15+ Simple Exercises To Tackle Blogger’s Block

On the internet, a lot of guides and blogs talk about writer’s block but there is one more alarming condition, we online markets and bloggers face and it is nothing but the blogger’s block.

If you’re experiencing difficulties in blogging with passion, you may practice some simple exercises to handle the blog exhaustion. 

First, let me tell what blogger’s block is all about in a brief manner!

What is Blogger’s Block?

Blogger’s block is a condition when you lose your creative self-expression blogging and cannot come up with new ideas. During this phase, bloggers skip their normal posting schedule due to the lack of new blog posts publishing, and overall work get stuck within an endless freezing state. 

In simple words, Blogger’s block can be indicated as the loss of interest to do blogging. It may happen to any blogger at any time. I’ve overwhelmed this condition twice in my blogging journey, but I tactically managed with some straight forward methods. 

Before discussing the methods of handling blogger’s burnout, let me explain why would it happen!

What Are The Causes Of Blogger’s Block?

1) Too Much Work

Most of the digital marketers and bloggers work from home where they have no fixed work schedules like in offices. It makes them work for hours sitting in front of the computer screens until late nights. Ultimately, their creative skills get jam up leaving them clueless about what to do next.

Some bloggers have a day job or college education, and thus they get less time to work but need to manage a lot of blogging tasks. 

2) Fear of Being Left Out

Bloggers, especially newbies are a lot prone to FOMO (fear of missing out). Reading to a variety of pro bloggers makes them doubt their writing abilities.

Reading in-depth case studies and seasoned articles of senior bloggers make them feel they are missing out in the blogging world, and this particular case prevents them from writing fresh articles.

Whatever may be the reason, blogger’s block is to be dealt seriously, as it can hamper your creativity and ruin your readership who are waiting to read your articles every day or week.

15 Uncomplicated Ways To Handle Blogger’s Block

Below are some of the best strategies to manage the blogging fatigue! 


1. Get Your Blogging Schedule Changed

When you churn words day after day at the same time, you become immune to the creative stimulations, that time slot has on your nerves. If you are a night person, try waking up early in the morning and blog to the tunes of the singing birds. If birds are aliens in your urban area, you can try Calmsound.

The same goes for morning larks. Waking up late nights can get them a buzz or two that they missed while sleeping all those days. These ideas can be used to blog or at least boost the brain to overcome blogger’s block.

PRO TIP: You can also change your office location to see how a new view is affecting your opinions on blogging. Try taking your laptop out to the portico or the home garden. It will surely help you freshen up and start writing.

2. Make Full Use Of Incoming Ideas

You never know when an idea can dawn upon you. Moreover, ignoring an idea during blogger’s block can be a significant loss. What you can do is jot down the ideas in a simple diary or Notepad.

I always carry a small pocket sized diary where I dump all the blogging ideas that I get during my travel, and even I cook food. I then dig them open at my free times and start writing on the one idea I think is relevant.

Try this method of storing ideas as they happen and you will have a plenty of topics to blog about.

3. Come Up With Endless Ideas 

Blogger’s block disables your ability to come up with fresh blog topics ideas. It is so fatal and can mess up your writing schedule. In case you are already facing this problem here are a few effective methods to come up with blog post ideas.

  • Use a keyword tool like Google Keyword planner to come up with ideas or a similar tool like Keywordtool.io. You can come up with topics that are most searched in your industry.
  • Use a headline template or generator to give your ideas the shape they need. Jon Morrow’s 52 headline hacks is perfect for giving your keyword a title you need.

You can, however, use a title generator like portent title generator or Pauline’s headline templates. These tools will help you to come out with ready-to-post headlines and cure your blogger’s block.

4. Keep An Eye In Your Niche

Working for long hours makes you detached from the outside world. It often leads to blogging fatigue, and you feel stagnant. I practice a simple exercise to stay in the loop and keep track of my niche happenings. It helps me to blog about recent trends and stay away from running out of ideas. 

Besides, I keep a track of social mentions to check out who is talking about my brand on social media. It also helps me to track my competitors so that I know what I have to work on.

5. Join Bloggers Groups

The best way to fight blogger’s block is to talk with someone in your niche. You can always find tons of ideas for these groups to blog about.

For example, LinkedIn groups are brimming with members talking about the issues in their niche. You can undoubtedly find out golden keywords and ideas that can then be used to write blog posts on. If you’re an avid marketer, you may join in these LinkedIn groups to get the bucket list of ideas. 

