Backlinks and Its Effective Role In Blogging

Here is the post for the bloggers about Backlinks and its effective role in blogging for better understanding its importance and necessity.


Links to the blog that originates from other blogs/websites are called Backlinks. It is also called inbound links and defined as the measure of the reputation of a website/blog.

Backlinks from other blogs of the same niche with good PR carries more weight which would drive more traffic to that blog. If there are no or disreputable backlinks, then the credibility of the blog owners needs to be improved by getting quality links.

The search engines measure the number of backlinks of a blog/website and rank those web pages in the top position of searches. So these links are playing a significant role in web navigation and Search engine optimization.

Importance of backlinks

1. Getting quality backlinks are very important in an SEO process as it helps to get indexed quickly by the search engines.

2. It increases the quality traffic to the blog/website.

3. As the visibility of the page gets improved, it aids to high SERP.

4. The relevancy and authority of the website can be easily built up.

5. The page rank of the website/blog is calculated with the number of the do follow backlinks.

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Why a blog should get quality backlinks?

Having more backlinks for a website/blog is good, but if those are with poor quality then it would affect search engine ranking negatively, and the site would get penalized. Too many links in an unnatural manner from irrelevant sources are not respectable. Even one backlink from a high reputed website is more valuable than numerous links from low-quality web pages.

Links from spam or cheap sites never do any good to the blog but will penalize it in search engines. Links from other blogs without Pagerank, images, unique content are considered as the low-quality backlinks that would make the blog hit by Google Penguin algorithm. So getting Dofollow high-quality backlinks for a blog is highly encouraged.

You might ask that am not building the low-quality backlinks, but if the cheap quality or spam blogs use my blog as a backlink without my knowledge, then?

Yes, Google will consider all the backlinks of your blog for Pagerank algorithm, and, therefore, you may lose the reputation. For this, Google introduced a tool named “Disavow links tool” to take control of negative backlinks. If the bloggers came to know that their blog’s popularity is affected through the low-quality links, then they could request these blog owners to remove them. If they refused to do so, they could use “Disavow links using Google webmaster tools”.

Increase backlinks

Methods should be ignored by the bloggers in building backlinks

1. Getting links from low authority sites.

2. Too much of backlinks in less time.

3. Opting link networks and blogroll links.

4. Links from dissimilar or irrelevant niche and spam sites.

5. Buying bulk backlinks.

6. Anchor text links with irrelevant keywords.

These methods should be ignored while building the backlinks for a blog. Blogs/websites with duplicate content, porn websites and already penalized blogs are some of the low authority sites.

An excessive number of links added at once would label the blog as Spam in search engines. So, it is good to get quality links gradually through genuine link building methods.

Tips for the bloggers to build quality backlinks

High-quality backlinks play a significant role in improving the PageRank of the blog and to get good traffic from search engines. Here are some useful tips for the bloggers to build quality backlinks for their blogs.

Performing guest blogging and blog commenting on other blogs of the same niche, participating in Dofollow forums and social bookmarking websites, taking part in discussion boards and Q&A sites with useful information would help to get high-quality backlinks to the blogs.

Adding blog URL to High PR Web directories, RSS directories, Social networking websites, Press release sites and blogging communities are some of the real ideas to build backlinks.

Writing high-quality content at every post, interlinking the old posts, taking interviews of influential bloggers, controversial posts, running some good polls and conducting contests & giveaways are the innovative ways to generate good backlinks.

Creating eBooks, Youtube videos, informative articles, and podcasts are good options with which the bloggers can produce excellence backlinks.

Useful video by Matt Cutts related to backlinks


Backlinks are the backbone of SEO, and it plays the crucial role in off-page search engine optimization. Building do follow quality backlinks can boost the page rank by driving targeted traffic. It is vital to avoid building backlinks from spam and low-quality sites as it may hit by Google Panda.

So practice to get good quality links gradually towards your blog than getting many at a time. To get love from readers & search engines and to get high PR & SERP, it is indispensable for the bloggers to present each blog posts with unique content and good quality backlinks.

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