5 Distraction-Free Text Editors For Writers And Bloggers

This post signifies the importance of focused writing and provides the details of some best distraction-free text editors for writers. 

Writing is my preferred hobby as it keeps my brain fresh and active. I want to get decent writing and while writing the blog posts, I stay away from social networks, phone ringing/messages and TV on in the background.

Writing is not easy, but good!

It needs focus and discipline!

Also, it should not be rushed!

As we use our computer for writing, we do have a lot of constant distractions like cluttered interface, blinking icons, notifications, the internet etc. which would make us distract from the texting task. But the technology has made the writing work easier than ever by providing the distraction-free text editors that can prove to be best tools for writing process.

Are you a writer/blogger/student? If you’re a person who makes your living by writing, I have to admit that you’re doing a great job. Because I know that you’re facing the constant electronic distractions on your computer like shortcuts, calendar, file icons etc. The good news is that there are writing tools available for you to remove these distractions. The following details would help you to understand the importance of using a best free text editor for your writing task.

Why Distraction-free Writing?

Working environment plays a vital role in writer’s productivity. Writing is not a single act! I’d say that it is a process which entail start, draft, revise, format and so on. I do agree that there are modern word processors are existing with useful features which would let you format the text in various ways.

But they do use intricate toolbars with many icons. Thus, it is more likely to get divert from writing with the recent word processors. To work with peace and boost your creativity, you may opt a distraction-free text editor with the clean workspace.

What is a Distraction-free Text Editor?

Distraction-free text editors do not contain any menus and toolbar. It is specifically designed for writers with the basic formatting support which would let them write in a pleasant environment. As it has a simple interface with the blinking cursor, the writers can churn out their creative juices from their brain to the screen without any distraction.

Best 5 Distraction-free Text Writers

Below are 5 best text editors if you’re looking for a distraction-free environment to carry out your writing work.



Write! is a modern generation distraction-free text editor for writers and bloggers that aims to boost their productivity and make the work with text more efficient. Though Write! is on its stage of beta testing, it does not yield to other editors in its functionality and feature richness. Along with Write!’s minimalist design, you will be able to take the advantage of its innovative spell-checker, markdown support, effective visual navigator, and many other interesting and useful features.

As for now the application works only on Windows machines, however in the future it will be compatible with Mac and Linux, as the company representative says. If you love creating beautiful stories so that nothing disturbs you, this free text editor is just what you need. You can download this application for free and give it a try at the official web-site of the application http://wri.tt/

Ulysses III

Ulysses III is a tool made for writers, journalists, students and all kind of people who write. Unlike the previous application, it is compatible only with Mac and is not planning to broaden its horizons to other operating systems. Ulysses has a dark mode which can be helpful when writing in darkness hours, but not as useful in the daylight. As for the features, it also supports markdown and markup to quickly format the text. With the application’s files library, all you documents can be neatly organized and easily accessed.

To be short, most of the people liked this application and the way it functions, however, the thing that spurs from using it is the price which is $44.99 – not a small one. To have a deeper insight into the app, you may go to its official web page http://www.ulyssesapp.com/


OmmWriter is a cross-platform text writer that runs on Mac, Windows, and iPad. The first thing that hit in the eye about this app is that you can change the background image of your working area, and also the music that accompanies you through the working process. OmmWriter is not as feature-rich as Write! and Ulysses III, among all the features it has only the markdown support. The developers of the application let you pay as much as you want to be based on what you have got out of it starting with $4.11 which is the least price.

According to what they say, the application was created for personal use, however, the outcome was so good to hide it from the public. Well, strange enough then to ask money for it. You can visit the product’s official page here http://www.ommwriter.com/


FocusWriter is a simple to use distraction-free writing environment where the user-interface is hidden at the edges of the screen. It has the full-screen option with clean writing space. There is option to activate typewriter sound effect, autosave, portable mode, spell-checking and live statistics features. Moreover, this excellent writing software has fully customizable themes and you could translate your work into over 20 languages.

You may also use its daily goals and alarm options to increase your writing productivity. This rich text editor is free to install on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. For more information, visit http://gottcode.org/focuswriter/


iAWriter is a distraction-free word processor for Mac, iPad and iPhone that is to some extent similar to Write! but with fewer editing instruments. The great advantage of this application is the ability to use iCloud and Dropbox to store your files and synchronize them with your devices.

Its noise free writing interface induces you to write and create whenever and wherever you want. The price of this text editor program is $4.99 for all devices and you can find more information about the app on their official web-site http://www.iawriter.com/


Good writing needs concentration! So, if you do a lot of writing, it is good to use a distraction-free writing environment. As I specified early, a good distraction-free text editor will isolate you from computer notifications & other applications and hence you may focus on your writing. Be sure to use a best writing tool with full-screen mode for productive writing.

Before, I had used Zenwriter as it is a stylish productivity software with typewriter sound effect. Recently, I’ve started to use Write! which helps me to cut distractions and keep myself focused on my writing. So, I suggest you to use a good distraction-free editor to hide all your digital disruptions and hope that it will capture your heart.

Let me know what do you think of these distraction-free text editors? Do you want to write without deviation? Are you using any cool text editor to tackle the issue of distraction head-on? If so, share your pleasing experiences through your comment.

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