Birthday Wishes For Atish Ranjan (Nov 9th)

Hi Fellow Bloggers & My Dedicated Readers,

As you all aware, I have written multiple posts on various topics of interest on my blog.

Today, I would like to dedicate this blog post to only one person.

It’s a heartfelt birthday wish to a most wonderful and patient mentor any novice can get.

I hope many of you would share the same thoughts.

Yeah, this post is dedicated to Atish, who has been my inspiring factor and it’s been a privilege for me to wish him a very Happy Birthday (Nov 9th).

Many of you would have this query,

Why should I wish him “Happy Birthday” through a blog post?

The answer is – there are multiple reasons to support my thoughts.

All though I may miss out on some reasons, I have tried my level best to put ahead of my gratitude and thoughts through this post.

Let’s have a peep into the reasons and I would like to address this to Atish himself:-


  • It may seem to be a diplomatic reason, but the truth is, you are one of my favourite mentors. You have provided many novices like me tremendous support and guidance.
  • To support my previous point, I would like to iterate that during my first days of blogging, I had pursued this profession without knowing its real meaning. You have been my guide and have thought me impressive blogging stuff.
  • I have been blogging since 2009, but the initial phases had been a struggle. The monetary benefits have been substantially less that time, and you’ve encouraged me to shape my career as a blogger.
  • I have always pestered you with silly questions on blogging, but you have always responded back to me on a manifold.
  • You are the one who stimulated me to write more and my writing skill has developed much.
  • I have learned the concept “Take the time out for blogging” from you and through which I have been educated on how to work hard.
  • You have helped me to start a new self-hosted blog, and you were the one who names it “MyMagicFundas.”
  • When I do experiments on my WordPress blog, the codes got cramped due to my inexperience and low awareness levels. You have helped me to resolve those issues without hesitation.
  • You have provided me with ample opportunities to write guest posts, and I’ve started my guest blogging work with
  • With your help and the inspirational factor, I have turned myself into a tech blogger with a good online presence.

In simple words

Blogging things were so impossible, but due to your assistance, I made them possible

Many new bloggers may need the same kind of guidance what you’ve done to me, so I request you to do the same to shape their blogging career.

happy-birthday-atishHappy Birthday Atish

Here is my birthday wish with special words

“It is your day, keep smiling on this special day and may you get everything as you wish on this special day. May your birthday be filled with happy hours and am sure this year gonna be your spectacular and successful year ever. Have an awesome day and stay blessed, God bless you buddy”

You’re such a special friend and hope you’ll accept my warm birthday wishes “Happy Birthday to you” (in advance)

Blow the candle and cut the cake 🙂


My sincere thanks to the passionate blogging bros Ravi Verma and Ankit Kumar Singla for offering this wonderful birthday image to this post.

I humbly request all my readers and friends to leave your Birthday wish for Atish through comments. Here you can see how to say thank you for birthday wishes


My Birthday Wishes For Atish (2014)

Hi Atish,

 I’m so lucky to have you as my friend!

Thank you for always standing by side!

You’re one of the nicest persons I’ve met in my life!

You’re teaching me how to live life to the fullest!

I’ve presented a beautiful cake (without sugar) for your last birthday

And this time,

I’m sending my Birthday Wishes with colourful balloons.

“Please accept my sincere wishes on your B’day.”


My heartfelt birthday wishes to you and I wish you live forever.

Hello my dear readers, you may leave your Birthday wishes for Atish through comments 😀


My Birthday Wishes For Atish (2015)


The best mentor like you is more precious than anything!

Our bond is very strong, and I believe that it can withhold all kinds of troubles!

Another year has passed and today it’s your B’day once more!

May your Birthday be a beautiful one! Celebrate your day!

May you live to be 100 years old 🙂

Kindly accept the warm wishes from my heart!


Update (2016)

Many More Happy Returns Atish!

May all your dreams come true this year, celebrate your day! 

@ Readers, 

You may convey your B’day wishes to Atish in the comment section. 

Update (2017)

Happy birthday to the best MENTOR ever! You’re still inspiring me to work with passion!

“I hope you see lots of success in the year to come”

Update (2018)

Happy Birthday, Atish! May All Your Dreams Come True This Year 🙂 

Update (2019)

May Your Day Be Super Bright And Super Special Atish, Wishing You The Happiest Of Birthdays 🙂

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