What Jobs Pay Over $30 Per Hour?

Are you looking for flexible jobs that pay over $30 per hour? Check the best 10 ideas to work as a part-time or full-time professional. 

In these modern highly competitive times, jobs that pay over $30 have become a necessity more than a luxury. Gone are those times when buying just enough money to put food on your plates, a roof over your head, and clothes on your body was enough. The cost of living includes much more nowadays.

With this surge in the cost of living, high paying jobs have become a mandate. Across industries and sectors, there are multiple job types and profiles that are high-paying.

Some require skills, some require talent, some require educational qualifications, some require you to follow your passion, and some need to take certain physical, mental, and financial risks. However, no two jobs from two different sectors can ever be compared based on the effort-reward relationship.

Multiple factors come into play, but nowadays, with the onset of the entrepreneurial mindsets, the value of ideas is much more than anything. There are numerous jobs across various sectors that promise high pay. Here’s a list of tasks that pay north of 30 dollars per hour.

10 Best Jobs Paying $30 Per Hour


1. Online Teaching

The education industry has always been an industry of extremes. Teachers are either paid too less in the low tier schools or are paid exceptionally well and granted a lot of perks in the premium school.

With the onset of technology, teaching has become an all the more lucrative career. Distance learning courses where all the teaching takes place over virtual platforms have become the new norm.

Online teaching is a high-paying job that gives you a lot of flexibility, respect, and satisfaction. Online teaching companies hire quality teachers for unbelievably high pays to digitalize education. Classes are held over video calls, or pre-recorded videos are played.

2. Freelance Work – Fiverr Gigs

Freelance workers are professionals with a specific skill set that don’t work for a particular company but work for projects of different companies. Freelancing is very popular in the creative and cultural industries. However, freelancing too has been revolutionized by a company called Fiverr. 

It is a website that allows freelancers and skilled professional to offer their services as gigs or products for 5 dollars. The services provided for 5 dollars are pretty basic. Advanced services are sold for up-scaled gags. Here you can make money as the jobs that pay over $30 per hour. 

The cost-efficiency of this website has made this site extremely popular and hence, a lot of employers come to this site for cheap gigs. If you are a skilled designer or a creator, this site will give you popularity and allows you to make quick bucks for small services.

3. Dieticians And Nutritionist

In the world of social media, everyone has become conscious of their bodies. With the dawning of the realization that you are what you eat, the dietary supplements industry has boomed. However, the biggest gainers are those dieticians and nutritionists who have studied this field of body science and are certified, professionals.

Dieticians and nutritionists are jobs that provide unbelievably high pays and have an amazing effort-reward relationship. Dieticians, like doctors, charge for consulting plans and for sketching diet plans for overweight individuals. If you earn yourself a name, then the number of clients will skyrocket.

4. Make-Up Artists

The onset of social media and the dawning of body consciousness has spawned off yet another industry. The beauty industry has skyrocketed with the help of celebrities and influencers. As a result, there are professional courses in cosmetics and make-up. Certified make-up industries are highly sought after.

Make-up artists make a lot of money as they charge their clients per sitting and per service that they provide to their clients. And the number of beautification services that can be provided by certified artists are just phenomenal. Such has been the progress of the cosmetic industry.

However, this job avenue requires certification and a name for yourself if you seek to make it big in this industry. Later on, perhaps you can start your own beauty product line. I would say that it is one of the best jobs that pay over $30 per hour. 

5. Gym Trainers

Yet another industry that has been spawned by the mass realization of body consciousness is that of gyms and all-round fitness. Gyms have been around for quite a time. Over time, several innovations and ground-breaking researches have resulted in newer machines and newer forms of workouts. Different workouts work in different ways.

And each individual’s body is diverse. Hence, to decide which kind of exercise might suit who is something that only qualified and experienced trainers can do. Those looking to achieve have recognized this fact, and hence there has been a mass demand for trainers. This is even though trainers charge per session, the charges being high. This very mindset has made gym training a lucrative job profile.

