How Pinterest can be used by the bloggers?

This post explains the bloggers how they can effectively use Pinterest for blogging.

Pinterest is a powerful visual marketing tool which has the potential to drive tremendous traffic to a website or blog. Pins for the blog posts are the Do-follow links and so it can boost the blog’s performance on search engines. Are you a blogger and searching for the ways to get good backlinks, followers, blog post ideas? Here is the post for you to do an enhanced blogging with Pinterest.

Sign up in Pinterest, verify your blog and you will get Dofollow backlink from the profile bio section. 

Tips for the bloggers to use Pinterest

Pinterest is the genuine social bookmarking website where the bloggers can promote their blog/blogs. Here are some tips for the bloggers to use it effectively.

1. Include a short bio and your picture in the profile which would let the people know about you and your blog.

2. Fix the theme boards to share your interests and special & attractive board to share your blog posts images.

3. Use descriptive labels for your created pin boards so that the readers and pinners can find you easily through searches.

4. Setting up the board cover with a striking image is vital, as the people can go through it to check the pinned pins.

5. Every blog post should contain an outstanding image and “pin it” button to pin the new post published on your blog.

6. Choose an eye-catching image for every blog post which should inspire other Pinterest users to repin and like your image.

7. While repining the image, make sure that the link is working fine and you really want to promote that content.

8. Stay focused and pin the images to your created pin boards appropriately. Pinning irrelevant images to theme boards would annoy your followers and you may lose your reputation.

9. It is possible to share your pinned image link in other social networks and so link your Pinterest profile with other social profiles.

10. Stay active in Pinterest communities to gain more minded followers.Pinterest for bloggers                                                         Image Credit:

How bloggers can use the Pinterest?

The following are the useful blogging related stuff which can be performed by the bloggers with Pinterest.

1. Perform link building

Pinterest is the perfect place for the bloggers to perform link building for their blogs. Recognize the users with blog of same niche through search, Identify the users who pins from your blog and find if they have similar blogs like you, catch your followers in Pinterest and search for the relevant users whose blog has been verified in Pinterest to build natural links. 

2. Ideal place to share images and videos on the blog posts

Pinterest is a pictorial marketing tool and so use the eye-catching bright images for your blog posts and submit it on Pinterest through “pin it” button. Pinning the own stuff would allow the minded readers and bloggers to find your blog. Also share your favorite images and posts in the relevant pinboards created by you. 

3. Get new blog post ideas

Make a search related to the topic of your blog using viral keywords in Pinterest. It is sure that you’ll get various pin boards and pins, from where you can catch the new blog post ideas for your blog. Also, you can get ideas from the pins which got more repins, likes and comments to reach the wider audience. 

4. Create new relationships

By engaging the audience through high-quality, pins would make them follow your pin boards and they would visit your blog frequently without fail. If these followers continue to repin and like your pin, then it is the great opportunity for you to get good exposure in the blogosphere and even for lead generation.

If you reach the minded people by liking, repining and commenting on their pins, it will lead to gain more followers and friends. 

5. Drive traffic

1. Link your Pinterest profile page to popular social networks profiles where you have massive followers to get more publicity.

2. Follow some influential pinners in your same niche. Make their followers follow you through interest pins.

3. Conduct re-pin contests and propose special offers to your followers.

4. If you have an email list, let them inform about your Pinterest profile and request then join in it.

5. Try to focus on trending topics and create interesting pin boards. This would pull numerous visitors to check your profile.

Hope these ways would increase traffic to blog! 

My magical tips

1. You may schedule your pins using

2. Use 1-2 keywords in the pin description while pinning your new post (the same which you’ve used in the post) which would bring your pinned page up in SERP.

Useful Infographics on Pinterest for the bloggers! 


Pinterest is a great tool for the bloggers to improve their brand awareness, driving traffic back to their blog and helps in link building. The bloggers should not fail to pin every blog post to Pinterest with a pretty image. When the users click the pinned image, it takes them to the web page where it has been pinned.

Pinterest is the common social website next to Facebook and Twitter and it is the genuine pace to find blogs for guest blogging, blog commenting and competitive link analysis. Verifying your blog with Pinterest helps the visitors to identify your blog and it is imperative to integrate “Pin it” button and “Follow” button to your blog. Also, ensure that pinned and repinned image directing towards the original source.

Share your opinion about this post and your experience & Pinterest traffic details through your comment. 

50 thoughts on “How Pinterest can be used by the bloggers?”

  1. I haven’t used Pinterest until now, but I am considering after these tips. It’s not easy to get any traffic from pinterest unless your pic goes viral.

  2. A very detailed post. One of the ideas you mentioned “Conduct re-pin contests and propose special offers to your followers ” is very appealing. I am going to try out. Hope you join as one of the contestants. (smile)

    1. Am glad and surprised with your visit and comment Malathy 🙂

      Thanks for appreciating me, hope the same made to write the detailed posts!

      If you are conducting a contest to repin your pins, Sure, will participate in it.

      Its good to get your comments, keep visiting here 🙂

  3. I guess I need to work more for Pinterest. Though I have integrated buttons for pinning my post, I am spending as much time as required in pinterest site itself.

    The number of networks is causing more time to spend there. It has really been hard to grab all the possibilities.

    1. I don’t know how I missed to give reply to your comment Suresh :), I apologize for it!

      Agree with your views and thanks for sharing your Pinterest experience with us.

      Not for you, it is tough for most of the bloggers to grab all the possibilities as they need to work with many social sites to improve the traffic to their blog.

