5 Games like Stardew Valley For Game Lovers (2022)

Games like Stardew Valley

As a child, all of us have loved virtual lives and even got fascinated while taking a role in such games. Stardew Valley is one such game that was renowned for its realistic features where you can create your dream farm and also kickstart a new life with no big deal.

What if you can live an imaginary life even today by playing games like Stardew Valley? If you have been a fan of playing simulation games that are role-based, this article is for you.

What makes Stardew Valley special?

All of us would want to own a farm and start a living right there. But, reality strikes us hard. The majority of us have not been able to do even a part of it. To such people, Stardew Valley is a blessing. You put your creativity and interest to create a wonderful farm inherited from your grandfather.

With numerous options to decorate your space, interact with fellow residents in the community, build a family, raise animals, and just chill out at the lively farm, the experience of playing this game is beyond what one could imagine.

However, that does not mean you should play only Stardew Valley. There are several games like Stardew Valley that give diverse experiences and kindle that natural talent in you.

5 Best Games like Stardew Valley

1. Farm Together

This is one game that is a total replica of Stardew Valley. If you have played Stardew Valley already, you can see how well Farm Together matches in terms of theme. However, there are also certain unique features that you shouldn’t miss exploring.

Farm Together is one of the top multiplayer games like Stardew Valley where you can continue to do your work and every member does the same too. Unlike Stardew Valley where you need to explore everything alone, Farm Together promotes togetherness and mutual consent in every outcome achieved. As much as you enjoy playing the game, you also learn how to gel well with neighbors or other team members.

2. Hokko Life

Hokko Life makes it to the list of wonderful games like Stardew Valley that can make you feel young by all means. Being a game to be played on your personal computer, it gets onto an extra degree of creativity. You enter a peaceful village that is cozy and comfortable. As you get in, you also discover ways to spend time efficiently. This is when you can try your hands on fishing, crafting, farming, and designing your farm.

There are a few things that caught my attention in this game.

  • The characters are realistic. As a result, you can thoroughly relate to every character with reality and plan accordingly.
  • Graphical interfaces are fresh and lively compared to any other game like Stardew Valley. While it is a typical village setup, there is still some kind of freshness that can instantly rejuvenate you.
  • Hokko Life is getting updated with new features regularly. This means you can enjoy new features once you purchase the full version of the game. What you see today is only a glimpse of how it works.

3. The Sims 4

For those of you who are bored of farming activities and wanted to have adventurous experiences, The Sims 4 is the perfect destination. Wear your holiday accessories and get ready to chill out on the beachside with a few other friends. The Sims 4 is a completely relieving game that you should definitely try.

Instead of dating back to several generations ago, The Sims 4 is filled with modern characters and animes playing different roles. You can spot marketplaces, clubs, beaches, and party environments. Instead of hunting for tools that you may need to farm on the farmland, The Sims 4 is filled with realistic events like weddings, anniversaries, childbirth, and vacation. Sometimes, your life needs a break and you can treat this simulation as the perfect way to let that happen.

4. Littlewood

When you play a game, you need to feel relieved and comfortable. Littlewood is one of those mobile games like Stardew Valley that simulates farm activities in an interesting way. There are many things in Littlewood that make it unique compared to other games out there.

  • Not many tools to change and continue with the game.
  • Limited features but has a wonderful flow of events adding user-friendliness and better user experiences.
  • No rush to complete specific rounds or attain targets. You can play at your own pace.
  • As you play it at the end of the day, you can relieve stress and enjoy some freshness by living the life you want to.

5. Farming Valley

You must have heard of that classic game, Minecraft, isn’t it? How would it be when the timeless game includes a game exclusively based on farming and village themes? Your request is heard. Farming Valley is a modpack of Minecraft that lets you play free of cost if you have Minecraft already.


How does it work? As soon as you open this modpack, you can experience a ready-to-use farming simulation letting you plant different crops and also engage new human resources to manage specific operations of the farm. This is one of those reliable games like Stardew Valley that you can install and play at your pace. There is also the option to add new crops and animals, at no additional cost, simply to enhance your experience and keep yourself glued till the end of the game.

Perhaps, it is a long game as it has evolved stage by stage and perfected the art now. As a fan of Minecraft, you should definitely try its mods as well. This is one of the best switch games like Stardew Valley.


There are several best games like Stardew Valley enabling you to reimagine lives in the village and create a future at the farm. Landing up at the right platform matters! When you are on a platform like Minecraft, you have everything that you need. Otherwise, you may feel lost. So, which game are you looking to install and explore right now?

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