Sites To Get Paid To Test And Review The Products From Home In 2020

How do I become a paid product tester? Are you wondering about this question? What if I told you, you could make money to try out new products? Yes, you can get paid for testing and sharing your honest review of the products. All this can happen in the comfort of your home.

Multiple research companies are eagerly looking for product testers who can try out new products and share their feedback about it. It will help the companies to predict the future of new products in the market. Moreover, if any changes are required, they will do the needful.

Genuine Sites To Get Paid To Do Review Products

Here is the list of top 10 websites that encourage you to test and review new products, and you can also get paid for it.

Get paid to review products

1. My Opinion Now

My Opinion Now is one of the best websites that send out products for testing. You would be the first person to try our new products. Moreover, you will also get exciting cash prizes. With My Opinion Now, you can voice your different opinions. You can be part of many engaging online surveys.

Once the review is live, you get compensation in the form of checks. If you are interested in reviewing the product, the online users must be at least 13 years or more to get started. It is a fantastic website to get paid to review products online. 

Highlights Of My Opinion Now

  • Membership is free of cost
  • Collect reward points and cash prizes
  • No need for specialized skills to get started
  • User privacy is kept intact
  • Surveys are sent via emails

2. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the most trusted market research firms across the world. This site offers one of the best rates for product testing and reviews. You can test n number of products that include drinks, dogfood, beauty products, etc. The final payment after the product testing is made in the form of cash or via check or PayPal.

Pinecone Research allows you to earn points after the completion of the survey. You can redeem the final positions in the form of prizes and even cash. The best part is, you can use the products before they hit the retail market. I hope you got the answer to the question – How to become a product reviewer through this website. 


  • You can earn up to $5 for the completion of a survey
  • Totally a legit site
  • Rewards can be redeemed in the form of amazon e-cards and gift cards
  • Can take a survey and product testing’s
  • An array of product testing options

3. Panda Research

How do I get paid to review products – Do you have this question in mind? When it comes to the oldest websites for testing products and making money, Panda Research is one of the legitimate sites to get paid to review products. All you need is to sign up for free of cost, complete the offers, and then finally get paid for the same.

You can work with big brands like Walmart and even Disney. All you need is to provide honest feedback about their upcoming products and services. With Panda research, you can earn money and also receive coupons, giveaways, and even discounts. To make more money, refer to your friends and by reading emails.


  • Get paid on each 1st and 15th via PayPal
  • Oldest platform to test and earn money
  • Complete privacy of data
  • Panda Research can be used from any device
  • Receive paid incentives

4. Toluna Influencers

Toluna is a Paris based platform that allows influencers to share their review and voice their opinion. The platform supports multiple brands that include Coca Cola, Expedia, Sony Music, Amazon, etc.

Toluna Influencers works across the globe, and it primarily helps the brand to create buzz and awareness about the products. To get started, you need to participate and apply with your provider to test products.

Once you are selected for the product awareness, you will receive the product and details about the work. If you are wondering How to review products and get paid, Toluna Influencers is the best choice as you can explore and test a wide array of cosmetics and similar products.


  • Easy and trusted platform
  • Availability across the globe
  • Crucial personal data remains safe
  • Register yourself, participate, get selected and get paid
  • Great for individuals with excellent social media followers

5. Daily Goodie Box

The name says it all, and Daily Goodie Box allows you to explore a wide array of amazing goodies. The best part is, shipping is free, and you don’t need to share any crucial information to receive and test the goodies.

Once you register yourself, you will be receiving products based on availability. There are no hidden charges or shipping changes. All you need is to share your honest review of the product. So, be ready to do these exciting product review jobs. 


  • It is 100% free to be a member
  • Share your honest review in exchange for products
  • Free shipping cost
  • A wide array of products
  • The final evaluation is shared with the brand

6. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most reliable options to make some bucks online and also try out new products. Joining Survey Junkie is free of cost and encash your gift cards via PayPal and even cash.

All you need is to take some surveys and get paid for the same. At Survey Junkie, you can be an influencer and share your feedback with the brand. The best part, you can get paid for sharing your honest feedback. The members also get a bonus point for the completion of every activity.


  • Hassle-free to join
  • The rewards points never expire
  • Encash gift points in the form of cash or even PayPal
  • Easy way to make money online
  • Get paid to share feedback to brands

7. Brooks Running

It is one of the coolest websites to earn money and try out different products. Getting started is extremely simple. The team will send you the gear, and you need to use it and share your honest feedback. The gears are supposed to be used in different ambiances like during date-time, night, in the sun, snow, and even while going.

The Brooks Running focuses on the body in motion i.e., biomechanics. The shipping is free of cost. It is an excellent option to get paid to do reviews for products. However, the testers must be above 18 years.


  • Cool gears for wear testing
  • Only available for US folks
  • Individuals with 18 years and above can apply
  • Free shipping
  • No hidden charges

8. Mom Junction

Mom Junction is one of the most trusted sites where you can test out and share your reviews. It is only available for new mothers and expecting mothers in India.

Mom Junction is one of the reliable sites to get paid to review products India. It is mandatory for you to be a mother to participates in the survey and test our new products before the actual launch.


  • Availed by mothers in India
  • Free to join and participate in testing campaigns
  • Need to share the feedback on social media sites
  • Biggest parenting community in India
  • Can take any number of surveys

9. Influenster

Influenster is one of the best sites to make money and get products for free of cost. To get started, you need to have a robust social media account with a good number of followers. This gets paid to review products for free allows you to test and promote the products on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

With Influenster, you can earn some extra cash by being part of various activities like VoxBox. You can test outbox full of products and share your feedback on social media sites. You can explore and test a wide range of products from top brands like L’Oréal, BECCA cosmetics, Pure Leaf, Maybelline.


  • Best for youngsters
  • Earn extra cash by availing a Vox Box
  • Need to register and share details to get started
  • Available around the globe
  • Need to have a robust social media site

10. BetaTesting

BetaTesting works similar to User Testing, and you need to test out various applications and websites and sometimes even hardware. You can also get paid for notifying the bugs. 

The site was started in the year 2012, and they have more than 130K users across the world who are testing the apps and other services. You don’t need to have any prior experience to get started with the testing. You can receive up to 5 products to test each month.


  • Test out new applications, hardware, and even websites
  • Share feedback and get paid
  • Effortlessly earn up to $20
  • The eligibility is at least 18 years and above
  • Knowledge of English is must

Wrapping Up

The above-listed sites to get paid to review products are the most trustable and easiest way to make money online by trying out new products and services.

All you need is to register, try out goods, and get paid to test for free and review products. You can do all these jobs in free time and without spending a dim. These options are excellent for students, homemakers, or anyone who has some free time.

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