2012.


Several tech biggies have featured Grammarly for its excellence, and it announced its enhanced Editor version& Microsoft Add-in last year. As of now, it has 4 million registered users worldwide as it quickly makes our writing better.

Functions Of Grammarly

Grammarly performs a variety of functions like

1. Checks Grammar

Grammarly offers the best online grammar checker tool that can check more than 250 advanced grammar rules. It scans the content to monitor article use, modifier placement, and subject-verb agreement.

It also checks for contextual spelling mistakes and suggests changing the confused words to produce the optimized content as well.

I would say that you can write confidence with Grammarly as it could improve the readability of your piece of content in a better way than other tools.

2. Detects Plagiarism

Grammarly has an inbuilt Plagiarism checker that cross-checks the text against over 8 billion web pages to detect the imitative passages.

As it highlights the sentences that have been previously published elsewhere on the web, you can modify them and produce unique articles to stay safe against Google penalties.

Sometimes, accidental plagiarism may occur, and the plagiarism detector of Grammarly can defeat it.

3. Performs Proofread

Apart from checking Grammar and Plagiarism, Grammarly proofreads the content for word repetition and suggests the best alternative word for exact communication.

No spelling and punctuation errors can surpass the clever checking mechanism of Grammarly.

Besides, it spots the words that are spelled accurately but used in the wrong context.

Different Ways Of Using Grammarly

It is possible to use Grammarly in three different ways!

1. Dashboard

Visit to sign up for free and upload the documents for proofreading. Just check the below image and there you can see the two options “New” and “Upload”. You can use any of them to paste your content for proofreading.


After uploading your content, Grammarly will highlight the various types of mistakes (if any) in it. It will also provide the suggestions on the right side of the document, and you may make use of them to generate the faultless content.

2. Browser Extension

The browser extension of Grammarly works anywhere else on the web. No matter whether you’re updating your status on social networks, writing articles on WordPress, leaving a comment on any websites! The Grammarly extension will monitor your English writing and display the mistakes that have to be fixed.

You may see the below screenshot taken while writing this post on my WordPress editor. At the bottom right corner of the editor, Grammarly shows the number of faults to set right.


If you click “Correct” option, you will get a pop-up with critical & advanced issues and ideas to correct them. Now, you just need to click the exact words suggestions from Grammarly to get flawless content.

3. MS Office Add-in

If you’re a premium user, you can install Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Office. After installing this software, you can see the “Grammarly” on the Menu bar of MS Word. Just click it and Enable Grammarly to check & correct the mistakes in your written document.

I feel very comfortable with this feature as I can do the grammar & spell checking directly on MS Word or Outlook. This premium Grammarly plugin supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 and Microsoft office 2007, 2010, 2013.

I’ve written this article in the Word Document, and you may check the errors (in the below image) suggested by Grammarly in the right-side of the document.


Significant Features of Grammarly

I would like to consolidate the considerable features of Grammarly that I like the most.

1. It is easy to use and helps to write the error-free sentences anywhere on the web.

2. It not only identifies the faults in writing but also gives the beneficial explanation of every mistake so that we are getting the opportunity to learn while correcting the mistakes.

3. It has a built-in dictionary to examine the contextual spelling errors, and just a single click is needed to correct the spelling mistakes.

4. Through its vocabulary enhancement feature, it is more likely to progress the readability and meaning of our writing.

5. It has advanced features than Microsoft Word in catching the mistakes, and it is possible to get the synonyms for any word through a double-click.

6. It provides the free resources to the writers in the form of Answers (Community to ask English writing doubts), Handbook (Online English guide) and Blog (Writing tips & news).

Grammarly Premium

The free version of Grammarly is good, but it has only less number of features. If you want to progress your writing performance, I would suggest you get Grammarly premium as it offers

  • Checking for 250+ grammar points
  • Vocabulary enhancement & citation suggestions
  • Add-in for Microsoft Office
  • Exceptional inspection for several types of documents like technical, creative and educational 

Just have a look at subscription plans offered by Grammarly!


My Final Words About Grammarly

Grammarly is an excellent editing tool for writers. It not only corrects the spelling and grammatical mistakes in our writing but provides a detailed flash card with description and ideas to improve the sentences.

If you publish the articles without proofreading, your readers never come back to read your flawed content. Moreover, you would lose your credibility and brand image as well.

Would you like to face this embarrassing condition? No, isn’t it?

I can recognize my significant improvements in writing with the usage of Grammarly, and thus I recommend it to every person who often creates the content.

So, what is your opinion about Grammarly? Would you like to use it? Do you use any other vibrant tool to get faultless articles?

I’m keenly interested in knowing your perspective on Grammarly, discuss with me in the comment section.

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