6. Architects

With the onset of globalization, the growing population and urbanization, the career line of architecture have become extremely lucrative. Architects are trained and certified professionals that cater to designing buildings and homes. They also overlook the construction of their designed plans and provide other construction related services like house beautification and interior decoration.

Architects are paid highly because of the following reasons. Firstly, to be an architect, you have to put yourself through architecture school for years. Secondly, to design each building, each floor, each room, each flight of stairs, the architect has to put in several and several hours to get through all the intricacies. Add to that, the client’s customization and what you’ll see is a long and hefty bill.

7. Financial Consultant

The financial world is incredibly vast. People around the globe have started realizing the importance of financial health. On the other hand, with the millions of companies listed on stock markets around the world, multiple streams for investments have been opened for the classes and masses.

This has led to the funding of houses and investment firms that specialize in the securities field. That is when a financial consultant steps in. A financial consultant is someone who aids companies or individuals in planning their finances.

This requires the consultant to have knowledge about the intricacies of the financial market. The securities market is just one avenue where financial consultants can earn a lot. There are many other scopes and avenues where there is a high demand for a financial consultant.

8. Video Editors

The video editors’ industry is another industry that has been boosted by the onset of social media and video sharing applications. In these times, brands, firms, and companies establish their presence by strengthening their social media games. To develop their digital presence and to promote their products and services, the services of video editors are an important requirement.

Video editing involves slicing, compiling, and creating videos according to the needs and visions of the client. Video editors are required primarily in the entertainment and marketing industry. Video editors are paid handsomely because of the long hours in front of the computer that is required of the editor to create videos.

9. Physiotherapy

Physio-therapy is a therapeutic form of medical care that seeks to focus on patients suffering from muscular problems. It aims to remediate these muscular problems through specific exercises and muscle movement. It aims to steer away from medicines of high doses and painkillers. Physio-therapy is also the chosen form of therapy to aid people recuperating from fractures and other disfiguration.

Physiotherapy is highly sought after by middle-aged and older people as it is a very effective solution for pains and muscular ailment. Physio-therapist are also required to take specific medical training and to get certified. As a result, physiotherapists also charge per session. There is also a raging demand for physiotherapists in the sports industry.

This is because players who exert themselves during every game, irrespective of the sport are required to resort to therapy to ease their muscles and to keep them injury-free. And for such job profiles, the therapists are paid handsomely.

10. Registered Nurses

Nurses are qualified and trained medical professionals that are concerned with the monitoring of patients, administering medicines, aid the doctors, and basically look after the patients in a medical institution. With the widespread extension of healthcare systems across the world, nurses have highly sought after. This is because the nurses to doctor ratio in the healthcare systems is very expansive.

Nurses comprise the highest number of healthcare professionals throughout the world. This is because nurses cater to the patients in almost every way except prescription and diagnosis and surgical operations. Nurses are highly paid professionals who work on the frontlines in the war against ailments and issues. That is why the profession of being a nurse also carries societal respect.


Across various sectors, high-paying jobs are ordinary happening. However, what is common across these sectors is that these jobs only pay a handsome amount if they require something more than extraordinary.

All of the aforementioned job profiles either require an additional amount of risk or require more dedication. Some of these jobs require educational qualifications, whereas some require experience and smartness. Some also require financial risks to be taken. However, all of them require passion and inclination towards them.

A lot of job profiles on this list seek to aid in making the rich richer. The same job skills can be used to benefit yourself if only you are willing to take the additional risk of failing.

For example, a financial consultant seeks to help with wealth management. On the other hand, the same consultant can use his financial knowledge and experience to create his own wealth. However, in this pursuit, the consultant also has to risk losing his wealth.

There are plenty of jobs that pay over $30 per hour. All you need to do is find your passion and upgrade your skill set to match that of your passion.

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