How To Play Coin Master On PC?

Easy and community-based games always attract a larger audience. Coin Master is an example of one such game that has mesmerized the audience. Millions of users around the globe have already downloaded this stunning game on their smartphones and millions are playing it on PC.

It’s the most interactive single-player game in the United Kingdom and Germany. Have you tried this awesome game? Do you wish to play it on your PC?

Trying to find out ways to download this game on PC? If yes, I have got a solution for you. Though you may find a number of sites with coin master links, only a few websites have legitimate coin mast links.

How To Play Coin Master On PC?


Coin Master was initially developed for Android and iOS. But you can still enjoy playing this game on PC by downloading the emulators. There are a number of emulators that you can try such as Bluestacks, Nox player and more.

First of all, you need to download the Mod Apk file for Coin Master game. Once you have downloaded the file, you need to download the emulator.

You should ensure that the emulator you are using must be Android or iOS emulator that must support the mod APK file. Once the mod APK file runs on the emulator, you can play coin master game on your PC.

Coin Master – Beginners Guide

If you have enjoyed playing ‘Titles’, a game that allows you to build your own village and defend it from enemies, it’s worth downloading Coin Master.

Let’s discuss the gameplay of Coin Master game!

There will be a virtual slot machine on your screen and a red button below it. Every time the red button is pressed, the slot machine will show you a combination of three objects.

You will receive a set of rewards for each combination you get on the screen. A combination of three identical objects will help you get better rewards. There are six different combos that can be created in the machine – Coin, Thief, Shield, Plunder, Energy and Large Gold.

1. Coins

You can add more currency to your treasury if you land on coins. IF three coins come together in the virtual slot machine, it gives you a certain amount of currency. The amount is typically decided on the basis of the level you reach in-game.

You will get these combos more than often. Make sure that you spend your treasure in making the right purchases. Never store your currency. Since the game allows users to rob the treasure, every player is at risk of losing their treasure.

2. Coin Pouches

Coin Pouches are large pouch of gold coins but represent a much larger amount. If you receive these pouches on your spin, you will get grand payout numbering to hundreds and thousands of coins. Landing on these is considered lucky.

3. Energy Capsules

It refers to the number of spins you get every day. AT the start of each 25-minute period, you get 5 spins on the machine. These spins get recharges automatically in the next few minutes. The energy combo will give you a set of few spins for free.

4. Plunder

It is the ability to raid the town of other people. It is represented by lighting hammer just like that of Thor. You can raid the town of other people and break their hopes of getting the gold. You get around 100000-150,000 gold from it. Sometimes, there will be a shield to protect them, it will reduce the value of the gold you receive.

5. Shields

A shield lets you shelter your town from the attack and ensure that you don’t get your gold stolen away. You can have 3 shields at one time. This means that you can protect yourself thrice before the enemy starts destroying your town’s buildings.

6. Robber Pigs

It is represented by a pig thief mask. It is quite similar to plunder ability and allows you to bypass the shields, instead of going straight for the loot. You also get the ability to choose from four different zones. Some areas have gold while others have nothing. So, the thief combo is a double-edged sword. You need to make a guess randomly.

How To Get More Spins When You Play Coin Master Game?

You can even get more spins from the slot machines by following these strategies:

  • You can invite your friends to play Coin Master game and get more spins. If the invited friend starts playing Coin Master, you will get 40 spins. Take note that the invited friend has not installed Coin Master before. Once you have collected 250 spins from this method, you won’t be able to get more spins.
  • You can complete your card collection and get more spins. Each card set you complete, you will get rewards and spins. You can get rare gold cards in high-level villages.
  • Take parts inactive events while you play Coin Master game to get rewards and free spins. You can get up to 10,000 free spins.
  • Coin Master asks you for your email to receive updates. It’s an easy way to receive free spins.

The Bottom Line

Coin Master is one of the most popular games that is loved by people all across the world. If you are wondering how to play Coin Master on PC, this guide will help you with it. You can simply install the emulator and download the Mod APK file to play this game on your PC.

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