      Your regular visit made me delighted, thanks and do the same forever 🙂

  4. Hi Nirmala ma’am

    Great Share!

    thanks for the Informative post and Great tips For Pinterest!
    and yes, Pinterest is next Social Media for drive trafic to our blog and affiliate marketing too. BTW! Thanks for Writing 🙂

    Stay updated and Stay rocking 😉 😛


    1. Thanks for appreciating me Mosam!

      Am pleased with your constant presence here 🙂

      Yeah, Pinterest is awesome in driving targeted traffic to blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Keep coming here!

  5. Hey Nirmala,
    Great tip for increasing traffic through pinterest , i would like to convey that decent amount of traffic am receiving from pinterest alone but i wish you to add one more point you can have your website link on pinterest profile page which is dofollow and drives you PR juice and more clicks from pinterest users too, enjoyed reading and got an source 🙂

    1. Nice to see your regular presence Shameem which made me joyful 🙂

      Thanks for reading my post and sharing your point of views linked to Pinterest!

      Happy to hear that you’re receiving a decent traffic through it and getting dofollow baclinks benefit from Pinterest.

      Visit at my every post to leave your valuable reply.

  6. Excellent article about the usefulness of Pinterest. I haven’t really explored Pinterest for blogging purposes. I think I will have to start doing it now.

    1. Welcome to my blog Mubashir!

      Sad to know that you are not using Pinteret. Signup there and be active for 10-15 mins by liking, repinning and commenting on other pins of same niche like yours. Also pin your new blog post to get dofollow backlink.

      Try this once and let me know whether you are getting good traffic or not?

  7. Hello, excellent tips on pinterest, i get many pageviews through pinterest but the no. of visitors are very low, will try out these tips for sure! Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi ma’am ,
    Interesting post, I need to start using Pinterest from now !! This has explained how a new blogger should make use of Pinterest for his blog to get benifits 🙂 Thanks for Sharing !! 🙂

    1. Hey Srikanth,

      You should start using Pinterest to get countless benefits from it.

      Start using it regularly and then check your traffic with Google Analytics. Definitely there would be an improved traffic with it.

      Just spend 10 – 15 mins daily to do like, repin & comment on other pins and get good result 🙂

  9. This is indeed a very interesting post about Pinterest and i am happy i have been taking advantage of it for long, i hope the link juice it’s been passing to my blog will help my PR improve in the next PR update.

    1. Very nice to hear that you’ve been using Pinterest for long and tasting its benefits. Great 🙂

      Yeah, the PR of the blog would get improved as it gets dofollow backlink from it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting with appreciation, keep doing it!

  10. Hi Nirmala,

    People seem to love pictures so Pinterest feeds right into this passion.

    Bright, shiny, objects grab the attention like few others, well, things lol….

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. hello Nirmala..haven’t tried Pinterest due to busy schedule but once my schedule became less demanding, i will check this blog again and follow your tips 🙂

    thanks so much for wonderful tips. it made Pinterest interesting to use

  12. Hello Nirmala,
    I really did enjoyed your post and the wonderful tips you provide. Let me admit this to you, I don’t know how to use pinterest effectively even with all the efforts. I have gotten some likes and pined from my post but they are just not my main source of traffic. Nice article and i am sure it will be helpful for those lookin for traffic in that direction.

    1. It is hard to hear that you don’t how to use Pinterest!

      Nothing is to learn, while using it you’ll come to know all the required stuffs.

      It is a good source for the bloggers to get minded traffic and to improve SERP.

      Start using it and enjoy its benefits 🙂

      Glad to know that you found my post useful, keep reading the magical posts here!

  13. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Great tips, Nirmala. 🙂
    Though I do have a Pinterest profile, I have not got enough traffic from it.
    I will now try doing things your way and keep my fingers crossed..
    Thanks for sharing you secrets, buddy!!

    1. Nice to get comment from you Ambika! Thanks 🙂

      Try these ways to get good traffic from Pinterest.

      Am a getting little traffic from Pinterest as of now, have to work on more to improve it. But there is a huge traffic for my beauty blog from it!

      Glad to hear that you’re trying to follow my ways, keep visiting here!

  14. Hi Nirmala Man.

    This is really a good post and a gift for those who are really looking for traffic. Pinterest has really evolved as a major traffic source for bloggers. Pinterst traffic is no more of less value than the facebook or twitter traffic.

    My personal experience is proper decscription and related titles to the pins can really increase pinterest traffic.

    Thanks For the post Mam.

  15. This is one in a million tips, Pinterest has been a good source of traffic but i don’t know it could harness this ways. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Always your appearance make me to feel happy and encouraged, thanks Atish 😛

      Good to get your point of views related to Pinterest and hope the readers could understand that they should use the high quality images in their post to get benefits from it.

      Thanks for showing your presence, keep continuing it as I need to stay active to do better blogging 🙂

  16. This was a great blog. I’ve been getting the hang of Pinterest lately but always good to learn more about how it can help. Thank you!

  17. Hi Nirmala ma’am

    Useful information, Thanks for highlighting the usage of Pinterest .These are the important tips to be considered by Every blogger to acheive small success in Blogging by using pinterest

    1. Thanks for reading my post and replying Naveen.

      Yes, Pinterest is a genuine traffic generating source for the bloggers through referrals.

      Keep reading here and hope soon I’ll see you with a self-hosted domain.

  18. I have been using Pinterest efficiently for over a month now and I believe that bloggers can drive loads of traffic from this site.

    Though, I have not been following some tips mentioned in the post but now i will follow.

    Thanks for such an insightful resource on Pinterest.

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