Moreover, you can network with colleagues and industry experts in the group for further business opportunities.

Similarly, some Facebook groups are active and good to exercise your networking skills.

For example, Pat Flynn’s official Facebook group gives you over 14.5K targeted bloggers who either solve your queries or ask questions to be answered. It will surely give you a boost of your blogging skills, and you will be able to blog on track. 

6. Hunt Down Popular Forums

You may hunt down popular forums in your niche to find out trends in your industry. Some forums also allow you to link back to your blog post while solving a query asked by a member, so make use of this chance to promote your blog.

You can get access to your industry forums by just searching “your keyword” + Forum in Google search.

If your blog is a related to Internet Marketing & SEO, you may take part in the forum of Matthew Woodword. There is no doubt that you can get a  few topics to write for your blog (as shown in the image)


7. Write Your Bad Experiences

If you are not coming up with blogging ideas, better write down the terrible things you have already experienced. The key to this exercise is to kill blogger’s block by letting the flow uninterrupted.

You may check this post where Groove has written his failure experiences on A/B testsThese are not just experiences but also make your readers get some insights without actually having to go through all those processes.

Likewise, writing your bad experiences and how did you handled them would fix your broken blogging schedule and builds credibility with your readers.

If you still are not convinced, you may check the following eight more exercises to tackle the blogging burnout.

8. Utilize Amazon

Go to Amazon.com and pick up any book that appears for your keyword research. Either buy them or read the preview of those books. I am sure you are going to get a lot of ideas that you still didn’t think could be written.

9. Interview Chat With Popular Blogger

The success stories of famous bloggers will ignite the lost mojo of blogging in you. I’m familiar with this fact and thus having “Expert’s Tips” category in my blog. 

10. Read Your First To-do List

I know that it makes no sense reading in your first to-do list or first blog post draft, but I am sure going down those memory lanes will lift up your passion towards blogging. Those emotions that you have had at the beginning of blogging can only be felt if you visit those memos or drafts.

11. Subscribe To Company Blogs

If you want to be a successful blogger, you must know every important news in your industry. You can thus stay informed whenever they bring up a new feature; delete an existing service launch a new product. It will help you to blog about the reactions to those launches.

You can also come up with ideas or tutorials on how to use those features and your bloggers will love your instant articles.

12. Extend Your Horizon But Break Down Your Goals

Sometimes a narrow horizon can give you a feeling of congestion and thus give birth to blogger’s block. If you are fed up with text articles, try a podcast or even Vlogging. These formats of content are widely accepted by audiences. Additionally, they will help you to come out of creative blockages in writing.

By breaking down your goals, I mean to take small steps towards success. Having a large goal altogether can choke you up when it does not happen. Rather, take small steps towards your goal and achieve it.

For example, if you aim to write a guest post on Huffington Post, start from increasing your presence in small but reputed blogs. It would increase your chances of getting published on HuffPost exponentially.

13. Take Audience Poll

Sometimes, you need to let your audience decide what they want to hear from you. This is helpful in a situation of blogger’s block. As the decision of the majority will be granted, your audiences will love the upcoming post. So, try to get some ideas by conducting the poll to your loyal readers. 

14. Set A Timer

Use a simple alarm clock or your mobile timer and start writing. Set yourself a goal to complete within a given time. When we are under the influence of a timer, our brain starts working aggressively and thus can help you crush tiredness in blogging.

15. Take A Break

When nothing else works, this will. If you are too much affected by blogger’s block, go take a vacation. Spend this quality time with your family and friends. Get yourself closer to nature as it is the best healer. After the much-needed vacation, I am sure that you will spring up to blogging rejuvenated and refreshed.

Bonus Ideas To Beat Blogging Exhaustion

  1. Create a supporting community to boost your energy level when you feel down
  2. Stop multitasking as it would kill your productivity.
  3. Do your favourite activity other than blogging.
  4. Take a power nap before start working on important blogging tasks.
  5. Do Meditation/Yoga for 1 hour daily to get innovative ideas.  

Over To You

Work around the clock with fruitless methods never yield good results.

So, I would suggest you to follow some effective methods to blog with consistency!

Few days back, I struggled a lot to fit into my blogging schedules due to my personal constraints and thus I felt like experience blogger’s burnout. But I managed the awful state with most of the above-listed strategies.

These are not proven cures to tackle blogger’s block, but they would nudge you in the exact path that you need to overcome it.

What do you do in case you find yourself locked up with blogger’s block? Please share your ideas in the comment section.

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