Top 4 Games Like Among Us For Game Addicts (2022)

Games like Among Us

What would you do if you get extra power in your life to get rid of opposers around you? Sounds like Among Us game, right? Well, there are several games like Among Us that can let you wear the attire of a crewmate and get rid of imposters. It is a manipulative game where you should make sure you don’t get deceived.

If you are someone who loves to play games and bring out the gangster in you, this article is for you. You will learn how Among Us works and also explore other games like Among Us along with us.

Why Is Among Us Popular?

The online, multiplayer game, Among Us, has made it to the box office especially because of the intrinsic concept. Involving 4-15 players at a time, it surrounds the technique of eliminating imposters with strong decision-making and manipulative skills. It is way too popular among gaming enthusiasts in the market for 2 reasons –

  • The thrill of finding that the least suspect is the imposter.
  • Every moment is fun-filled and thrilling. If you miss a second of the game, you are bound to lose it. Not to forget, the interface of Among Us is rather catchy to grab your attention till the end of the game.

Among Us Like Games To Play With Your Friends

If you have played Among Us quite a few times in the past, it is high time that you expand your thrill and enrich your skills by exploring games like Among Us that are creating buzz out there.

1. Undercover

If you think there are just two types of players, then you are probably wrong as Undercover introduces you to three groups of players – Undercover, Civilians, and Mr. White.

Unlike Among Us where you may have to kill imposters around you, Undercover works on the basis of clues. It works on determining the identities of players quickly to get rid of enemies. There are two reasons to like this game.

  • One of the reasons is that it is available online as well as offline. As a result, you can play when you can and not rely on the internet connection.
  • You become creative each time you create a truthful description to build your identity. Your response level increases significantly when you play this game regularly.

Perhaps, there is no killing involved but you can literally develop your skills with quick reasoning and decision-making abilities.

2. Deceit

The moment I heard the name of this game, I was certain that it is going to be action-oriented and I was not wrong. Similar to Among Us where you are in a situation and find out possible solutions to get rid of imposters, Deceit is about getting rid of the deadly virus. It is a shooter game played by multiple players simultaneously.

As you keep playing, you realize that a few members are infected with viruses and you may have to escape from them tactically. To survive amidst infection and get rid of such people, you need to follow instincts and also logical reasoning. It is action-packed and is likely to keep you at the edge of your seat until the end of the game.

The only problem with Deceit is that you do not have a mobile app version to play in your comfort. But, this is probably one of the best games like Among Us to develop your judgmental capacity.

3. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor thoroughly stole the show when children at my home played it for the first time using PS4. Several Among Us addicts have always looked out for a PS4 or XBOX version to continue the spirit. While there is no immediate solution for the same, you have Secret Neighbor which is gaming console-friendly.

How does it work? You are a team of six players entering the neighbor’s home. As you continue playing, you find out that one of your team members is a neighbor in disguise. The secret neighbor has to turn action-filled to trap the remaining players and keep them away from the basement door. There are three reasons to suggest Secret Neighbor which is a wonderful theme-based game.

  • Graphics are interactive and high-end. You literally become the neighbor in disguise switching away from reality until your mission is accomplished.
  • The story keeps you alert at all times and enables you to support your reasoning with rationale.
  • You become a powerhouse of action, thrill, and fun as you may have to counter 5 other players, unlike other games where you pair up with the rest to keep imposters away.

4. Murderous Pursuits

As the name goes, Murderous Pursuits is related to a murder fest that happens in the daylight. You play along with seven others in an airship. As you keep receiving follow-up messages to kill one person, you should also ensure that none finds you. Or, you are going to get killed!

This is a game full of tricks and trades. After playing quite a few times, I have understood that this game makes you better in terms of tactically inducing someone to align with your thoughts. This is also practical if you may have to gain someone’s attention. Being one of the most recommended games like Among Us, I have two reasons to stress this game if you want multiple benefits.

  • Every session is different and you encounter new challenges each time. So, your stimulus improves over time.
  • Your ability to mentally and strategically safeguard yourself from the rest of the players improves. If at all you wanted to check it, play a few sessions and you will know how it is benefiting you.


There are more games like Among Us including Town of Salem, Hide Online,, Werewolf Online, and Project Winter. In playing each of these games, you are equipped with the extra advantage of improving your skills and staying alert even in real-life situations. Already tempted to upgrade your analytical ability? Try your hands on these games and see your progress!

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