Job Opportunities For Students To Earn Money Online

This blog post offers some online job opportunities for students to earn money online at a convenient time.

From a recent study, I came to know that the students are spending much time on the internet, and most of them are searching the best online job opportunities to earn money with a query “how to earn money as a student?

Previously, I’ve discussed some online jobs and useful websites for them to make money online without investment. Here I’m going to reveal some good job opportunities with which the students can earn online cash in their free time.

The internet has opened a wide variety of employment opportunities for motivated students to make fast bucks with genuine online jobs. Only a few of the students are wasting their time on social networking websites and online games.

But most of the students are passionate about online money-making so that they help their parents to cut off the daily expenses.


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Are you a student who desires to make cash with genuine online job opportunities? I hope that this post would help you to earn some bucks from the web.

Previously, I had a couple of discussions specifically for students to make residual income from home.

I would suggest you look at the best online job opportunities specified in the following blog posts that would help you to get some ways of making money online as a student.

1. Top 5 online jobs for students

2. How students can make money online?

Let’s continue the talk and check a few easier online jobs available for students to earn money online.

Genuine Online Job Opportunities For Students

1. Vlogging on Youtube

Vlogging is nothing but the video blogging that is the fastest-growing internet business, and it is the best part-time job for students. Like television, youtube is getting popular among the people as it is a convenient source to learn or get anything.

As the advertisers are showing interest to promote their products/services in you-tube, the students can earn huge money with Vlogging.

You just need the internet connection with a webcam to create the videos of your choice and post it regularly on your youtube channels. You can publicize yourself with the help of social networking websites and make sure to communicate with your audience.

If they like your work, they used to share your videos and the more shares you get, the more money you could make from advertising.

2. Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading jobs are growing in demand as online businesses need people to identify the mistakes in the web pages before posting. They want to look at the correct word usage, sentence construction error, errors in spelling and punctuation, grammatical faults and so on.

Proofreading and editing jobs are the real internet jobs for students to make income from home. For this, you just need to familiarize yourself with several stylebooks and build a reference library. You can practice your skills by reading newspapers, books, TV news programs, websites, etc.

If you are a student with creative skills, just have a look at the below post to get the job opportunities related to it.

Creative ways to make money online

3. Earn Through Smartphone

Students always like to use smartphones and their computing capabilities increase with it. More than 60% of the students own a smartphone as they wish to stay updated with current information and to do college-related tasks.

Installing the apps related to social media advertising and crowd-sourcing, it is likely for the students to earn money with their smartphones.

Gigwalk and Easyshift are the familiar tasks oriented crowd-sourcing apps, and the Shopkick and Viggle are the rewards program apps for the smartphones with which you can get money at the appropriate time. Many mobile application developers are ready to pay the customers to use their programs, and the students can make use of it.


Students have the power to shape and change the future of their country by building up their careers. They are excellent in learning new stuff and showing eagerness to earn some cash through the internet in their spare time or whenever they feel bored at studies. Online jobs offer legit money-making opportunities for the students to earn at spare time.

If you are a college student, utilize your time to perform some constructive stuff on the internet to make extra money at home. Use your common sense and beware of scam websites that assure you fast ways of making money. There exist a lot of online job opportunities for students to earn money, and thus you could get financial freedom with it.

Are you a student who are in search of the genuine money making way on the web to make residual income at home? What do you think about the above-listed part-time jobs for students? Share your opinion in the comment section and stay tuned to grab a few more honest job opportunities on the net to meet the monetary benefit. 

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  1. Thanks for this awesome piece of knowledge Mam ! we always keep looking for something genuine which can reward us. NOw this is something i would really give a try..

  2. hey Nirmala
    You are right that there are a lots of Scam websites, we have to aware from these sites.
    Thanks for providing us useful information. I hope students will follow your tips.

  3. V-logging sounds cool buddy. I am generating revenue through Dailymotion because youtube banned me….lol… hey, why not earn money online through your videos, if you are a student? Thanks for sharing.

  4. Superb… these are new which I was not knowing.. I will recommend this link to peoples who want to do something new online. Thanks.

  5. Hi,
    Vloging and Proof reading are greatly appreciable jobs. Though, Vloggig needs some popularity for making money, still it is good. On other hand, Proof reading could be turned out as a good opportunity. I am new with smartphone so I don’t know much about those apps but I will try it soon. Thank You for the Nice Post.

  6. Amrish @ Live Indian Tv

    Thanks for sharing the grate Information . As you written here by uploading videos to Youtube any one can earn good amount of money . You simple have to create a video and upload that to youtube ,not to worry about the backlinks and traffic .. If you have added good description and title your video will get more views and help you to earn more

  7. Very interesting Nirmala Mam,
    Your all blog posts are worth reading. Whenever I read an article on your post, I get something new to learn as well as in this article too and can’t stop myself from commenting here. Thanks for the useful information 🙂

  8. Great tips for any students looking to earn money online, Nirmala. I guess young people today already have a lot of the skills required to do these jobs, because they’re so accustomed to using technology from such an early age. It’s good to make them aware how their skills can be put to such profitable use 🙂


  9. Earn money online is popular topic among students.
    Actually, this article help student to make some extra money at home.Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This post truly deserve recognition. Awesome tips that are easy to understand and use. I will remember them all because this will also help me…..

  11. Well, that’s really a good options for those students who want to help their parents economically as well to develop and strengthen their own skills and knowledge.
    Thanks a lot for such a helpful post. 🙂


  12. Hi Nirmala,

    Another useful post by you. These are some genuine ways by which not only students but anybody with suitable skills can make some money online.

    If you are really good at creating interesting videos, I guess, vBlogging can turn to be a great success!

    For other kind of jobs, you’ll need to work a bit more to get opportunities.

  13. Hi Nirmala maam!
    Its really a worthy fundas for the students or all of us who want to grab a suitable online job . I wanna thank you for the extra info about smartphoneapp Jobs…

  14. Hi Nirmala really you are taking an great step to give an valuable information for students to earn money hope they will utilize them for there studies

  15. Hello Nirmala,

    I visited first time and have to say that you really have a nice blog. Some of the genuine article and tips. I don’t usually subscribe to blog but just subscribed for you blog.

    And the best way to earn money is to have a blog like yours. Student can write what they know (actually what they are studying) and can learn as well earn.

    Everyone should choose their way according to the skill they have and must be brave and hard worker (smart worker too) to get good results.

    I’ll keep receiving you articles updates… hope to get soem fresh and new articles 🙂

  16. This post is not just informative but impressive also. it is very useful. Great Opportunities For Students to start making lots of money

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